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How do you plan on getting a gf when you're a millionaire?

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I’m going to be a restaurant wagie and woo a 17 year old

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Jannies are niggers

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Slave market.

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Get a girlfriend beforehand otherwise you're gonna end up with a gold digger that just wants half your money

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>getting a gf
no thanks, I'll stick with escorts

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Adoption and grooming

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This. The bear market is the best time to get a gf when you have no money and she doesn't expect you to spend anything on her. That then carries forward into the bull market and beyond as long as you don't tell her about your crypto. I myself got a bear market gf and it's fucking great.

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Getting a gf? Pointless, I don’t have a sister.
Just read manga and vns. I read a nice yuri twincest VN yesterday, kimochii~

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Mail order bride from Russia and two others from Thailand and Phillipines

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I've had success with womyn despite being a 30-something poorfag who lives with his parents (currently, cuz I got rekt on crypto last year).

Getting womyn, specially zoomer girls, is easy. I find it much harder to succeed financially. Also, women are a drain, emotionally and financially. It's easier to just fuck hookers or have a girl you bang but don't care much for.

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tinder, bumble, interpals

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not really. When I want sex I'll just seek it out. When I want milk I don't buy a cow.

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By keeping the one I already have
>Muh gold diggers
Experienced men love gold diggers because it's a simpler transaction, both sides know what they want. Just don't be a simp or marry one and kick her out the door when you get bored of her pussy in a few months

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I had two girlfriends when I was fucking dead broke for 2 years. If you couldnt get girls without money GOOD fucking luck still being a sperg

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Money gives confidence>confidence give 16y gf>16gf gives right and tight feeling around my penis

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>mfw autist drowning in cash but khv
Sidegrades I guess.

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life's like that.
I'd change without thinking for financial stability - meanwhile, I have rich friends who can't get a girl to like them without throwing wads of cash at them...

Such is life.

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I'm too selfish for relationships and children
I'm not gonna say it's completely off the table but I'd have to change a lot of things about myself

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Loli gf

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How does anyone relinquish their free time to spend with a girlfriend or wife? I have so many ambitions in life that require isolation and dedication of large amounts of time; but I also want children.

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I don't,

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got my first gf just recently. feelsgoodman

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>Experienced men love gold diggers because it's a simpler transaction, both sides know what they want. Just don't be a simp or marry one and kick her out the door when you get bored of her pussy in a few months
yup good advice. getting married by the state is a bootlicker cuck move

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>bear market gf
Wholesome kek

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Buy an artificial egg cell made using your own DNA
Get your sperms to fertilize this egg in a lab
Have the child raised in an artificial womb
Effectively create the antichrist.

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My girlfriend has 6 speeds
2 modes
Heating action
Doesn't stink
make annoying noises

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