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>open up bags of presents from my friends
>For the first time in years see mom's present
>Tfw it's an eviction notice paper in the package

What the fuck bros. She kicked me out the second I touched 18. Did she ever love me in the first place? I cant think of anything that would possibly make her want to do this. Im not a criminal and i rarely break any of her rules. I have been contributing to rent since 15 too. Wtf man, I'm still in shock lmao so i will probably cry and rope once it kicks in. Also, this means im in need of advice, gimme what you got im basically hopeless at this point.

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son is a son until he takes his wife and becomes the property of a young hostile unrelated female who will harass the elderly woman to death

she was right to kick you out. men dont deserve their mothers

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I was left by my own when I was 16. You need to get a job and rent, get roomates if you can't afford to live on your own.
It sucks but you have a lot of time to make something out of yourself. The good thing is that you will become humble and independent way before most people do.
Just don't rope, that's what pussies do

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Was the eviction noticed wrapped around a set of kneepads? That would've been awesome.

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American culture thing where they want you out paying rent to someone else to keep the economy going. The good thing is you're going to learn about life, the bad thing is that your finances are going to suffer unless you make really good money to live and build wealth.

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woman moment

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actually no faggot

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I don't have any advice other than to say you should go to court for power of attorney as soon as she starts showing signs of senility, then put her in a care home with the highest number of non-white staff possible.

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appreciate it.
no it was in a box that looked kind of like a present

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She thinks she is "doing it for my benefit" because my dad left his home when he was 19 or 20 and managed to live alone financed by a part time job. She will simply accuse me of being a faggot or a liar if i say this is no longer feasible

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got any friends that you can stay with while you job hunt? will need to get of 4chan and be wagey for a while until you can settle in somewhere on your own or until you find roommates.

Also never speak to your mother again, it's only fair. She'll realize her mistake when she realizes she's going to die alone.

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Yea get any job, rent a room or sleep in the car, move on from there, you can do it and it will make you a real man really quick, trust me on this, I've been trough it. I turned 30 recently an am financally independent and just started uni recently.

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go long

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>Go struggle on your own because your dad did and he survived
Boomer mentality. Fundamental failure as a parent. You're supposed to help your kids have a better life than you did, not gleefully cause them to struggle because you had to. Young adults who can live at home and save up for a first property are so much better off.

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actually preferable. the second the son and his wife move in, the mothers life is over.

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You should be old enough to get a shotgun.
You could kill yourself in such a way to cover a maximum area with blood in the living room.
So you can leave her a nice paintjob before leaving.

Alternatively since you're probably a buger just join the Air/Space Force or the coast guard. Make sure to pick the mos with the highest ASVAB requirement, sit in a chair for 5 years, get a clearance, go to college for some stem stuff and become a contractor.

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I would do everything in my power to convince the courts your mother is senile, crazy, or something. Even if it means dosing her with antipsychotics. I'd harass every lawyer and court until they gave me power of attorney and throw her in either a mental facility or nursing home. Only fair to be forced from her house the same way she forced you out

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Imagine your mother givint you any kind of court order or something, she is already insane and the american family is dismantled if thats even remotely normal for people there

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Cut all contact and never speak to her again in your life. First make sure she understands why though.

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> It sucks but you have a lot of time to make something out of yourself.

Nobody can afford a tank of gas, everyone will own nothing and be happy

Your future "wife“ will be on decade long mental health medication and your kids will be educated by tranny teachers
How is anyone still believing it’s not over
How do you guys still have hope

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>How is anyone still believing it’s not over
>How do you guys still have hope
Because there are still people living decent lives.

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>extreme hostility to their mothers
youre all niggers

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Like how?

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Is it warm or cold outside right now?

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Nice bait faggot
Like having a good home, a loyal wife, loving family, good income and healthy children.

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>hurr durr bait
kill yourself faggot

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>its nigger behavior to take our pound of flesh from those who have wronged us
Lemme guess, he should just live and let live? Stupid fucking tranny, that's not how the world works.

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seethe and dilate

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Niggers worship their single mothers. The first thing they do when they get a record deal or are signed with the NBA is buy they momma a new house and a new car.
A mother who fucks over her son just because isn't worth any respect.

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and there it is again, blaming other proper for your own nigger behaviour

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more like the son who is obviously a problem child since a young age deserves to be bullied by his mom and kicked out at legal age before he kills his mom
none of you faggots deserve your mothers

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Two words

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>blaming other proper
>ESL acting like he's not a fucking nigger

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Sign up for crst or cr England become truck driver
They will house feed and train you under 7 month contract and give you a job

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Now think about who raised that supposed problem child, you absolute goddamn retard

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LARP. Post photo of the note

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>reeeeeee its my moms fault im a little shit!!!!

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>reeeeeee it's the kid's fault he got a horrible mother

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This poster is clearly a woman, because there's no man on this fucking planet who defends women so eagerly. Especially on this site.

