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>Bottom signal

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Yes, OP is a bottom.

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>Yes, OP is a bottom.

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I thought chudjak was all about the epic collapse and happening though

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Do crypto nerds really?

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Yes chudjak is about low iq, delusional people who follow a fringe political ideology. This kind of people are naturally losers in every society so the dream about le hecking happenings/collapse so they are no longer the biggest losers.

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Pretty much this.

>I will get rich by betting against the normies!
>No, why are the normies selling my generational wealth


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But lil chuddy is cute tho.

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Who would have thought their little cryptocurrency scam would fall apart once normal people realized there was no reason for it in the first place.


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>there was no reason for it in the first place.
except of course
>banks and government seizing your funds,
>limiting your withdrawals,
>terminating your account, like kayne with chase
>over charging for international transactions and taking days to process them.
>Oh and the inflation totally wiping out your savings.

Then fuck we can cut off the banksters and dump fiat now ;)

kek. the tranny envies the highly skilled chad.

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You ladies are unhinged.

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after a blue dog like vinu becomes cute to me, anything under 1.50 meters is beautiful

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Lol, no.

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>seething about /pol/


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>store of value