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Literally what is the point of existing now? The carefree days of youth (13-20) are the only time life actually matters. You're presented with all these possibilities and all this promise and often times the feeling of anticipation is much more rewarding than when you actually reach the destination.

There is no spontaneity to life anymore. I will never be a young prodigy filled with promise and hope for the future. I wasted my youth rotting on an anime forum. No teenage romance, no talents. I am chasing the fading shadow of s youth that never was. All that awaits is shitty skin and wage slaving.

If you don't have at least 1 mil by age 20 if you're an incel:just give up. It's over.

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There's more to life anon. Live in the woods

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if you're not a father by 15 it's over for u

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painting, composing music, learnung martial art, writing story, meeting new people (real, working class people),.... it seems depressing at first but once you get the hang of it youll never be bored

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kek. sucks to be you. some of us actually went outside, had sex and did drugs. like normal people! heh! nothing beats teenage vpussy and lmao weed danking, discotheques and cocain with the boys!!!!!!!!!

desu i did all the things you didn't do. and life is no different then if I didn't do them. stop complaining, grow up.

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>quarter life crisis of a mixed race college graduate
shit by sussin fr fr no cap on god

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a lot of people don't have anything figured out by age 20, and they still exist and a good amount of them live happy lives. The only thing wrong with you is that you haven't found something you're really passionate about doing, keep trying new shit

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There is no point to life if you're not a handsome, young genius prodigy.
>tfw I will never be Light Yagami, Julien Sor or a handsome and young version Von Neumann

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life starts at 57 broo till then just wageslave for 60 years

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cut the virtue signaling holy shit im sorry you parents were abusive but dont repeat the cycle

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Demoralization posts while we are at the bottom? Weird shit, anyway

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You relied on a structure growing where you have a curriculum laid out for you. All through childhood there's been someone there to say what you should care about or spend your time doing. Now it's completely on you. So set goals for yourself, studying and writing papers for bullshit sucked but you got to look forward to graduating. You should find something to motivate yourself in your adult life or you'll pass your years aimless and bitter, whether it be accumulating wealth, a family, or whatever. Whatever makes it worth it

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I have no talents to speak of. I have always seen decent at school but I can't do set for shit, am monolingual, gave up at chess after playing 5 games or so without bothering to read the rules or strategy, too lazy or incompetent to get into high level mathematics and too old to get into lookism shot like double jaw surgery, orbital box osteoromies or lefort 3 to get rid of my falio fwhr

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there is no point in life even if you are handsome. plebian. you think fucking girls stays interesting? after about 30 you stop caring. its a chore most of the times. one gets bored of pussy very fast. and if you don't its cause you are sub 110 IQ. Sex is boring, drugs is boring, everything is boring.

or you can come at it from the hopeful perspective and, say there is a purpose. there is a God, there is a reason.

I picked the later option. Faith in God is helpful. Good luck (ugly) fren. hey, if you are truly ugly af and never will have a gf. imagine the powerlevel you could build. I ruined a lot of absolute powerstreaks cause of girls. I'm srs. use your weakness as a strength. you are butfuck ugly? great you'll never lose attention / power being / fucking with some girl.

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Peak of my life was when I was 28. Still looked young, going to the gym finally paid off, making six figures so money was of no concern. I was having a lot of fun before a femoid detected my happiness and attached herself to me and drained all of it.

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I want to become a mathematician but I'm too old (22). By the time I finish undergrad if I start now I will be 26 so in short its over. Fuuuck if you don't start learning a skill at 13 there is literally no use

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Honestly get a sales job. I make high 6 figures, hang w cool guys, go to the bars, and works easy

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Dude you don’t need water bro trust me I’ve had it all my life dude trust me fucking nigger

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mathematician isn't a real job, zoomie. if you mean math professor then you aren't smart and lucky enough to land a professorship, unless your goal is to be a perpetual adjunct or a community college instructor making $25,000 a year for the rest of your life.