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>the child is at fault for being poorly educated
That's false. A child isn't free enough to pursue education if his parents are against it. A child is not in control of his life and he can't be held responsible for it

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>reeeee my mom took my toys away once which means shes a horrible subhuman who deserves to be raped and killed

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>who is obviously a problem child
because of the mother. sheboon mothers are the worst: emotionally and physically violent, they are incapable of loving their children because they were never loved themselves. so their sons end up being sociopaths and criminals.

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you said that, not me

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believ what you want gay nigger mother slaying faggot

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?? I love my mom she's sitting here with me right now. At MY house that I purchased with her and my brother. Keep your family close but if they are shitty like OPs mom treat them the same way they treat you. Faggot

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You're clearly very mentally ill and have some sort of fixation on mothers and them being hurt.
You're probably also one of these reddit weirdos fantasizing about stomping babies. You need help.

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and you’re a nigger, not me
see how that works, faggot nigger?

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No, I don't.

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Kek the pathetic lost culture of America.
She will bring BBC to get her pussy wet everyday while you out struggling. I bet you're parents are divorced too lel

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>if they are shitty like OPs mom

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That's different from your birthday present being an eviction notice you fucking retarded gorilla nigger

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that’s cause your a little shit that deserves to be killed and bullied

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go suck on your mother's titty, invalid

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Boomers are 70 years old now, get over it. This guy is on 4chan at most him mom is a Gen Xer.

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>what are the hundreds of dumb transgressions that pointlessly piss off his mother and made his mother realise she needs to kick him out before the little cunt ends up killing him

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will do, faggot nigger

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what the fuck
fucking weirdo ahahahahaha

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Betrayal doesn't make people humble.

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>fUcKiNg WeIrDo

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>What is an inbred American who listens to the tv about how to raise their children

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Do you have plans after High School? She might be doing it to scare you into actually doing something and not just sitting around doing nothing

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>Force feeds drugs to children since 7 years old
>Cheats on dad gets std
>Tried to convince you that you are gay and gay is better.
>Tried to convince you to "try out" trannysim
>Kicks kid out at 16
>Owns 4 properties
>Pays off cheating bfs daughter's house
>Both kids currently homeless
My mom was the niggest nigger first tho
Democrats made my mom a nigger first

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eww don't ever reply to me again psycho
go embalm your mother to keep fucking her corpse or whatever weird shit people like you do

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i was kicked out at 22 after graduating college
it was brutal emotionally but i also got a job paying 70k the same week and moved to an apartment down the street
do you have any connections to pull on? any father figures in your life you could lean on for a job and housing?
>cotributing rent since 15
sounds like she never loved you or has a severe case of atomized individual mentality

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also my parents are going in a nursing home as soon as possible, and i wont spend a single penny keeping them alive extra long

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and you are gay

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>contempt for their parents
you’re worse than the boomers

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I mean, with the way the world is now she's basically condemning him to poverty

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I can understand that this is shocking.
You will survive. The way you write my impression is you'll do fine, eventually. Never give up, aspire to follow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desiderata and it will work out.
The delivery method via gift-wrapping sounds, hmm, emotionally sub-optimal to me. Is your mom otherwise emotionally peculiar?
Moving out is an opportunity.
Sharing a flat or whatever is a good idea. I've done it for more than ten years (or all my life, if you count family as "shared living"), and would not want to miss it. It's economical and with the right flatmates can be plain fun. Also, when it works, it can stabilize you in many ways, emotional, economical, intellectual, health etc.
(In German and other languages, there is a word for this, Wohngemeinschaft, loosely translated as "accommodation community". The point is that this word refers to the people, the tenants, whereas "shared flat" and "shared house" refer to the accommodation. And, in contrast to the latter two, Wohngemeinschaft is not specific with respect to the type of accommodation.)
If possible, take your time in choosing one. On the one hand, if something is weird, that may be a red flag. On the other hand, what may seem weird to you may just be healthy human variation. Gaining experience in this sense will help you with many things in life.
For these and other reasons, be prepared to occasionally move to a different shared accommodation.
Yes, the economical side may be difficult.
Don't be ashamed to accept help from others.
But of course be cautious. There are people who are just waiting to exploit people in your situation. Best if you have a trusted friend or two who can help you judge.
In the end chalk it up to experience.
Optional, once you are on stable footing:
Learn about "non-violent communication" (net-search it).
Use it to diplomatically tell your mom how you feel about this.

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My parents supported me until I was 28 years old now I make $100k per year and gave them three grandchildren. OPs mom is a cunt fuck that bitch and fuck you too.

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If you aren't suffering from a mental disability then start reading

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Why is that worse? Parents who fail to prepare their children for life, which is a parent's primary job, deserve to be treated with contempt. Its failure on a personal and societal level, and it might even be a failure in the eyes of God.

