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I have an old account I forgot the phrase to, but confidently narrowed it down to ~2.5mln possibilities. Can something be done to check all of them offline?

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If you know the address of the account, yes.
You can use the same derivation route that Metamask uses(ie which BIP, 39?) and then generate the public keys and then from that the addresses and check if they match the one your looking for.
Each seed will deterministically generate each account in the same order.
If you need to check the balance of an account though, you would need to have that data available.

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This basically. It can be done something like this

from mnemonic import mnemonic
from binascii import hexlify

mnemo = mnemonic.Mnemonic("english")
words = ""
seed = hexlify(mnemo.to_seed(words, passphrase=""))
keypair = generate_keypair("btc", seed)


words is just your space separated bip39 wordlist.

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Play around with this tool but I wouldn’t put a seed to wallets with funds in them or that I’m planning to use in the future

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Noticed I missed the import for generate_keypair, it's provided by moneywagon.