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Should I go 100% into Cardano?

I like the memes and I like Charles.

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Go 100% into physical gold

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Jannies are niggers. They can’t even rangeban me!

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If you like Charles then you're a dweeb and you deserve to lose all your money so yes you should go all in cardano

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I go 100% into your mom.

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why is he so unlikable?
its like his very existence just pisses me off

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it's basically Algorand's smaller brother

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I can't figure it out either
Some how he has created an army of retards

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Most based chad in the space. Builds to create something that lasts without compromising first principles, without getting distracted by pnd shenanigans, taking his time as you only get one shot to do it right.
Mass adoption for Cardano is inevitable, they're the farthest ahead in that regard, as they've nailed the UX, their scaling is always exponentially greater than any account model chain, everything's done right.
Holding $ada is a no-brainer. Staking it will also yield their new $dust token for the Midnight sidechain when it comes out.

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This is what I'm talking about. Everything you said is incorrect but I know you truly believe it

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just... don't

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Do trannies really believe that, if they call their shitcoin owner "Chad" enough times, eventually their lies will become true? Then again, I suppose they look in the mirror every day and say, "I am a woman"...

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History has seen and will continue to experience people like Charles.

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Never invest in a man who looks like this at 29 years old

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If you do you may want to get some of these

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>when it comes out
where are the dapps Charles?

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>I like Charles

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I would only invest in Cardano if it was the only crypto coin in existance left and at that point i'd just go start buying penny stock for 0.00000001 and hoping cuz it's still better than charles shit token and garbage network

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It's not about belief. It's just how it is. They're about the only one not tainted by wef either, the tech's years ahead of everything else, they got 0 competition, already got real world use cases live unlike other L1s, Cardano is inevitable and you'll be seething when they are at #1 within the next few years.

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If it’s so good, then why does the chain execute smart contracts so poorly?
>inb4 peer reviewed

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t. FTX customer that votes dem