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Chainlink staked by early access in Dec 2022 will be worth at least $1/Link/month by mid 2023
More reasonably $2-7/Link/month
Youre welcome

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and when will we be able to withdraw our stacks and our rewards?

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Fake insider. Chainlink does not discuss price.

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Sounds too good to be true

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Can you show us how that value is determined? To say something so assuredly, there must be some kind of data to back up this claim (i.e. that staking 7,000 link tokens, call it $42,000 worth of an asset, will garner a $7000 MONTHLY return (i.e. 16.6% per month or nearly 200% per year).

All human experience would suggest that you are fake and gay; however, I will implore you to prove otherwise.

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No bad energy in this thread buddy

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lmao i remember making this kind of diagram a few years ago brings back memories

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Yes im sure THIS high estrogen low IQ prediction will come true just like all the others. $1k eoy boys!

> *sharts in $6*

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upper end of claims but still
>$7 per link
>7k max (assuming one wallet ofc)
>7 x 7k = 49k
>49k x 12 = 588k
588,000? there's no fucking way it's that profitable right out of the gate

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Fucking liar, that would mean I would Instantly make it by staking my pitiful 3500 stack which we all know is nowhere near enough to make it ever.

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I'll give you my LINK when you pry it from my cold, dead hands

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If that's true I'll kill myself. I missed out on early access because I'm fucking retarded.

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The actual figure based on price and their maximum stated return is maximally $175 a month. 2¢ per link per month. Not factoring in BUILD rewards.

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Build assets immediately
Node revenue in Link with v1 in q2 2023
Price adjusts to risk adjusted yield

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Cool it with the antisemitic remarks

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Kek, this makes no sense whatsoever

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even with link at 50 that's 26.8% annual yield anon, get your head out of the clouds.

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>he thinks link is going to be $50 or less by q2 2023

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>he doesn't know link is going to crab below $20 for the next decade

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also insider here, Sergey is planning to dump his remaining LINK all at once, prepare for $0

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They've already stated up to 5% apy. So im going by the maximum apy to be fair.

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It would be fucking pandemonium around here if that were to happen
Can you imagine?

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>Chainlink staked by early access in Dec 2022 will be worth at least $1/Link/month by mid 2023

i fucking wish. it definitely won't be like that so early. i hope im wrong and you're right but i don't see it being that profitable early

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when do we find out details of staking?

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>Chainlink staked by early access in Dec 2022 will be worth at least $1/Link/month by mid 2023
>More reasonably $2-7/Link/month
>Youre welcome
*capped to maximum 2 staked link per user

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you guys still don't get it? even after all the spoonfeeding?

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actual insider here, Chainlink Labs had its entire treasury on FTX and lost it all, so they're on here trying to pump token price, to sell more tokens, to make up for it. Cap this and thank me later

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details have been out for awhile. 90% of what we knew they told us in june of this year and they told us a few more things at smartcon ~6 weeks ago.

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>*capped to maximum 2 staked link per user
just two more weeks

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Ah another screencap just like all the screencaps which have been completely wrong the past three years.

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>just you wait, it's going to happen ALL AT ONCE
how have you people not fogured it out yet

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2-7$ a month sounds good? what am i missing?

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The system operates just fine without any LINK staked right now. Plus, this is not even staking. You're just providing liquidity for the Big Mac to drop the mayo on your head. If voluntarily locking your tokens indefinitely makes the network soooooo secure, they why doesn't Sirgay lock up all 300 Million of his tokens? Hmmmmmm? I was told that he doesn't care about money and just wants to build a public good? Maybe in reality he is just planning to take a good dump on stakers in public because anyone on the planet can check etherscan to laugh at all the addresses that volunteered to lock up their liquidity.

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staking announcement literally said its up to about 5% APR, plus the build program which is a nice little bonus. that's up to about 350 link tokens in returns. only way it averages out to be "$1 per token per month" is if the price of each link went way, way higher. it would have to be hundreds of dollars per link. which yeah it obviously could happen, and i agree and know that staking gives more of a purpose to the token.

i've seen a few people throw out this expected returns of $1 per token per month figure and they never show any of the math. again if i'm wrong i'll be happy because that means i'll be richer than i've ever been within a few months. but i don't see it happening unless link goes into a turbo bull run in the next 6 months.

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Per token

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>it would have to be hundreds of dollars per link
good you're starting to get it

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It's up to 5% for a token worth single digits and a few cents worth of BUILD shitcoins that probably won't even cover the gas fees.

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did you account for apy?

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Well given it's risen to $6 in 5 years i think we'll have a fair amount longer before we see that. Maybe a couple of decades at the going rate?

