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where do people actually buy nfts?

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They don't. There's wash traders and last year and the one before there were some genuine honest to god suckers that bought some on OpenSea. It was easy money. It's over though, even the rubes have wised up. NFT volume is less than 1% of what it was, no one is actually buying anymore.

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mostly opensea and rarible, unless they're buying from a specific project like nba, etc. don't start buying nft's now though. buy projects that serve the nft market and still have a low marketcap like AssetMantle instead. nft's need to mature and gain functionality for the next wave, so most *not all* are just jpegs without usecase, but don't listen to anons who don't know this.

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OpenSea and websites dedicated to particular NFTs. Last week, for example, because I was "active on OpenSea" (bought something), I got airdropped some kind of a whitelist NFT that allowed me to mint some monkey world cup NFTs. The minting took place outside of OpenSea, of course.

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>websites dedicated to particular NFTs
And like a massive retard that I am, I of course forgot the most famous example of this: CryptoKitties.