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Hahaha sex havers get fucking rekt nigger lmao

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I mean I want a PhD in theoretical math and then get a job working for CERN or the CIA or something but I'm too old to start. I also want facial reconstructive surgery but there's no point since I'm past my prime. Fuark the age pill is truly brutal buddyboyos

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water is for fucking idiots. it depletes your systems of nutrients. have you just kept gobling up the fucking mainstream narrative? do you fucking drink a gallon of water a day cause that's what is believed healthy? you fell for marketing tricks. water is fucking useless. it makes you pee out nutrients. I don't drink fucking water my dude. I drink raw milk, I drink fruit juice. I drink blood. get the fuck outta here with your stupid water. holy shit you are dumb.

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My life started getting good around 20. The height of my power (drive, influence, sexual dominance) in life was age 20-35. After that all that’s left are vain conquests and your inevitable downfall

Giving up on the world by 20 is pretty cucked though, even if life is futile for everyone in the end

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You sound retarded

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As you type out "I'm too old already, I can't do it" someone else is just doing it without bitching because they enjoy mathematics, and they'll slide into some job they enjoy doing while you continually wait and get older. Just. Start. Now.

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This is somewhat true. After college is wage life if you hadn't started already. Most people wage until they die. Or close to death. Watching all the Boomers who lived frugally and saved all their nickles to build retirement only to get BTFO by the Fed printers should be testament to you zoomer faggots to live life. All your life's hard work evaporated by ze joos. Sure some will make it, but most don't.

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Cope it’s over if you don’t have a million at 20

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OP would feel that it's over because he didn't have 10 million at 20 if he had 1 million

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men don't peak in their early 20s

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Based vampire.

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Quarter life crisis. Start by changing things in your life and about you. Do stuff away from the computer. In your youth there is always something new coming and you are always working towards a goal, now you are left slaving away , and the feeling that nothing is coming, that there is no goal is getting very strong. You have all the freedom, its now your responsibility to bring worthwhile things into your life.

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He's not wrong, just presenting in a way to fuck with you. Water, especially tap water is not all that hydrating. It has shit like chlorine and fluoride, both unnecessary to hydrate you. And most bottled water is full of microplastics and is just poorly filtered tap water. Raw milk is made to nourish a small calf, has many nutrients that are stripped by the pasteurizing process. Of course it's not as good as beastmilk, but that's not as plentiful. I don't recommend fruit juice unless you have all of the pulp in it. Blood is probably too extreme for most people.

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No because I would be just another mediocre dilettante. At most I would be able to flex a middling level understanding of mathematics on /sci/ and impress retards that never passed calculus 1

All that matters is being the best. Pic related encapsulates everything I want to be but it's too late. My youth is gone and I was probably never born good enough to achieve my goals. I was born and then it was over. Brutal.

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Any grown man who lines for the ‘spontaneity of youth’ is a faggot who can’t stand up and take on the world. Unironically kill yourself

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Uhh I’m on 4chan I’m reverse osmosis pilled already anon

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>Pic related encapsulates everything I want to be but it's too late.
>fucking death note anime screenshot dot png

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You are literally just a golem. I bet you say "it is what it is" a lot.
Meanwhile I'm a chudmaxxed randian hero denied a life that is rightfully his. I'm a dreamer

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That looks fucking badass retard

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If you're a man and your life isn't getting better with each passing year you are a stupid retard who just doesn't get it. You don't peak until 45. Successful men in their 40s get more teen pussy than you could possibly have gotten in college. You live in a bubble of misery with miserable friends and just don't fucking get it. You don't know any high rollers and have no idea what the high rollers are doing.
>There is no spontaneity to life anymore.
Entirely a you problem.
>No teenage romance, no talents.
>I am chasing the fading shadow of s youth that never was.
Fucking moron.
>All that awaits is shitty skin and wage slaving.
Wake up.

If you are a woman you need to make babies by the age of 30 or it's over for you.

You are a man. Stop being a faggot. Wannabe spook ass motherfucker is also Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection? Wow! Never seen that before.

