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>if you just let businesses do whatever they want with no restriction everything will magically fix itself bro. It’s those government regulations bro.

Why are crypto people like this?

A few of you are slightly less retarded and accurately point out that the government is essentially under control of businesses anyway but then you arrive at this sort of “Marxist critique but for retards” and blame the Jews.

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>implying regulations work
Bad companies getting rekted and not getting bailed out is a good thing, and is a part of a healthy free market. Enough of capital gains and socialized loses.

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We all know it's a giant fucking ponzi. Problem is all of the bagholders thought they were earlier than they are.

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what's up with the dude in the middle

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Professor Peterson, a self help writer who gets off on preaching to retards about taking responsibility, once again refuses to take responsibility for his drug use by claiming that he didn’t know benzo’s were addictive even though he himself specializes in substance abuse as a clinical psychologist and blames the doctors; so they had to hook him to a Russian milking machine.

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God I wish that was me.

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Why? Just rub one out bro. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on medical equipment and a dominatrix and then hours setting it up and then hours afterwards just sitting there just so you can cum.

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Without the state there's no one to punish righteous violence and problems can be worked out gentlemanly

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never seen a medical procedure?

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Sad. He could have been fine if he was vaccinated. Many such cases.

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Without regulations the game is much more equal. After regulations only the big players can win. It's funny how senators, monetary institution members and their cronies are the biggest winners in trade. They are the regulators you fucking moron.
You see the government as a problem solving machine where you throw in money and freedom and it spits out the solution. But in reality the government make worse "solutions" than the problem itself. Yeah problems exist. You should solve and manage them without systemic violence!

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Peterson getting a 24/7 milking treatment. It unmakes all the depression.

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This is a persuasive argument until you realize that regulations will always exist. Any successful firm has it in their interest to create an environment of stable control.
>successful firms branch out and dominate industry
>establish most profitable rules for running business and killing competition
>enforce these through close-knit plutocracies
>this becomes what is essentially a government
You just end up with a slightly worse system than what we have now, and you can point to anti-market actions and peremptory legal edicts and say "well these aren't the free market," but you still have them. This is the exact same as the "not real communism argument." Americans should not be grasping this fantasy that they can live in a frontier state forever.

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Monopolization is much less likely without the government. The biggest factors in monopolization are patents and copyright laws. Other factors are overregulation, selective taxation and government handouts.
Also hierarchic aging kills the competency in most companies by the time. It's getting harder and harder by time to sustain the same company. There are a lot of big zombie companies today who just live from their patents and government handouts.