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Look guys DINOLFG

They bought a domain http://dextools.com and automatically takes you to the chart.
The team is about to reveal itself soon. It's someone from a larger project from 2020-2021

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I'd kill my parents

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you should kill yourself anon
unironically its the only way to get back at her
if you go on to live a good life she'll always take credit for it,
saying its cus she kicked you out at 18
death is victory never forget that

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>go on grindr
>find decent older man who will take you in
>get a career job and save up
>when you save up enough move out and get your own apartment, car
there you go

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Life isn't a fucking daytime tv movie you delusional faggot

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If the children are shit, the parents are too

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good luck anon, and have fun

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A man is kicked out of his home with no warning and no help given. But as Francisco de Assis once said; all of the world's darkness could not consume the light of a single candle. So keep it lit.

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>its my parents fault i don’t do as they ask me

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>i rarely break any of her rules. I have been contributing to rent since 15 too
Jesus Christ, she must hate you with a burning passions the likes of which are seldomly seen on this earth. She probably internally blames you for destroying her slut hole and her life or something.

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of course you would gay nigger

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lawyer up, become a tranny, and get the government to send your mom to prison for hate crimes

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>all people who reproduce are fit to be parents

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Both of you are right. Some humans are just these pieces of shit regardless of age.

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That is nice to hear, anon. I hope everything works out. What's your target degree?

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Joining the military is the only option when you don't have anything, which might be OP. It may not be the moral thing, but it's the only thing.

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>refuses to follow some basic instruction

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Become homeless, go back home, and guilt trip her for the rest of her life.

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Why are defending bad parents?

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Dude wanna tell us what happened? Was your mom actually abusive so you idealize other mothers? Were you perhaps orphaned and raped by your single dad? Was it perhaps that you lacked both parental figures and thats why you idealize them?
Or just maybe, you are the "son" of a single mother. Afab trans male. Raped by a male family member at young age and saved by your single mom. You hate men but paradoxically protect yourself by "becoming" (pretending to be) one.
Or maybe you are just trolling.
I resent my mother for she has no control over her emotions and in my opinion that makes her unfit as a leader. But im selfaware about this. Are you selfaware about your obssesion?

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>I can't deal with the simple fact that not everyone is equipped to raise a human being

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why does this seething tranny keep changing his ID

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if she's a housewife with no recent job experience bet her that she can't do it and call her a parasite that feeds off of your dad's paycheck

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Look guys DINOLFG

They bought a domain http://dextools.com and automatically takes you to the chart.
The team is about to reveal itself soon. It's someone from a larger project from 2020-2021

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>not everyone is equipped to be a parent
>one time my mom confiscated my nintendo! HOLY SHIT! RAPE! MURDER! SOCIETY IS COLLAPSING!

>> No.52503757

>angry harpy
>too stupid to break the very cycle she deplores

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nah males just fucking suck. would happily rape them to death and burn their bodies

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Sue your mother

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Anon, please sit down and answer the question

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Another shit strawman
You'll never be a woman.

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WTF i never thought so many mentalcases roamed /biz/.

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See the positive side, cut any kind of relationship with your mother and be fucking free the rest of your life, imagine that, no christmas presents, no thanksgiving or whatever you american cucks do in november, no mother's day, no weddings and no funerals. You'll be an ubersmench with no attachments whatsoever, and since she's a piece of shit there will be no guilt trips when she finally dies alone and sick. You can literally block your mother from any social media and it will be her loss having raised a child for 18 years literally for nothing. You lucky bastard
t. 40 yo who still has to visit family although nobody stops living their life for me when I visit, which is something I hate doing but I have to out of moral obligation

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Might be stockholm syndrome

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i didnt consider that, they could have an abusive mom that just broke them. Interesting

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>>open up bags of presents from my friends
>>For the first time in years see mom's present
>>Tfw it's an eviction notice paper in the package
This is such an obvious fucking larp but tranny jannies will keep this bait thread up

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leave, but blow up the house, blow up their car, make them suffer for betraying you

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I’m sorry anon, Godspeed to you young one. This will be tough as shit but if you can make it through it you’ll be better than 90% of men.

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She was wrong to do this to you OP. I'm sorry and I hope you have relatives or friends to stay with until you get on your feet. I left at 18 but it was something I wanted, the culture of kicking your child out at 18 is retarded and makes my heart hurt. I would never do that to my children.
>t. Mother

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get better fucking parents, if you were not lazying around and still worked before 18 and they still did this to you, that's some extra piece of shit points on their part.

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terrible advice in this thread. Meet a rich girl and leech off of her for 12+years, it worked for me thus far.

>> No.52504548

mine literally abamdoned my family to go start another, too bad she's in a whole nother continent, so I can't even get the statisfaction of putting her in a care home full or BIPOCS

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Damn, if that's the truth that's quite harsh!
She could've at least talked to you.

