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Is it possible to do short term news trading on stock?
lets say some news come up that X company had pattern approval or had good results at clinical trials.
is it possible to buy options or stock as soon as you read the news and sell in profit few minutes later?
sorry, i only have experience in Forex

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Jesus fucking Christ. Another white bloodline snuffed out forever. Many such cases.

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How many white women are necessary to unnig a nigger?

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one drop rule.

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How many golden retrievers are necessary to unpitbull a pitbull. The answer is there no such thing. Even one drop makes an unfixable savage forever until the end of time.

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Big Nigger tranny dicks sliced and fed to cats

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she wouldn't fuck you anyway incel

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about 10,000

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But surely it gets to a point where the dog has no recognizible pitbull features and very likely its own behaviour has been altered so that it's no longer a pitbull even if it's not a retriever.

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Coalburner detected. Sorry you made poor life choices.

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There wasn't really much there to begin with.

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Nope. There's something altered in the DNA, something primordial. Once introduced, it can't be deleted. The only proper solution is to shoot the offspring twice in the back of the head and remove the potential for further procreation permanently. It's the only way to be really sure.

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This is true. But she made the worst of all possible choices.

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can you answer my question tho

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All golden retrievers came from wolves and sadly all human beings came from niggers. It gives hope for finding a cure

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I agree with this but only because the shitbull gene is probably not recessive, so it can't be snuffed out as easily as say albinism.

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oh boy a proper pol incel right there

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>all human beings came from niggers
thats not true

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>There's something altered in the DNA, something primordial.
But where's the scientifical proof that someone, say, 5% african necessarily inherits the characteristic behaviour of Negroes? This is purely a biology related question as I am not suggesting dilluting mulattos' with further mixing with Whites. Let's focus on behaviour because we know african physical features can dissapear with enough mixing with other races. What proof there is that african genetic encoded behaviour can't be overwhelmed by other genetic behaviour patterns given enough % of total DNA?

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>5 posts by this ID
This is what an incel coping looks like

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>If you point out that racemixing is a tragedy that means you don't have sex!
You are a literal sub 80 IQ retard. Sad.

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7 posts now. And I think ypu mistook your 30 open redd*t tabs for your /biz/ tab.

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>What proof there is that african genetic encoded behaviour can't be overwhelmed by other genetic behaviour patterns given enough % of total DNA?
Sadly, the ooga booga effect appears to be incredibly robust. I'm not sure it can be precisely quantified scientifically on the percentage basis necesary to remove the trait. Yet.

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It is, nigger.

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Imagine still believing the 'out of Africa' theory.

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Being a nig is a dominant gene, so they would have to be mutated some way to become unigged like albinos. That's why its so easy to wipe out white genes but not black one's.
White genes are recessive and unnatural. And if that's not the case, God must be very cruel indeed to make it so merely standing outside causes you pain from being burnt by the sun and catching skin cancers.

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Your god hates you, whiteoid.

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The answer is yes you it's theoretically possible, but it's high risk. You see this with the huge line go up and line go down from 'AI' driven trading based on headlines. I certainly wouldn't employ it as your main strategy. But you can do what you want.

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>and sadly all human beings came from niggers
kek imagine believing the (((out of africa))) theory

of all the jewish lies, this one has the most obvious evidence against it

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>t. seething albino mutant

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All you have to do is hold eth and matic. you will get rich. bitches just decide to lose capital slowly by messing around and trading.

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so 5000 years of forced evolution

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is there a think like spread and slippage? will i end up filled at the top of the spike?

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(((out of Africa))) is one of the most dangerous jewish lies.
It's one of their ur-lies that they rely on as intellectual support for almost everything else they do.

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Yes, we must secure the future of the white race.

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>just hold for 10 years bro

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Oh, am I?

I guess you would know, since you're the expert on that level.

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Please redpill me anon. My schizo theory is that neanderthals were actually based but lost out to homo sapiens due to numbers. Which is why theres more neanderthal DNA in whites and Asians and none in blacks.

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Toll already paid?

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will AI always front run me?

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Yes. You'd be trading against highly sophisticated bots are programmed to buy and sell and that may have parameters outside of what you can anticipate, and that are most definitely faster than you are. The only way to safely trade headlines is with insider information.

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what about foreign stock? like French or italian ones?

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Checked and truth pilled.
Non Celt/Anglo Saxons seethe.

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she would prob cheat on you with a nog or a pitbull

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>snuffed out forever
After Tyrone leaves her she'll find a white simp to attach herself to and probably pop out a couple of babies for him. If chimerism is a thing then I guess that bloodline is fucked.

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>is it possible to buy options or stock as soon as you read the news and sell in profit few minutes later?
5000 bots and mechanical turks working for hedgefunds will have already read it by the time you trade

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She might as well shoot up heroin.

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