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Guess who isn't going to prison.

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nobody cares. go back

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Dumb ass, the GOP won the house. Nigger Maxine will no longer be the chairwoman in January. The whole set up is going to change.

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America is absurdly corrupt and americans are too fat and lazy to care.

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Where's the link you mongoloid fucking retard

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>Politicians blowing kisses to campaign contributors on camera

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Nice link.

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>No transparency
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Do better.

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The amount he spent was nothing

Betrayal is the lifeblood of politics

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Seems to be if you look through history, ever since a certain tribe showed up.

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twatter post: https://twitter.com/alec_sears/status/1593630915426541568
Direct video link: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1593314124687036416/pu/vid/1280x576/Pfmro7Pd9F2xHInu.mp4
Video backup: https://files.catbox.moe/aw2x36.mp4

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It's the fact that he will never be able to offer anything more in the future that fucks him. The favours last as long as the money does. The press are only still on his side because they're worried about clawbacks of the money already sent

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Kek, stop wasting yar cash anon, just check Bspin

>Safe, secure Casino with a wide variety of provably fair BTCs games
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>Transparency And Provably Fair

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The press are on his side because he's a member of a certain tribe.

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the oldfags that type dogwatered down dogshit like this shitstain are fucking NPC'd to the max.
Evidenced by the shitpost.
>you creatures are all the same