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None of us saw this coming
We all get dragged down by people who trust custodial wallets
If there's any crypto regulation that needs to happen? BAN CUSTODIAL WALLETS IN AMERICA AND EU

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>I am better than all those low IQ NPCs
>why can't I, a supreme gentleman, get pussy and money for free???

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That's not quite it
You see, once you make it, you -become- a douchebag or a retard.
It's like instinct or something

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It's just not fair, anon. I do everything right. And it all goes to shit.

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I made it and I'm not actually racist or homophobic

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To make it in this world, partially it is luck but the unfortunate truth is that connections and social skills trump everything else. Technical skill is a cope unless you are a legitimate genius.

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im not a douche bag and neither a retard. actually far from it. when i was a child my IQ was tested to be beyond the 3rd standard deviation, truly a one in a billion or multiple billions child. i am adored by all those around me as a result of my incomparable likeability, and many "friends" describe me as a beacon of fun, or the "main man".

i have not made it yet, but i have already put in motion the required steps to make it, which is a 1k ICP stack. nothing else matters now. no people, or "friends", i already have the lifechanging wealth on its way to me on a silver platter as i type this.

remember how i spoke about my IQ? this should be your proof and your pudding, you dark fucking nigger. you will never be like me, neigh, you couldn't even imagine being like me.

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You need to be somewhat of a psychopath to really make it. I don't mean earning a few million. I mean making it. You need to walk over others. You need to con, steal, take, get away with it. This is the way it has always been done. By all the forever wealthy families that still exist today. No mercy, no humanity, no ethics. Just that goal and doing whatever is necessary.

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Because the new money rich were just like you or I at some point. Then they realized being nice and fair gets you stabbed in the back and insulted because cattle view kindness as a weakness to exploit. Eventually, we all grow bitter and decide it is better to take our best shot at them; leaving us strong and them, destroyed. I finally understand the elite are only our enemy so long as we group ourselves together with the morally and me tally weak cattle. A news lady is enough to bring the world to it's knees; which comes in handy if they start asking questions about suspicious things such as Epstein's death.

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true, but I'll probably go innawoods ( nobody to annoy ) if I could afford it with being a wagie
Cool it with the boasting, anon
Yep. Maybe should embrace the power of our lord and savour Jesus H Christ.
I'm actually thinking of buying a stack of ICP. Just in case the Schizos are correct.