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That's just a coincidence, right, bros?


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America is such a fucking joke, let's be honest for once.

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Just a cohencidence

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She'd lied about every nanosecond of her life. Her having any popular support is almost as laughable as Bernie Sanders running for president twice on the backs of his unemployed base's donations.

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china is easier. ban crypto, unban crypto, no big coincidence party

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We have to separate the money from the state. Our government has gone full rogue. Bitcoin is the revolution. It’s our only way out.

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Of course, now please deposit your crypto in my exchange.

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She seems completely retarded, I'm not even sure she could manage a small office

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Regulatory capture seems to have been the plan

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they keep getting elected because they are rigged down to the county level

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Oh nooo Pocahontas is a fraud???

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Well that I know, but that doesn't stop actual people from saying she's a good senator. I live in Massachusetts.

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no dumbass SBF is not who he says he is. Fuck off with your red-blue for once in your miserable life and see what is happening.

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No politician has popular support. It's about who can assemble the larger army of asslickers

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Someone needs to post this on goyddit r/crypto

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A coincidence of kikes.

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Ok, asslicker support then.

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>Tidecoin solves this.

Yw anons

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Every day I get more and more demoralized at the current state of society. Shit like the twitter thread in OP won't even register to the average person even if they read it with their own eyes. It's fucking over. The good guys lost. At this point I welcome mass ISIS and Taliban to invade the west and sharia law all these fucking complacent subhumans who are allowing mass corruption and kikes to rule them all. But then I remember the CIA is behind ISIS and the Taliban are boy fucking scum. JFC, I need to desperately get back into the matrix like cypher and be blue pilled again. I cannot take knowing I have to live the rest of my life knowing how subhuman everyone around me is.

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Hey retard the Taliban killed the boy fucking scum that the US let loose during occupation

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Take the Islamofacism pill

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sure, but warren's whole career is regulating your anus. this isn't any different from the whole 10+ years she's already been around
>verification not required.

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Pocahontas bros...

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This is why I'm a BTC maxi.

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> push a crypto jew into power with your political influence
> make him push regulations and donate to the dnc
> if he wins, crypto is (((regulated))) and you get money
> if he lost all customer funds, this is why we need regulation in crypto
There is no scenario where they lose. I kneel…

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holy fuck. this shit unearthed corruption beyond my wildest imagination

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You should start bird watching and you will feel better.

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God I love this world. Full blown corruption happens every day right in front of everyone's eyes but nothing ever happens to them.

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What is happening?

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> coincidence
it's a COHENcidence

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As someone who went to the "top" school in my country and then a top 5 uni I learnt something about success - or at least extreme success: it's always orchestrated.

My dad came from a relatively normal background but through being insanely hard working ended up very well off - so he wanted me to have the start he never had and sent me to all the right places but the work from there was up to me. He was naive as fuck. By the time I was 16 I knew kids in school with world leading research on their CV because their indian dad outright lied and shoved their name on all they did. Kids who apparently invented whole new businesses when all I saw was them playing nintendo DS at lunch every day. In uni this continued, people had internships purely based on contacts. They would fuck around and then be given high end jobs in parliament after neeting for a couple of years.

Hard work and intelligence will get you a high end wagie job after years of progressive climbing. All or at least most of these top 0.1% stories are fake and gay. Every step of their life has been someone else playing puppet. Frankly not even anything wrong with it, but normies need to realize this and stop with the "pull yourself up by the bootstraps lad!" cuck mentality. You are as competent as your IQ, experience frankly is a meme, you don't need to have worked a cashier to be a CEO. When you have kids if you want to play the game do them a favour and actually do shit for them. Fake it until they're old enough to take over.

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Fascinating. Tell me more. English or American?

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>Normies start noticing coincidences
You love to see it!

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They are not Human, A human has a Conscience and can't lie 2/7 it wears down on them.
These people live 24/7 lying, they probably even lie to their own families and to themselves in the mirror.

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With these connections, he's not only going to get away with it. He will come back, fully supported by kikes.

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not this bitch again

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>Treachery against benefactors: Judecca
What did he mean by this?

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It sure starting to look like crypto was just a way to get Dunning-Kruger retards to self liquidate

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retard, Taiban started by hanging boyfuckers on tanks' guns
They are, as we speak, putting addicts and fags into workcamps and force them to shave and mine for lithium in the mountains until they repent. Very based.

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fuck the great satan of america

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I see you.

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It's will be another slush fund, just like the one she set up under Obama. They fined banks that abused TARP without admission of guilt, then funneled the fines to Ngo’s and Policticians through the congressional oversight panel. The banks were allowed to continue their behavior. FTX was the new slush fund, now that it’s gone they are rushing to set up the next one.

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No, they are all Kikemason pre-selected strawmen.

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Oy vey

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this jew talk is so fucking played out by now

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one of the more interesting posts on biz
if you are still reading this anon would you please expand on your experiences
i always assumed it was a waste of time, effort and money to send your kids to these schools as a new money made it dad and you are better of staying in your lane as high tier middle class (not representative of usd equivalent nw)