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The mongols conquered the largest empire in history on a steady diet of horse milk mixed with blood. It might have been their secret edge

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it's only over if you're poor. If you're wealthy life just begins

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"boohoo my life is so hard I should be a special boy genius" lmao get fucked narcissist

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Yeah it definitely wasn’t their zerg horde tier tactics and horse superiority no one was prepared for NIGGER BOY

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Lol the mentality of men who died in wars or working in coal mines. Crushed by the weight they carry, I am no beast of burden. I am lighter than air, free and insignificant

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Raw milk is more hydrating still, unless you somehow add plenty of highly bioabsorbable nutrients.

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If you don't own a company by age 3 it's over

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>"I'm the best! I've done nothing in my life by 20 and i'm not successful"

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>accept mediocrity or you're not a real man
Fuck off. Then I refuse. No I will not go down to the pub to get a couple of "cold ones" with "the boys". No I will not "shoot the shit" and "act like a normal human being". Go away.

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Dude there is only crabs in this thread 4chan is poozed now

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This is PhD levels of retarded

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What's the point of being a teenager? You're like a lanky lion cub, full of potential but meanwhile high school girls are dreaming of fucking the teachers, full fledged adult lions who actually earn money. You can't even buy a beer legally speaking. If you think of the early twenties, first of all, nobody will ever take seriously anything you say. Imagine you're in a job setting, you say something and all 30 yo. chads around will think "what's the deal with this zoomer pussy?" You know shit about life at that age. Maybe cougars or lonely old ladies would want to fuck you, women prefer men above 35 , not some 20 yo. college fag who thinks he knows a lot about the world because he reads "shoppinghauer" (you're so retard you can't even spell it right)

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But duuuude raw milk just have raw milk on you at all times when you go 8 hours of day hiking it’s good duuuude

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>boohoo i fucked up so I might as well become a bigger fuckup boo hoo
man shut the fuck up and start doing some heavy bag work, nigga

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You’re posting in a Jewish demonization thread.

Nothing you read here is the truth.

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That stage of life goes on until about 25, you're still in your youth stage and you're continuing to rot in a mongolian weaving forum while also being depressed. Go on a trip or something.

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>Pic related encapsulates everything I want to be
you want to be in an anime? What exactly are you saying that pictures doesn't "encapsulate" anything.

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no, you are phd levels brain tarded. water has no useful nutrients. it is the universal SOLVENT. it cleans you. if you wanna flush/dump then nutrients of your body, drink water. its perfect for a cleansing. if you want to maintain your powerlevel. you drink raw milk, kefir, fruit juices, or better yet just consume entire fruit. Never fucking drink plain water. its the biggest scam ever. you need to consume things that consume water to obtain the superior version. structured water. fruit is good. but animal juices are even better. and bro. water does not "hydrate" it dehydrades and flushes nutrients out of the kidneys. if you want hydration, consume fat. animal fat. and butter. RAW and fucking raw eggs. what the fuck. only losers drink water in 2022

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> You are a man. Stop being a faggot. Wannabe spook ass motherfucker is also Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection? Wow! Never seen that before.

Stop fucking gaslighting you NPC fucking boomer. Looks are one of the most important things in life, it may not be everything, but don’t fucking gaslight like a faggot that it isn’t important

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>I refuse to try and do something because ummm perfection is impossible and anything else is shit
As good a reason as any to justify your laziness. I suggest developing a drinking habit, you'll need it.

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Based lookist dab on these niggers SCUUUUUM GANG

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I think it’s based that you don’t accept things desu. Being “well adjusted” is the mark of the weak minded and buck broken

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Is that fren ok?

