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I’m paying for everything (man), probably gonna have to spend 12k. Fuck this. I can’t even dca now. What a waste.

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I took my gf to the mall food court Subway and then throatfucked her anind came on her face in the changing rooms at Target. What are you even doing.

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Wow. You must be a bodybuilder Chad or something. Why are you on 4chan?

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If you pay you decide.
Tell her to fuck off

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>$12k on a trip
i hope you make at least $250k a year after taxes. kek.

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I'm a 6/10 chubby racist asshole who's not even 6 ft tall. But I have a car and gainful employment.

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She ain't got a job or what?

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He never said his gf was attractive. No doubt she is a hideous hambeast. But at least he can spray his seed across her hog-jowls in a public change room.

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I mean yeah getting to spray your seed over some chick's face is kinda fun even if she's a bit chubby kek

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I'll pay you 12k to go instead of you

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wait 12K? where the fuck are you going? Like multiple continents and shit?

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How do you do, fellow socially active anon

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>forced me
just say no and if she has a problem with it she can fuck off

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Don't. Simple as.

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You could literally be single and go to the bunny ranch near Vegas and fuck several super hot bitches for less than 12k kek

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i did something similar to mine
wtf is op doing
>winter trip
wtf is that

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>12k random expense
Pussyflation is real lmao, no wonder sexual activity is at all time lows

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>bunny ranch

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wtf I remember this image being slightly different

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Get fucked normie

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Have sex with her and right before you cum tell her you're breaking up with her

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>gf force me

kill yourself. You are contributing to the modern woman's ego. YOU are a footsoldier for the pussification of society. If you a) aren't larping (unlikely) and b) actually pay for this trip then do the rest of us a favor and kill yourself

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>Spending 12k and leaving the markets when crypto is entering accumulation phase
Ohh this is going to hurt you even more in the long term than now. Dump the gf kek.

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leave her anon it's not worth it

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I went on a trip for like 1.5k each, and could have bumped it up a bit more to a nice city, $5k MAX for a good trip. You're fucking whipped bro, you don't even need money to go on a rewarding trip

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>gf forcing me to do stuff
This must be bait otherwise you're retarded.

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tell her you lost everything on FTX and you are going to spend christmas holidays near to the chimney with some hot chocolate and fucking like pornstars every day

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>paying over $2,000 on a trip
Retarded. Learn to travel

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i want to have sympathy for you but honestly fuck you for being a dumb bitch, enjoy wasting 12k so you can keep using her pussy.