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Tell her to find you a place that is affordable on minimum wage if it’s that easy. Put the responsibility on her. In the meantime, find some roommates if you can. Get a few jobs. Save save save. Put a down payment on a house, go in on it with some friends if you can. Then keep paying off the house together. If it goes up in value, sell it and split the profits. Rinse repeat until you each have enough for your own houses.

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>She'll realize her mistake
No she won’t, they never do

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Anon. Unironically - have you considered student loans?

They could actually benefit you here. If you have
>no job
>no means of earning
>no marketable skills
Enrolling at a local CC, working nights/weekends and taking classes in your extra time, and transferring to a state school for as little debt as possible might actually make sense here. It's going to SUCK for a few years but you have a decent chance here. There are few other situations I would recommend you here but this is probably your best option.

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tell ur mom to meet god soon

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Btw did you ever pay rent with checks? If so and the landlord cashed them you have a right to stay in the rental unit in many counties.

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I had parents like that. I was an orphan for all intents and purposes by 19, the only inheritance I received was a funeral bill. The great thing about today tho is even after a start like that and going through years of working shit hours for shit pay while being treated like shit just to survive, you can still turn on the bbc and be lectured about how privileged you are for having white skin :-)

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Fuck her anon. work hard, buy bit and live like a king.

>> No.52505208

they belittled me for as long as i remember, sure they werent abusive, but just never talked to me as an equal until i told them off for kicking me out, and hold any positive action theyve ever done over me, so no im not gonna bend over backwards for them when they seem to only see our relationship as me owing them for anything they did right as parents

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Just get roommates, and start saving money. Don’t buy any of the shit your friends do. Just save it all. When your car breaks down or you have an unexpected medical bill, you won’t be fucked.

Find a job and don’t quit it for a lateral movement or just a raise. Time is money, and if you quit a cashier job for another cashier job that pays a little more, you’re not really gaining anything. Instead, get the raise by putting yourself out there and leveraging your experience for a better position in the company. More time spent at one job looks better to other prospective employers, as do progressive promotions. Leave the company only if you’re leaving for a raise AND a promotion. Even then, resetting your vacation accumulation rate and benefits may not be worth it if you’re on the verge of a promotion within a year or so anyway. Always make more than one long-terms plan for advancement, and if you hit a dead end with one manager or plan, then collect time spent in your position and leverage that experience with a different company, or different position within the same company so you can go around your dead end boss.

Start building credit if you haven’t already. Plan on keeping your first card open forever, because your oldest line of credit affects your score. Never miss a payment. Use it for routine things, then pay it off completely ever month after your bill posts, so you don’t pay interest. Leverage your good habit to upgrade your card to a cashback card so you can save at least 1.5%.

Look for a real girlfriend who is willing to throw in and live with you, and who you are willing to live with, because that will be your escape from roommates. Living with your wife and kids is much better than living with roommates.

Be kind and friendly to your neighbors, because they can make your life easier or harder.

Don’t cheat on or with anyone, it’s not worth it and you’ll regret it, and you want to be a person your sons can respect.

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4 am this was posted 122 replies.
OP is a zoomer faggot who samefags this board unto oblivion OP is also the samefaggot who has been spamming cat photos.

>> No.52505267

It can go either way. A hard life can make someone a serial killer or a strong person. But an easy life will make a douchebag every time, so at least OP has a chance.

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You're a grown ass man.

Everyone's sugar coating it for you, mate, but it's just that. It doesn't matter that your mom's a prick for kicking you out, it doesn't matter that you don't deserve it, all that matters is you are a human male capable of supporting himself.

First thing you need is a place to crash, hit up all your friends and ask to sleep on their couch for a week. If you're a good enough friend to deserve gifts, you're a good enough friend to let crash.

Now you need money. Sell anything in your life that has no potential to make you money, such as Xbox/PS5, big ahh TV, whatever else consoomer garbage you have.

Next, go find work. I'm not a dick, anon, so I'll tell you the truth. You can get a job today making $100k USD.

Go to every car dealership in town with a fake resume and say you want to get into car sales. Those shitholes are revolving doors, there's always vacancies. You'll get a bite if you hit them all, I promise you. Work hard and you can make decent money, albeit while working 12 hours 6 days per week.

You sleep on a couch anyway, though, so what else are you really doing?

So, during your first month of work live off your Xbox money and sleep on your mate's couch. Once your first paycheck rolls in, cop a room in a shared house.

After that it's just usual normie life progression. Save up money, allocate to VTI, seek better jobs, etc.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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my biological father did the same shit to me on my bday but slightly different.
i got money on my bday and the clown just stole all my money and lies about it this day.
and he said whenver xmas comes he's just gonna take any money i get again.
>you can't blame your parents for everything
Living here is worse than actual wageslavery at moments.

>> No.52505368

Might be controversial. But I think it should be illegal to kick your child out the moment they turn 18. Also illegal to assign debt to them for shit like college or mortgages. But perhaps it's for the best OP. Your parents took a big risk. They think it's a positive thing to kick you out. Cut them out of your life for good.