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I think the absolute pinnacle is actually 21-31, if and only if, you are in college, don't drink (much), don't pay for or buy a car, learn how to fix, and ride the bus, bike or a board (no battery-powered bullshit), become serious about philosophy. Practice talking to people at events. Attend all guest speakers, pump all adults for information, become a keen observer of nature (society) and animals (humans). Ofc boomers are doing their hardest to crush such good times with their rent gouging and these college towns were picked decades ago as centers of development and tuitions have been hiked to the sky. Forget namebrand and mainstream ideas of what is and is not a good education- cultivate the scene at the community college or wherever you are. Don't be prejudiced against others. Get a transfer degree, don't go into (much) debt. Take free money and scholarships. Apply for internships. Be serious about learning and getting wiser. You don't and maybe shouldn't pay tuition. Audit classes where possible, enroll if necessary, volunteer anywhere, join orgs to help make something happen, don't be judgmental about anything/other views, and try an on campus job, use every resource available, join clubs, treat all people with respect including the roasties but respect yourself above all. Learn to live on the cheap, find the sources of free food. If something weird and stupid happens, make sure you're in the middle of it, observing but don't risk getting arrested. Spend time researching in libraries, encourage your own curiosity, browse amongst the stacks. Recommend reading biographies to understand how life is and was lived. Shed as much encumbrance as you can. Become penny pinching. Dive in dumpsters, don't buy new clothes, don't put any faith in relationships, don't pay for anything on a date, don't waste your time on 4chan or online, generally. You can do without a phone, you can do without a lot. Don't buy expensive drugs. Make friends, be friendly. Maximum advice.

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>What's the point of being a teenager? You're like a lanky lion cub, full of potential
Because it is the potential that is so life affirming. Your teenage years are the only time you truly get to test the limits.
>muh beer

Btw this attitude of talking down to teenagers by millenials is total cope. No you are not some grizzled badass here to teach us youngins a thing or two about life. You are not worldly. You have no wisdom to lend us. You're an atom within a grey mass of mediocrity. You're an office drone who grew up playing n64 hands and identifies with Walter white from breaking bad. You get shamed by your fat girlfriend for not watching whatever goyslop Netflix show with her.

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It’s just the incel dilemma. Too headstrong to accept bullshit platitudes, to honest to be in denial about the problem, but not having the means to be able to change. It’s a cycle of hell.

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Holy fokin shite this boomer just doesn't get it bruh lmfao.

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Drugs, parties and sex sucks, unironically. Beyond overrated

>> No.52533380

Used to be just called "growing up"

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I don't think so anon

>> No.52533394

>bro, have a family and money because uhhh….then you can die

>> No.52533398

demoralizing thread.
KYS anon and don't spread your sad mind and brain matter onto others.

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So go celibate or shut the fuck up

>> No.52533470

Why are you mad? He's right you know

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I should have just joined the military after high school because I fucking loved high school. Military allows you to keep a similar structure to life and you got built in friend groups and shit. Also retire at 30 with gibs for your made up PTSD

>> No.52533493

You obviously don't understand. It's not about sex. It's about being desired. It's about having the possibility to choose who ever you want and to simply command the room without saying a word. To be able to play with her emotions like a puppeteer and to glide through life with ease. Looks make this possible and therefore looks are power.

>> No.52533498

>he’s right
He’s gone celibate to prove that sex is meaningless?
And you as well?

>> No.52533527

I’ve always thought about it. In hindsight it probably was the right choice but I don’t think I’m cut out to do that shit. I have zero patriotism and god damn it would be hard to pretend that I do

>> No.52533528

I graduated 6 months ago and can barely work up the motivation to apply to a few jobs a few days a week. I got a math degree from a respected school but have no experience or talents. Life seems pretty directionless.

>> No.52533531

I would rather live one day so Light Yagami than live a lifetime following NPC boomer advice.

>> No.52533534

>No I will not go down to the pub to get a couple of "cold ones" with "the boys". No I will not "shoot the shit" and "act like a normal human being". Go away.
Then actually learn how to do cool things that are immediately useful, and be conscientious and through enough to respect what you have learned.
I got tired of being an online consoomer so I decided to go full schizo and build my own fucking server. Tilde.club and geocities-tier websites are a great way to find schizo-ass projects that could be a great source of inspiration if you have even an ounce of imagination. That's how 4+4chan was started and how hotwheels achieved original notoriety.
I still have yet to connect it to the internet, still learning, and the exemplary kiwifarms drama is off-putting.

>> No.52533540

What’s your looksmax usernames?