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The Top 3 Possible Chainlink-Staking Outcomes:

>staking finally arrives
>unstaking requires Level 70 VAXXPASS™

>mandatory staking
>lock-in period: 3 years
>may never unstake

>no staking ever comes
>the Great Reset is dead on arrival and Chainlink goes to zero

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yah i know but im missing understanding the calculation. 7$ link at 7k staked with 5%apy(not likely). is that correct math? sorry im slow

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>5% is the base

The fud is only going to ramp up as we get closer to staking

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linksisters im laughing my fucking ass off at all this fud holy shit im getting more and more bullish with each passing day

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isn't the apy what would be determining the amount paid out? I was assuming for my calculation that the maximum payout cited by OP was the standard. I'm not sure what the apy would need to be to have that scenario be real. Of course it would also depend on the token price. I was just trying to show why I think OP's claims are unlikely/just an optimistic fantasy not rooted in reality or based on insider knowledge.

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You'll want to sell in 2026 but you won't actually have to sell at all.
I think you either don't fully understand what you're holding or the demoralization campaign has completely broken your spirit.

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5% is actually the current maximum

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I don't understand what I'm holding and I'm entirely demoralized. I keep buying but it feels insane.

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Im just realistic. No-one predicted this bad a return so hopium with link has a bad track record. I remember i got called a fudder for saying we'd end 2021 no higher than $80 lmao.

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yes, it's insane and somehow they're still falling for it

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CLL is clearly dumping and buying to hold the token price steady and they have been for a long time. They may keep doing this for years to come in order to make the chart appear more industrial.

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>maximum payout
350 LINK per year per wallet
Accounting for USD is retarded. 350 LINK per year regardless of price. I think we can reasonably assume price climbs higher in the future.
>I keep buying but it feels insane.
You're living the meme
Yeah the bullrun was terrible but all the developments of the recent years have literally unironically brought speculation to life. We didn't know if any of these things would be true for sure in 2018 and now it's all real and confirmed.
As LINK climbs against BTC I'm pretty comfy

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lock period is already in for v1 release which likely won't take more than 6 months looking at progress and articles released.

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life imitates memes

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im a mid wit leaning on retard. im just trying to figure it out like you. op sounds like hes off

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There will be no institutional adoption of crypto, especially not chainlink.

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when will you unload your bags?

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at current price which is 6 and change at 350 link per yer is fucking shit. better to wait for next run and dump into stables with 8%

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>v1 release which likely won't take more than 6 months
it took them 5 years to make diet soda staking which isn't actually staking because sergey subsidizes 100% of the rewards lol rofl it's a ponzi scheme

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you can tell the fudders are short staffed now because link threads used to be filled with fudders angrily responding to their own posts to dilute whatever the thread topic was. now it's just fudders lazily copying their single sentence scripted lines but nobody's paying attention to them. like little fud farts in the wind.

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Is 9k enough to make it? I lost half my stack

>> No.52452230

ideally never but once we hit 5 figs you'll have enough to do whatever the fuck you want

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I've no idea. There's a swing into BTC in my future. Long term, never. I will hold some amount of LINK until I die
Yeah it would need to be $100 for a neet lifestyle, at least with just one 7k wallet.
I believe the first iteration of staking may rely mostly on BUILD projects for payout, if the price of the Link token stays relatively low.
The likelihood of that is not high however

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have constructive criticism is not fud you contracted retard

>> No.52452312

Will we be able to withdraw V0.1 rewards immediately?

>> No.52452356

>rely mostly on BUILD projects for payout,
at that case we still need to wait for bull run to dump. They will most likely be shitcoins (im jaded after two cycles of this is the next BTC never sell) which is shit too. The thing is we dont know how fast the will progress with v.01 staking. i feel like this is a carrot on the stick momment that the team is doing right now which makes me even more fucking mad. Its the same shit as announding staking mid bull run then waiting last day of the year to implement it. Sergey is probably a real cocksucking irl and i get why andre cronje is not happey with him

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Cope and seethe, linkchud.

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>5 figures
you know that's not happening, right?

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how do you get the $1 number?
are you getting paid on stablecoins?

or are they paying in link and inflating the supply like every shitcoin ever?

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Yeh, I'm still not selling and I'm patient. Am looking forward to getting 5% back plus build rewards starting next month so I'm happy. You should sell all your tokens on the open market and then you'll feel happier. Seriously.

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Derivative markets.

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Get what? People have stopped saying “$1KEOY” because it sounds pretty dumb after 4 years pass and it hasn’t even reached $100. Now it is $6 and all the magic is gone and the state of the world is shitty. Nothing is exciting about crypto or chainlink anymore.

>> No.52452542

$1k eoy

>> No.52452544

Plus all the “OGs” have been proven to just be wishful losers at this point. Ari Juels is giving talks about NFTs, Sergey had the most embarrass fireside chat with Eric Schmidt. Honestly, what are you excited about at this point? It’s all become very gay.

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You’re displaying for everyone that you’re an ignorant moron. Take some time and try to legitimately understand and formulate a conception of the value of the Chainlink’s token. The entire world’s value isn’t going to somehow be reflected by the chainlink token. That’s not how things work. Also learn about superlinear staking.

