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Moved all assets to Trust wallet and Metamask..... how do I protect them from hackers?.

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Hold Alt+ F4 and then delete system 32 to be completely safe. I guarantee nobody will get your money bro.

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No place safer than storing the keys on a cloud, just do like me

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Just protect your sneed phrase and that’s it. Don’t go approving access to your wallet anywhere fishy and don’t click any fishy links and you should be fine

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Your funds are 100% safe in that browser extension

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Amon i recovered my wallet on trust with my seed and they gave me the wrong one (which is empty), don't keep your shit there

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They will be safer in my wallet

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just keep doing this until they give you a loaded wallet holy shit this is it

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Never heard that

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How possible is this?

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Just use privacy wallets.

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it can happen between wallets if they use different derivation paths and can be a pain in the ass but you just have to read the docs about derivation path for both wallets (the one you used to generate originally and the one youre trying to import) and make sure you indicate the derivation paths correctly

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It's happening quite often apparently, their support blog (or whatever the fuck it's called) is full of people with the same problem

Who the fuck knows, I guess I was given the wrong seed when I originally made the wallet so now I'm fucked, luckily I just had my TWT airdrop on there

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to clarify your funds are never lost if you are not making an error on the seed phrase, there are just different ways to load the seed phrase depending on derivation path so the new wallet will show the wrong set of addresses it uses a different one, the funds are still there, they just have to be loaded with the correct derivation path

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Nowhere is safe anon, nowhere.

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So what can I do? I contacted their shit support but I'm not hopeful, the wallet is empty on metamask too

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It could be a network glitch

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Has is been up to 24hrs you reached out to the support team?

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Normies always asking questions with obvious answers, Just connect the damn wallets to a privacy platform.

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WTF, Did you sought for help. Am I safe?

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Co-ask. I am beyond WORRIED.

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No one is safe, just watch your fucking back

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Please can you explain in plain English? Those techy jargons ain't my forte

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No way this is real....

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Huh, is trust wallet not a private wallet?

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Keep asking baggie, I fucking wanna swipe retards like you.

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Fuck off, pea brained incel

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Try Polygon's wallet suite and a cold wallet. just don't get hacked bruv.

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Figure that out, chud.

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OP is literally asking how not to get hacked, not another type of wallet. Be sensitive prakesh.

Not really, going with the privacy narrative. I think Railway wallet on Appstore is what you should be looking at if you want a private wallet. Dont forget to DYOR

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Just on the appstore?

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Protecting the seedphrase is not enough IMO. Running transactions via a privacy platform that hides TX details should be part of the plan.

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No one can access your wallet without your seed phrase

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just keep your private keys safe, and you're good
I have most of mine on trust wallet and my NFTs on the sylo smart wallet.

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If you aren't going to do anything with them, export the seed phrase for each wallet (assuming they are different) to something long lasting (archival paper or something physical and long lasting). Then remove all traces of the wallets from your computer and store your seed phrase/private keys somewhere safe. This is if you are afraid of hacks. However, if your house goes up in flames then you lose it.

There's tradeoffs with every scheme, there's nothing perfect. Encrypting a text file containing your phrase is also fine but then you need to store the password somewhere, etc.

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