>> No.52533554 [DELETED] 

I only lurk incels dot is

>> No.52533585

>Be ugly
>Should I get rich and looksmaxx as much as possible?
>Nah I'll be ugly, poor and seethe on boards dot 4channel dot org forward slash biz

>> No.52533622

Why are you so mad bro? Sex is in fact overrated, doesn't mean you have to cut your dick off, just means you don't center your life around it like some retards do, that's all. Why does this idea make you so mad? Is it because you have in fact based your entire life on pursuit of pussy and anyone challenging the virtue of that threatens you? It do be like that sometimes with people

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I refuse to accept the unfairness of life.
Why do I have to studymaxx for 4 years just to get an 80hr/week codemonkry job and retire at 60 while others make a fortune on tiktok with just their looks

If politics is about maintaining order and reducing chaos then I'm going to freeze the world at a perfect zero. No more depletion of collagen. No more watching your looks fade as time passes you by. No more of the daily brutal grind of the life of an inkwell. Zero.

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didn’t read a single word.

Prove me wrong by going celibate.

>> No.52533652

>Just get a haircut and some nice clothes and work out and develop a charming personality!

people are judged on looks way before their actions are evaluated

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>lord dracula

>> No.52533746

imagine being this obsessed with something you don't get. If sex is all that matters to you just spend all your money on prostitutes and be in heaven.

>> No.52533828

>I can’t try, I know I’ll fail!

Keep digging that hole retard

>> No.52533830

>deep into greyhat and blackhat hacking when I was just 14/15
>take an interest in crypto because its new and exciting
>make 100k 10 years after that by just winging $7000 into it
Lmao its all just fun

>> No.52533857

What the fuck? I will in fact continue to visit ladies of the night once in a blue moon. Sex is just a commodity dumdum. What you're thinking about is "love", you keep calling it "sex" because you've been brainwashed into confusing the two

>> No.52533865

Your only purpose is to reproduce. You are attempting to find another purpose that doesn't exist

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>> No.52533903

>talks about being a man
>uses woman-tier insults and thinking

>> No.52533904

I am 28 years old and I never even kissed a girl

>> No.52533910

Not a single word

>> No.52533919

Wow you showed me

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Life would be so simple if you could only understand

>> No.52533929

I'm a 30 year old kissless, dateless virgin and I've never had a gf
I don't even know how to talk to girls

>> No.52533964

>You get shamed by your fat girlfriend for not watching whatever goyslop Netflix show with her

Stop reflecting, man. Just tell her she's fat and break up with her. Also, at 20 you don't even realize how cringe and autistic you actually are, wisdom truly comes with age. Potential is just potential, it's funny when you're young but you're still Peter pan in a world of adults, who probably won't achieve much in life than landing a job and pay the bills anyway. It's not like you're winning the Noblex prize in medicine or something. The only good thing about teen and early twenties is that you could dye your hair or wear a pacman t-shirt and that's cool; try doing that at 35 or 40, you'd be the king of manchildren , absolute lord of cringeland.

>> No.52533981

How do you the strength to live

>> No.52533997

Eh you kind of get used to it after a while. Life goes on it is what it is.

>> No.52534012

School sucked and uni was stressful. Now I can at least stay comfy and have money.
Not like I was a particulary happy kid anyway so I didn’t miss out on much and don’t want to repeat my past anymore.

>> No.52534027

Light died pathetically at age 23.

>> No.52534032

What do you do for fulfillment?

>> No.52534044

>wahh wahh my life isn't easy wahh
either live or die. it's your choice.

>> No.52534060

Make music and go fishing often for the most part. Also obviously post on sites like these as well.

>> No.52534070

I live from makings others life miserable. That is my life force now, it is what i am. If i ever find some Prodigy that media shills i am going to kill him and then myself.

>> No.52534074

Many people grow up as loners and therefore can live even without friends or gfs.

>> No.52534096


>> No.52534693

I’ve been a loner since highschool. I can physically do it, I even need to be alone for periods, but mentally living like this is soul crushing. It’s a prison.

>> No.52535145

>carefree days of youth (13-20)
All you pussy-ass westoids are the same, I started working at 12 and had no delusions about the carefree days of youth. Get a job you lazy faggot.

