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Has the music stopped? Or is just only slowing down?

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Finally watched this the other night and was very dissapointed. People put it in the samr category as the big short and TWOWT but its nowhere near as good
Even their half-assed financial explanation for whats happening is comedically poor even for normies and they completely skip the actual main event of selling the "bad assets"

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Brainlet take. It's the only movie that shows the POV of the traders and what their attitude was when it all unfolded.

The rest are Bank/Trade Firms Le Bad hot takes.

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Which movie is that?

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Boiler Room

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"muh the volatilitys going too low so it turns out our algorith broke" completely took me out of the immersion.
Its nothing more than a character drama with a poor imitation of a new york hedge fund as the skin
Good character performances from spacey et al dont make it a good finance movie

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>niggers and hispanics default on their loans
>banks get blamed
wut's the logic here?

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>sell MBSes and CDOs to willing buyers at current fair market price
>get blamed
wut? why are the buyers willing to pay at the current fair market price if they don't want to carry the risk?

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A nigger will never abalue afford to buy a house without banks. Take credit away from them ad their will all live in favelas

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so banks are acting like saints right? then why do they get blamed
I think everyone is just jealous that bankers make money helping people to own houses

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it's like bankers are the matchmakers of 2 retarded parties, the retarded nigger creditors and the retarded bond investors
banks say now you 2 retards meet each other, you deserve each other because both of you are retarded, now I ask 2% fee for this matchmaking process
the retards both proceed to blow themselves up
banks get blamed
wut's happening here?

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if you are under the age of 25, fine, you dont know anything about finance and your attention span is unsuited for slow dramas. if you are over the age of 25, i’m sorry but you will probably remain a brainlet forever

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the music is slow for my taste, but no worries I increased the playback speed to 1.5x

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The Winkelvoss twins seem awful quiet lately

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>helping them own houses

kek in what world do you live in. more like helping them own houses on their conditions.

banks are just less scammy casinos. they scam you with fees and will once in a while fuck things over to gain more capital and then reach out their hand to customers again.

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What a retard take. The Big Short is reddit normie garbage compared to this.

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poor people are the virus of this planet, whether it's black, brown or white, if they're poor they're fucking parasite
don't have money you screech you can't own houses
given a loan you can't pay you screech again
the vaxx and the coming depression will be such a cleansing process the poor will be wiped out clean from the face of the earth
fuck me it will be cathartic
fuck me
fuck me..

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I saw this coming when all these exchanges and apps were paying 8+% on stablecoin deposits in a zero interest rate environment without disclosing what loans were made or how solvent they were.

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I'm sorry you have a low IQ. This is easily the most realistic finance movie I've seen, and they all played their parts perfectly.

Anyone who's worked in that industry knows how scary it is being a junior in those board rooms.

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>nowhere near as good as wolf of wall st
Not sure if bait or you're just a functionally retarded zoomer

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>taking the interwebs srsly enough to be "disappointed" at a movie
lmao! kys

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The music has stopped, but it's a brief moment between the movements of a larger symphony. None of the core fundamentals of crypto have changed. CBDC rollouts mean defi and private currencies are more important than ever. Smart contracts and NFTs are gaining real world usecases. We're just seeing retarded moonboys and normies get shaken out.

Good, that keeps them out of my neighborhood.

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Gemini was always upfront about their Earn program.

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SBF was just an op. He was sent in to blow up crypto so regulators and banks could move in to take over.

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>Has the music stopped?
Best line ever from that movie, and great advice in general:
“If you‘re first out the door, that’s not called panicking.”
Have we seen this in action the past 6 months?

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Stay retarded

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they've constantly been tweeting about the situation. try again simeon.

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Standing here tonight, I'm afraid I hear nothing at all. Just...


shut up faggot

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by liquidating their entire book, they drove the price down of the entire asset class and screwed anyone who was called up first. that's why the guy at the end was suspicious as fuck and was lowballing the guy by like, 60% par.

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>CBDC rollouts
yeah, they quietly moving ahead on their test pilot. desu I didn't expect it to happen so fast. never waste a good crises I guess.

They are following the playbook I was guessing they'd do tho, banks acting as issuers of their own CBDCs, I wonder if they'll do BACUSD, JPMUSD, etc and compete w/ eachother for best interest rates, would be best outcome IMO for the pleb

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How exactly do you think firms trade irl? There are teams of analysts who write exactly those types of algorithms. Holy shit, get some real world experience.

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Margin Call

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Rogue Trader

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the music is playing backwards and it's saying you are a patsy

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>its the only movie that shows people the one thing they absolutely do not give a fuck about
and like all the others it still fails to explain how the government made it happen -- not banks, not home-buyers, and not investors

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If you want a better movie scene analogy try pick related.

>so, crypto currency
>what would you say you...do here in the economy?

Nobody can actually answer because crypto currencies have no intrinsic value and it's just trading electronic monopoly money back and forth.

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underrated film about a based retard

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wtf is TWOWT

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The Werewolf of Weiner Thirst, a story about OP's mom.

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>To use your analogy, sir, this projection just shows the wojaks pinkening
>If we were to get crying wojaks, the situation would be suifuel on god

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tourist here, isnt the point of crypto be decentralized or something? how come everything I hear about crypto are these multibillion dollar companies owning the entire market?