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What I'd do unironically is become as successful as possible to absolutely flex on my mother. You ever see the movie Northman? You know when he's a boy and he's rowing away chanting "I will avenge you father, I will kill you..." That should be you. In all seriousness you need to get tough now. It wasn't fair but life isn't fair and we must overcome and adapt and claim victory. Good luck, no one respects those with easy lives. Everyone respects those who've overcome adversity

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Op sliding my post this faggots a begging schizo.

>> No.52505522

If that sort of collapse comes around all the bitchy feminism and factors stuff will disappear pretty quickly. That shit can only thrive when life is comfortable.

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>> No.52505778


anything else just plays into the hand of shithead landlords and employers who can therefore increase competition for their assets. they're brainwashed whole generations with the social pressure and need to get out of home as soon as they're legal kek.

live at your parents, save money as long as you can. partying like a retard and women aren't worth it. if you aren't an absolute weirdo you'll have a gf regardless. and don't forget don't get babylocked.

>> No.52505786

Annon, you have many options before you. Being a young man you can work long hours and make money. I suggest you invest as much as possible.
Train conductor pays extremely well right now because of the shortage. I would look into it. This will also get you put in a hotel while you go through training. CSX for the east coast will send you to Jacksonville fl for a few weeks.

Salvage divers and diver welding is also high paying look into into these, not sure about training or housing.
The military will also put you up in housing and pay for college after.(this is a personal choice).
Don't be lazy, you will never be as young strong or free as you are now.

>> No.52505863

Never forget how retarded boomers are and never forgive them
Anything you want to do, start early don't wait
Try living with friends that are boring don't go out or drink/party to get good habbits

>> No.52505933

Before you leave your room, buy a thick rope and tie it into a hangman's noose. Stuff it into any wardrobe or cupboard you have and leave a tiny bit hanging out for her to notice and investigate. Once you have set this up and leave, never answer one of her calls for at least a month. Don't be visible on any social media she knows about either.

>> No.52506876

Contact your friends to see if you can stay with anyone for the time being. Send them a picture of the letter, good parents will see the letter and will want to help you. Work and save money to get a car, a place, a better job, etc. You can also take a different route and join the military, take the shortest term possible. They'll feed, clothe and pay you and you can get a decent head start to life after that if you play it right and don't get a PTSD tier job. Fafsa will help you at a certain age without needing your mom's tax information so you can go to college if that's what you want. Of course, never speak to your mom again. You got expert difficulty settings anon, but you can succeed. Once you get past the start you'll be on the same level as a good majority of us.

>> No.52507194

Go "No Contact" with your Mother. Tell her she's a shitty piece of humanoid garbage for doing this to you and never talk to her again. It's not worth having her in your life and you will feel much better without her toxicity. Trust me on this. She will try to guilt trip you and you must refuse period. She was never worthy of having a child in the first place.

Couch surf with friends until you get a job. Get first and last month's rent and find a cheap place to live with roommates.

>> No.52507785


>> No.52507850

Join military, pick a useful career path in military do 20 years get out with at 38 with a pension that's 50% of your salary, either do private sector or another government job. Retire at 48-58. Easiest life path with highest soci economic mobility. When you leave the military at 38, you will have more then 95% of your peers in terms of wealth.

>> No.52508149

>getting kicked out at 18
I'm 34 and still living at my mom's house. I make 120k a year.

>> No.52508215

>Especially on this site.
What's that supposed to mean? This site is a reddit colony at this point.

>> No.52508283

1st educate on your state eviction laws for how much time between notice and criminal trespass. Also, as you are family law may read differently. If police not called repeatedly to home, no warning this was coming, etc. may give you leverage. Obviously you want to go but on your terms, get as much figured out before inevitable.

>> No.52508321

Your first red flag was that you were paying rent at 15 and I'm sure there were others so maybe next life look for the signs and start stealing from them to prepare.
Their belief that you have to move out at 18 came from 50s Hollywood that created the nuclear family because it was an easy formula and they didn't have to pay extra actors to play the uncles, aunts, nephews, grandparents, etc who before this time would all live in the same house.
Make sure to tell them that they better hope that they have enough money to afford an old folks home and definitely do this >>52501959
Are you white? I'm assuming you are because white people pull this shit the most
Don't expect to inherit anything from them either so just break all contact.
I was lucky being from a Hispanic family and there isn't even any issue with me living way past 18 and now I can save for a house and buy at the perfect time instead of paying rent

>> No.52508355

>it was in a box that looked kind of like a present
actual psychopathy
these people deserve to be genocided

>> No.52508381

I'm 30 and the only reason I still live at home is because I don't have any money.

