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Uhh bros....

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Problem, reaction, solution

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Yawn. America is so predictable.

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This is unironcially how you get institutions and big corporations actually interested in using blockchain for its (admittedly limited) purposes

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and then you will crab forever, just like gold

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>Senile old corrupt puppet
>leading something something

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Nothingburger, he says shit all the time

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Is anyone really surprised by all this? They used the Bankman to create all this mess so they could regulate it to death without having to explicitly ban it.

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Retards converting real money to fake money, because maybe fake money turn into more fake money, because... le blockchain???
Retards becoming broke retards
Begging a demented 80 year old retard to save them

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joe biden wake up

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>Look, this thing we tightly controlled a pump and dump for went bust... So now we have to regulate you.

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If they actually do something itd be pretty bad for crypto wouldnt it? Or at the very least anyone who hasnt made it with crypto wouldnt be able to anymore....

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The US isn't the world
They can fuck over crypto burgers, but non-Americans will still be able to make it

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Yeah but at x20 current valuation

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Crypto regulation??
Not needed.
All they need to do is to keep the gambling parlors in check.

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Thats alot of liquidity that could be gone though

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Reminder that any kind of regulation will probably benefit these coins

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not my problem
code is law

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Get a load of this guy

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1 rule, ban jews

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the window of opportunity is closing, yes
bitcoin is being tamed

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Is this real?

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Sure, regulate math. Fucking retards

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Just because you oversimplify something and actively try to make it sound dumb doesn't mean you are right.
In fact, it makes you look dumb and it's a double edged sword, look:
You are a latefag or a nocoiner
That post because you are seething

See? It's super easy.

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How is Biden still alive? He chugs amphetamines like it's going out of style and that only leads to stroke

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Old man yells at cloud.

Ah yes, another ancient shambling corpse weighs in on something they cannot grasp.

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The only appeal for the crypto market is the fact that it's mostly unregulated.

If it becomes as regulated as the stock market, then why invest in magic internet money rather than in shares of a real company creating value.

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Fucking kikes I swear

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>benefit solana
lol. lmfao even

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>its all so tiresome

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sadly this until hyperbitcoinization which they've already subverted. what you say is already true as btc follows nasdaq and just as much volatility.

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Biden couldn't lead a dog on a leash.

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Haha, u're losing yar money on the trash and then cry on 4ch on every topic. Be smarter, kids, check Bspin

> Strong casino with a BTC as the playing currency.
> Coming giveaway with $15K Prize Pool.
> Transparency and Provably Fair

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Concordium, brother.

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It is a win-win-win. Take some money, give it to family and friends, create opportunity for more government power/regulation.

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Bullish for 0xMR and DERO

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What are these? I'm looking at gaming projects like GSTAR

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If this is the case then isnt crypto entirely worthless and the boomer memes about crypto being tulips and shit like that correct?

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It's really over this time.

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the exchanges need regulation which isn't really crypto

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Why doesn't he just name it and get it jailed?

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Don't forget to dilate. Always dilate.

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Like this one?

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And how do you propose to take the Bitcoin from my wallet to make me behave this way or that?

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ban speculation and all problems are solved, even 2008

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good. fuck all the normies that want deregulated exchanges which are run by retards that have literally no fucking financial oversight.

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I thought creating the issue to force the solution was a schizo meme but we're seeing it from our own eyes.
This SBF faghot was an absolute nobody before 2020 and suddenly he is sold as this whiz kid who supposedly had the "genius idea" to do fucking arbitrage on the kimchi prenium (as if noone tried to do it back long before) making billions on it while skirting the regulations for some reason.

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Fucking finally. It's not like they can regulate anything that matters. Only thing that will feel this are cexes and all the software companies pretending they're not companies peddling unregistered securities. Oh and obviously the baggies holding said unregistered securities.

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100% what happened. And is happening elsewhere.

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>Look at this industry we can use for shady purposes to steal money for our own political gains and lock the door behind us on the way out

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Every. Single. Time.

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lol it's called bitcoin even if they made their own shit bitcoin would still go up

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House belongs to the republicans lol. The leader is pro btc. Good luck trying to get anything passed old pedo man.