>> No.52535564

>I'm not Goro Akechi from my japanese anime so I am going to KILL MYSELF

>> No.52536482


>> No.52536767

you sound like your brain has been washed.

>> No.52536793 [DELETED] 

Fellas, a few words about the Bspin, that comes to us from heaven:

>Licensed BTC Casino
>Huge Giveaway with 15,000$ Prize pool.
>Safe, secure, with a wide variety of provably fair Bitcoins games.

>> No.52537032


Somewhere, in some third world slum in Nigeria, there are people of all ages,living in a literal hot, humid, smelly cesspool.

Whether you believe it or not, many of these people still manage to live and enjoy their lives despite their terrible conditions while you are here bitching because you didn't become the tranime protagonist you thought you would become when you were younger.

Isn't that funny, OP? Really makes you think doesn't it.


>> No.52537056

stop chewing with your mouth open bitfch

>> No.52538042

This argument does nothing for me. Third worlders never had to be overthinking neurotic aspies because of their environment, so they just go through the motions like animals. Their suffering doesn’t minimize the modern males suffering, they are both forms of suffering but different.

And not to mention if you want to get anal, living in a third world tribe, no one would even understand the level of loneliness and purposeless of the modern incel because everything is so communal, just like we can’t fathom the level of hunger and poverty.

>> No.52538076

>muh god
what a massive cope.

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>Chudcels ITT worship a psychopath murdering dork that got BTFO by two kids
Lmao you Polcels are literally the millions will die meme

>> No.52538208

now just wagegrind for 50 years lmao

>> No.52538463

I never see world leaders bitch about depression, the real meaning of life is to get powerful and tell everyone to eat bugs.

>> No.52538597

>The carefree days of youth (13-20) are the only time life actually matters.
>There is no spontaneity to life anymore. I will never be a young prodigy filled with promise and hope for the future.
>I wasted my youth rotting on an anime forum. No teenage romance, no talents. I am chasing the fading shadow of s youth that never was.
Instead of bitching about the pleasant illusions you won't get back, recognize that you now have the agency of an adult and can actually affect the world instead of being confined to a box of pleasant illusions.

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Same exact story here. They are life anchors that bring you down, hoping to raise themselves up from thot-hood.

>> No.52538839

Age 40 here and I feel like life is over

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Anon I'm almost 30 and my life is an order of magnitude better than when I was in my early 20s (and no, I'm not a millionaire, I'm still in six figure hell). You get out what you put in, Just need to power through (and not just by slogging through the bare minimum)

>> No.52540101

Talents don't exist. You have to pick up a hobby like painting or playing an instrument and practice like a motherfucker. It's a bitch at first but it brings fulfillment.

>> No.52541322

True that's why i am planning to get into crypto after buttcorn dumps below 1k. Yes it will happen and no there is nothing you retarded cryptonigger fags can do about it. That will be my ticket to riches. when all you wrecked faggots are out i go in. I will fuck whores in the most degenerate way ever recorded in porno history and cover them in my ropey cumspaghetti

>> No.52541336

> I just want a carefree life where I have no responsibilities and never have to work and have an ocean of peasants working for me
Me too, but life's not fair. Either make your money or shut up.

>> No.52541739
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>interesting post devolves into evangelical bullshit

>> No.52541922

??? literally just reject them
wow so hard

>> No.52541948

I really wish janitors would clean up goreposts, fuck

>> No.52541976


not true at all. you really don't need a ton of money to live an okay life. the issue when youre young is you have a ton of time but no money, or experience, and as a result no freedom. as you get older you're pretty much 1% income in the world with a median us income. go travel and see how shitty most of the world really has it for perspective. you could be a pajeet literally sleeping on shit in alleyways with zero education or opportunity to do anything other than shill useless coins on biz all day. i'm half joking but it's true. read some books, travel, make some money. you'll find out it's not that bad to be from the western world if you stop feeling sorry for yourself for a second

>> No.52541982

Yeah Lebron James isn’t talented at basketball. You could be just like him anon!


>> No.52542089

You have never touched a pussy and if you did it was your sisters. I can tell.

>> No.52542938

Wow you deserve a pat on the back for your deductive skills seriously