>> No.52508400

>make 6 figs
>live in mummy's basement
>save/invest 90% of income
Comfy as hell.
I swear the boomer "move out at 18" meme is actually just landlord propaganda.
Ah yes, pay me a third of your income so you can be "independent". Fucking lol

>> No.52508432

>paying rent

If you have any proof you are a tenant and she must abide by all laws pertaining to renters. In some states actual eviction can take months.

>> No.52508437

Only chance is to get roommates and split rent in some shitheap. When your mom can no longer take care of herself, leave her to rot in some shitty old age home. If/when you have kids of your own, treat them better than boomers treated theirs, and actually try to help them get ahead.

>> No.52508481

OP's mom found the thread

>> No.52508533

Sad. My parents are boomer republicans which is tolerable I guess. Could be worse. I can't imagine having liberals as parents, I would legit kill myself.

>> No.52508599

Nice larp thread OP.
Maybe if you weren't such a woman hating incel and respected your mother you wouldn't be in this situation.

>> No.52509500

OP is larping, man. He's probably a 28 years old fedora fag who fapped to sonic feet porn at least three times today. Don't take too seriously anything you read in the internet

>> No.52509508

Retarded shitter go to the factory and apply for work

>> No.52510590

Frame it and don't forget it. You're going straight to the dregs of society, find three other losers to rent with and pray you don't suffer too greatly.

Your entire economy exists based on the threat of eviction. Even if you 'buy' a place to exist you only gain the right to exist if you pay off your government perpetually for it.

>> No.52510657

Why can't Americans into family love and values ?

>> No.52511939
File: 32 KB, 644x800, 1659119003030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52511992

I'd offer you a room if you are of normal size and hygiene.

>> No.52512060

Things that never happened for 200. Kindly record a video and don't you dare fake it. This is Oscar performance.
OP stop making up shit. One does not kick their children if they're making money ... unless they REALLY fucking hate you.

You know how much better of a place the world would be if children killed their parents? less population, more houses. Less obsession with making kids cause parents would be scared shitless that their kid will turn on the oven and blow up the house or will kill you for the house and life insurance to party one last time or just live on their own.

>> No.52512138

Too bad you can't because you're a weak cowardly woman incapable of violence

>> No.52513455

>be zoomer
>before you even have a chance to build something you get kicked out by your zog-brainwashed parents who don't give two fucks about the family unit
>groomed to wageslave from birth in the name of "growing up" and responsibility
The West is fucked.

>> No.52513482

>I have been contributing to rent since 15 too.
Hahahahahahaha I love being me
>t. 22 yo living with mom and dad and we all love each other

>> No.52513522
File: 2.57 MB, 482x968, 1668543440927101.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

change your phone number and tell her you'll see her at her funeral

>> No.52513577

she doesn't think that at all.
probably wants the place to herself to a whore without her own flesh and blood around to judge her. do yourself a favor and cut off all communication forever. total clean break.

>> No.52513639

>She thinks she is "doing it for my benefit"
Honestly it sucks now but long-term it might actually indeed be a useful thing. There's SO many man-children living in their parents basements nowadays. You're taking advice from many of them in this very thread. Moving out helps with growing up.

>> No.52514014

>kick out your children out of your house when they turn 18
do americans really?
im 24 and im still neet while learning programming in my freetime. I help out around the house and i get free tendies

>> No.52514102

legallly she cant evict u cuz of covid in many states. stay in the house and contact a military recuiter. try cost guard or air force and gi bill it. spend gi bil on flight training and dont get a dui

>> No.52514126

Ok Rabbi

>> No.52514148

never trust a liar. police are not family therpists. calling police or threatening police should be treated as a true threat. jail is dangerous ive done hard time

>> No.52514187

wierd my mom did the same shit. she had me long hair until i was 5 and i wanted short hair. She tried to convince me women are better than men and i should want to be a woman. she fed my brother adderrall since 10 to 18. she asked me how to lose weight after she retired and i said adderall and she said shed never take adderall. I took their car out cuz my car was broken down taking care of their pets when they were away and they threatened cops on me so i ghosted them and i told them never to talk to me again

>> No.52514240

this isnt true. i was suicidal when i was 18 and told her i want to kill myself and she said do it. people cant fathom that mothers can not care for their children but mothers kill their offspring all the time in the wild

>> No.52514252
File: 570 KB, 576x704, 1668396412595668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't have strong knit families, goy! Become a faceless atomized drone that can't even conceptualize large scale collective action, let alone oppose it

>> No.52514637

Why are ppl falling for this obvious made up story?

If you're parents want you out of their house, they don't write eviction notices they just tell you to get out.

My dad gave me til the end of the following month to move out and find a new place after I turned 18, and threatened to shoot me for trespassing if I refused or tried to move back in.

>> No.52514709

>Why are ppl falling for this obvious made up story?
Because it hits home for way too many of us.

>> No.52515100

Well done, OP. You baited these fucking newfags real good with that stale pasta.

