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what is the next step of your master plan

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getting laid

>t. kv

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26/m / fag/ got dumped recently

I think I'm going to put All my money on a very risky bet... If I don't make life changing money I'll kill myself.

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saw a tiktok where some guy said selling framed pics on etsy from printful made him one million bucks passive. tried it: you get to keep 10% of sales, before taxes. fuck that shit

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thinking about trying to get a ccna

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Smoke dmt

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getting a job

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Selling my soul to the army because I couldn’t get Air Force

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accumulate and wait
i've also been keeping watch on some very very very low cap coins with high potential.
so far i found 2 with a high possibility of a x1000 next bull run, so this will also be another play.
my biggest fear is that i wont have enough time to secure all of my positions before the next bull run.
so i've been throwing what little cash i can for the time being.

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Fapping in front of videogames and working.

Killing myself after my parents die out.

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>don't kill yourself

>go somewhere warm

>find a lane

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Master plan failed

I'm with him now

I may also just completely give up on all my dreams and find a roastie to start a family with. Fuck it.

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Have you already signed

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I just made the appointment for the recruiter, so no not yet

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knee pads

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I didn't fly so good

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>Pee pee
>Poo poo
Simple as

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Pooping this pee.

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Working for the next 5 years

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put everything in a SIPP Lifetime ISA and cash out to buy a house, the government gives 25% extra towards the deposit for the mortgage.

When the house prices in the UK finally come down in a couple years or so I'll be able to actually buy one

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This. max buy the dip

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Convincing my older sister to have consensual sex in the missionary position with me. My entire plan hinges on this.

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the real business is selling dreams to people in a supposedly "easy" way.

people are motivated by dreams and whole industries rely on it.

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Crashing this plane

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DCA into BTC and ETH until 2024.

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Loading up my bags and waiting, I have being keeping tabs on some low priced assets with high growth potential like Matic and Rail cos both having the possibility of doing some multiple x in the next bull run

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