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Is the market for casual sex dead or am I not trying hard enough?
Even girls on hook up apps seem to either be straight up hookers or want to “get to know me”. At this point I might just capitulate to the hookers cause this is getting annoying.

Shitcoin market is dying so we have room for this thread janjan. Don’t have a fuss

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I am 28 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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I capitulated a long time ago. Women nowadays just aren't worth it and they'll cheat, lie and use you anyway -- even the chads look at Tom Brady and other rich guys. Women are just shit.

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enough girls realized they could be earning money while sleeping around. but also,
>casual sex
not better than masturbation anyways unless you're just proving to yourself that you can indeed have sex, no reason to prove that

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Nope you’ve always had to pretend that they have an interesting personality and shit. It’s part of the deal

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all women are whores anon. most dont work for money, they work for convenience or status. there is no such thing as casual sex and all human interactions outside your immediate family are entirely transactional in nature. if you arent getting women its because they think you arent offering enough for their time. maybe you arent. in most cases i wouldnt blame you because they arent offering enough for your time either, and whores rugpull all the time

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Casual sex on dating apps peaked in like 2010-2015

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post reported for not being about business

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Another way to look at it is that even if you are feeling unattractive, you are ahead of Tom Brady if you can follow the rule of self-custody over your funds and stick to fundamentals. Even a legendary football player can get greedy and trust a jew with 650 million dollars and lose it all. If you can have a tiny bit more self-discipline than that, you're ahead of him.

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Vaginas are gross anyway. Have you ever really stopped and looked at one of em. Up close and personal, put your face right in there. Its proximity to the asshole. The knowledge that a lot of girls wipe back to front, smearing shit right into the hole. It dribbles blood and ejects the lining of a uterus like the pilot of a fighter jet once a month, it gets yeast infections, and sometimes fucking worms. Modern women also have STDs dripping from every orifice. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes. All the kinds herpes. At this point, having casual sex with a western woman is basically a punishment.

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no one cares faggot. go outside.

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>Shitcoin market is dying so we have room for this thread janjan. Don’t have a fuss
This made me kek. Agreed, Jannie, no need to prune this thread.

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Never really lived in the west, but doesn't that mean that some women there are becoming wife-able again?
A woman being a mixture of a housewife and a whore made them horrible at both.
If I'm to trust OP, you now have good whores and decent wife material over there.

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>doesn't that mean that some women there are becoming wife-able again?