>> No.52515132

>said he'd shoot me if I was on the property
>press x for anon is a lying homosexual making up fabricated stories for internet upd00ts

>> No.52515220

>offer kidney on the black market
>around $250,000 valuation per health kidney
>sell kidney
>invest proceeds in BitDAO
>wait for L1 to drop
>cash out
>make it
>cover recovery expenses

>> No.52515275
File: 476 KB, 540x710, MR CRABS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just remember this moment OP when it's time to ship her off to the nursing home, you'll have your day.

>> No.52515306

Join the Army or Chairforce unironically....

>> No.52515319
File: 78 KB, 981x937, 1668129420931600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52515370

apply to college get on assisted living,food stamps, and state health insurance based on your more than likely low income your prescriptions will be free, and so will the majority of your health care. enjoy.

>> No.52515408

>join the military
>serve long enough for gi bill benefits
>use gi bill to go to college and get engineering or cs degree
>get six-figure job with stock options
that was easy

>> No.52516322

>clearly never grew up with a asshole narcissist as a father

>> No.52516356 [DELETED] 

I moved out willingly the day I turned 18 because when I was 17 my mom went against my wishes and married a fundie christian nutjob that laid out 6 gorrilion shit rules the day he moved in.

>> No.52516375

It was. And when anon opened it, everyone clapped.

>> No.52516389

What for? Soliciting?

>> No.52516419

I moved out willingly the day I turned 18 because when I was 17 my mom went against my wishes and married a fundie christian nutjob that laid out 6 gorrilion shit rules the day he moved in. I tried extending an olive branch at 19 and 20 to move back in, follow all the fuck ass rules laid out for me and get a degree so I could better my life but that option was never in the cards once my stepdad had an iron grip on the house and bossed my mom around.

My mom never gave a fuck when both of her sons and a daughter-in-law didn't have enough to eat or basic utilities. Eventually your mom will die and you might inherit something.

If OP isn't a faggot for once in his life with this story, just know the next couple of years are the worst. Things will get better. Look at every day as a learning opportunity and realize attitude is easily 90%, if you show a willingness to understand and grow eventually an employer will utilize you accordingly. I have gone from nothing 7 years ago, like 30k household income to over 100k. I still have no degree.

Wake up wanting to grab the day by the hair and fuck it in the mouth and you'll go far.

>> No.52516449

Does this really happen often in non-poor families?
I only ever witnessed such a thing with very poor families or when the kids were really fucking lazy.

>> No.52516467

I grew up middle class and my mom pissed away any good will with her children on two strange men she married. Imagine choosing dick over your own flesh and blood and then wondering why no one wants to visit for the holidays. I hate boomers so much it's unreal.

>> No.52516562

Boomers are a special bunch.

They are quite possibly the most selfish and entitled generation, but shit on millenials and zoomers for the same behaviour, even completely sold out the american dream to the globohomo just so they can live out their final years living like canaanites.

I 100% believe its because of all the lead they were exposed to growing up.

>> No.52516634

I think it has more to do with how few faced the real threat of war considering almost everyone in a combat role in Vietnam was a volunteer, yet they simultaneously benefited from the boom times post-WW2 and never knew want.

Cheap homes, cheap gas, cheap cars and women were throwing their pussies around like nobody's business during the sexual revolution because of the pill. They shook the bosses' hand at 18, got a job out of high school that paid enough by 20 to buy a house, put a couple buns in the oven and sink excess funds into stupid shit frivolously or the real estate/stock market.

We're talking about a single generation in the west that experienced virtually no negatives on a socioeconomic level for DECADES and then got pissed that their kids couldn't get the jobs they had because they voted them overseas 30 years later from their ever-changing idiotic politics that have all been boomer-centric since the day they turned 18.

>> No.52516653


Navy is paying like 50k bonuses too.

>> No.52516678

My mom kept telling me to move out of I don't like her rules, and when I did she constantly asks me for money. Any extra profit I made goes to her because I can't just leave her to die

>> No.52516704

>all these replies to this obvious bullshit
Is this reddit?

>> No.52517646

Start looking for roommates and a job asap.

>> No.52517696

I honestly can't live with my parents. Not because of fucking girls or whatever, though it's also a reason, but it's just that I love roaming around in my own home in pajamas all day, or heck, straight up naked. Also waking up in the middle of the day. And yes, I have decent paying office work, I'm not a NEET. It's just that my lifestyle is just not compatible with living with old folks. If I were with them, it would just ruin the day of everyone, myself included. I left out of respect for them and their own normal lifestyle

>> No.52517704

I'm sorry anon
Your mom is a semen demon

>> No.52517753

Yeah this desu

Recommend Army or Airforce over the other service branches. Hell, you could probably join the Space Force if you're technical enough.

>> No.52517754

I hope you die in a house fire

>> No.52517783


>> No.52518768

College or the military.

Merchant Marines.

