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i threw everything away for HBAR bros, the money, the cars, the women, all to come here and be with you HBAR bros, i will never leave as long as we have the tech bro

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Hell yeah grab some tokens while you are at it

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I already lost 80% of my net worth

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do you plan to lose the last 20% as well?

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Stop making these "built on Hedera" posters, unless youre an insider.

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50B tokens EOY

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same here bro tech only

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My bad, Bret. I won't post them anymore.

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You didn't lose if you didn't sell.
Stay strong for the next bloodbath.

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The carnage is coming.

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I've been happy to be out of work for literally 2.5 years bc it's tanked so much that I honestly just saved my time. Been doing projects at home that resulted in potential for businesses that I could never competently run. More like just advice to people of things to try in their professions. Feeling kind of empty. Getting used to the idea of waging just for food money and not owning my own place. Also got diagnosed bpd but I figured out how to make my brain make the chemical I'm typically lacking so that I'll behave better. Shits possible. You can even have dopamine control to break addictions. Bought some hbag at 6c. Would get more at 3c.

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if we all have to default to waging bro then i am literally quitting crypto

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You should probably leave then because the tech is garbage kek

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Hbag and ltc are my picks but it's a retirement savings strat. I'd be buying a house if I didn't sleep in a truck and my parents didn't have one. I actually enjoy it though. Besides being alone, which I'll do something about sometime since I'm fit and in my 20s still.

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good luck bro

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The sun is cold.

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Bruh if hbar doesn't make us never have to think of money ever again then were never meant to make it...

Its ok Sean, I just want to hear good news rather than hope, as im all coped out on hopium...

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bros its the inverse of crypto winter at hedera, Mance confirms 2 MORE WEEKS!

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Oh brother let's go down, down to the river and pray.

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Will Hedera officially powering the US CBDC affect price action?

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All speculation but Hedera will have representatives there

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>Zenobia hit the wall at lightspeed
Its truly over for Hedera for good this time

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would much rather spend my money on matic than spend it on hbar lmao, and that's the logical thing to do since the biggest companies, brands, and banks are building on polygon