>> No.52518817

a more common scenario than childhood Disney movies could prepare you for.

>> No.52518830

military means vaxx, so maybe that's not an option for OP.
depending on where you live, there's numerous gangs you can join.

>> No.52520568

Did she ever indicate thar she expected you to move out by 18? If not she is a failure, not because she kocked you out, but because she didnt help prepare you.

Look it sucks but its not ckose to the end of the world. If yoh can find roommatws do so, if not then you still qualify for low income rentals. If you are near a college or univserity there are usually some and a good number of college kids larping as poors in them.

More pertinetly, whats your current occupatuon? Are you going to college? Have you thought about the trades? Trades are hard fucking work but you make decent money and, if take the really technical or difficult ones, mKe fucking bank. I knew a guy who made half a million in 3 years workong on rail lines, and since he was on the rails all the time his food and lodging was comped.

As a parent this Anon is correct. Children are a gift from the Lord and failing to raise them correctly is akin to spitting in the eye of God.

>> No.52520610

>Leverage your good habit to upgrade your card to a cashback card so you can save at least 1.5%.

Fellow CC cashbacker.

>> No.52520717

>You're supposed to love your mother!!!
The words of every mentally ill cunt mother on the planet

>> No.52521040


Sounds like child support and welfare for her ended.

>> No.52521093



>> No.52521130

200+ posts and no one has mentioned that this blatantly fake thread has been posted several times before

>> No.52521341

Seconding all of the people ITT saying military. Even if OP is lying I'm sure some other anons are in a similar spot. Air Force is your best bet, followed by the Army. Navy is also a good option but make sure you go out of your way to get guaranteed a rate that doesn't involve a much sea duty. Being a jr enlisted man on a ship fucking sucks. Stay away from the Marines unless you really want that Marine title. I don't know shit about the Space Force but I would guess it's Air Force tier in terms of high quality of life. Just lurk /meg/-military enlistment general on /k/ for a few weeks so you go the recruiters office armed with a little info and then go for it.
>But I don't want to DIE FOR ISRAEL!!!
Don't be dramatic. Unless you specifically go out of your way to try out for some Special Ops tier job your odds of dying in combat right now are nil.

>> No.52522457

>Be me
>Quit job
>Take a 5 month vacation after 4 miserable of working at that shit hole
>Parents start giving me fucking shit about the "gap" of unemployment like it will cause extreme difficulty in getting rehired
Is this a boomer thing or is it really so fucked that I'm a "bad hire" for not perpetually begging for work?

>> No.52523281
File: 10 KB, 255x255, 1668759850638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52524488

You can come live with me in Europe. You will wear a chastity cage and let me wreck your boipucci. Also, can you do dishes?

>> No.52524909

t. Jew whos parents set him up with everything

>> No.52524920

this poster is jewish

>> No.52524941

It looks worse as time goes on. Lie and say you went to school if the months match up with a semester, most interviewers will fuck off once you tell them that.

>> No.52524971

My friend was kicked out at 18 and his dad was a cop. My friend resorted to stealing to survive and ended up in prison. It's faggots like you who enable the downturn of actual worthwhile youths' potential. You piece of shit faggot liar.

>> No.52525292

Why does year long vacations trigger employers so much?

>> No.52525395

They hate the thought you might be secure enough to say "fuck this job" and walk off on the spot with no heads up.

>> No.52525481

When you put it that way, that sounds pretty based.

>> No.52527053

I swear that females are the worst parents, literally every single time it's mother

>> No.52527176

Look up incarceration rates for single mothers vs single mothers.

>> No.52527223

Turn 360 degrees and run.

>> No.52527531

My kike mom did the same thing, all I had was my car so I had no choice but to live in it, but 6 years later I decided it's better to just be a homeless free man than a soulless wagecuck wasting his life who gets the privilege of living under the highway in goldberg's studio cuck shed

>> No.52527873

offer to go down on her if you can stay

>> No.52527899

>thread full of neets seething
How original and new

>> No.52527927

i made it off the 2021 bull run bought a bmw m4 and got reckless driving conviction for high speed drifting

>> No.52527978

One's children are an investment
My parents paid for everything until I made it from crypto
Now I pay for everything in return - I don't mind doing so, because the opportunity cost for taking care of me was much higher for them than the opportunity cost of spending a tiny fraction of my net worth on household expenses

Perhaps you could sway your mother with this random faggot's life experience

>> No.52529567
File: 175 KB, 290x390, 1667762596946434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HR roasties will see it as a bad thing. Generally they want good goys who fit in and say and do all the right things. Normies have a compulsive need to be a tryhard and need others to manage their time and energy for them. They'll actually not know what to do with themselves and get really uncomfortable if their school or workplace doesn't dictate their schedule.
So if you were cool with anything more than a few months it's a "red flag" that you're different, unless you have a good cover story for your resume gap.

>> No.52529582

forgot to reply kek