>> No.52452793

>legitimately understand
Kek this guy just picks words he thinks sound good and bodges them together. I think he should learn the meaning of 'verbose'..

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>You should sell all your tokens on the open market and then you'll feel happier. Seriously.
>just sell meme

you're a retard

>> No.52452863

I hope you formulated a conception of that before you typed it

>> No.52452885

its been six years now.

>> No.52452893

>retard who doesn't legitimately understand how to formulate a conception

>> No.52452900

I was serious. You seem unhappy, holding the Chainlink (ticker : LINK) token and I was offering some sound advice as to an option you ought to consider. You'd likely find yourself a happier little man if you got rid of these tokens. You're not in a good place rn

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everyone knows what you're doing when you come into these threads. i dont understand what you get out of it.
>muh just sell
yep thats rally smart to sell in a bear market. to even propose an idea like that is knowing full well how retarded it is to post it is dumb you trolling faggot

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Ah sweet a linky bagholder cope thread

>> No.52453105

>bear market
The entire market is in a bear so why not change to a token you actually like and then when the bull market begins your super-duper doge or whatever it is will fly to the stars? It'd save you all this whining about Link, and would have the added bonus of sparing us from reading your crap

>> No.52453128

do you think its a good idea to sell when price is low or when price is high?

>> No.52453361

>it took them 5 years to make diet soda staking
This is unironically true. The fact that they announced staking "this year" in January and it's going to be launched in fucking DECEMBER shows the state of the organization. You couldn't make it up.

>> No.52453414

More pertinent in my mind is that it's effectively a beta version. That feels to me like they weren't going to make their target at all so split it up to save face. Undermines the constant cope here that the team is an extremely sophisticated more mature than anyone knows but hiding under the radar with swift and bank integrations long running.

>> No.52453432

Actually embarrassing post

>> No.52453436

Lemme drink your tears real quick

>> No.52453457

If everything is low it makes no difference

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>> No.52453534

arnt u afraid of being found out for sharing insider? haven't they punished insiders in the past for sharing info? why share right now??

>> No.52453543

look at the macro situation and the chart you massive retard

I guarantee you we do not see $7 fucking dollars PER LINK PER MONTH in 2023 top kek, this is like saying $1K eoy for the 5th year running

>> No.52453546

hes not just from the marketing side of the team

>> No.52453576

lets think of the bullish case. CCIP is going to drop fairly soon based off of SNX coming out of beta for their stupid shit they have going. idont remember the name of it

>> No.52453591

didnt read still staking

>> No.52453601

Im just not thinking of CCIP right now. As far as I've learned unless they're directly saying something is imminent it tends to be years away. I hope it's soon but right now it exists alongside tsigs, deco and mixicles.

>> No.52453605

$1 per link per month seems too good to be true

>> No.52453608

you realize mae up number wouldnt breach nda
also he is a larp and he didnt rpovide anything tangible
you are braindead anon

>> No.52453609

LINK is a scam.

>> No.52453617

...it is

>> No.52453651

They've already said up to 5% apy from staking on the eth feed.

Why is this dumb shilljob by OP even discussed.

>> No.52453665

Ikr. At first I was on the fence about it but then I learned that I would receive DinoCummies token airdrops. Lock me up daddy sergey

>> No.52453700

>Why is this dumb shilljob by OP even discussed.
You tell us, Mr. 10 pbtid.

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> "you've said 10 things! no fair!"

>> No.52453925

OP is saying that for every LINK you stake you will recieve $2--$7 per month, if you stake 7000 LINK you will earn $14000-$49000 per month in rewards.
Seems doubtful, but it would be nice to dream.

>> No.52453943

>makes 10 posts itt
>"why are people posting itt??"

>> No.52454102

yah it seems fucked, and so does 5% apy. i dont think im going to be able to even get in tell you the the truth im sure everyone has their bots set up or enough eth to put in a high amount of gas for the transaction

>> No.52454134

Insider here im currently inside ur moms asshole ama
Just sold 50k link btw

>> No.52454175

Hoping at least someone would understand the relation of the OP picture to revenue calcs
Ah well, biz is still fun with only morons around

And it will be entertaining to watch a group of dumb poors get wildly rich
Then blow it of course
Like they always do
Cheers, frens :)

>> No.52454203

Wrong 5% is the max.
>UP TO 5%

>> No.52454210

yah im trying to understand myself, im not a dev. i dont know how to read this shit. is each thing an api ping?

>> No.52454211

your sayin we get from $0.03 per link per month to $1 in a matter of months?

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File: 875 KB, 1000x1006, 1667236363314671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Check the price lol lmao
Imagine holding 6 years for THIS bahahahhaha

>> No.52454283

Two weeks

>> No.52454307

Staking wasn't announced mid bull-run though? Staking was announced a couple of days before the Ukraine invasion black swan

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based im going to put as much as i can into early access

>> No.52454358

Sergey spilled his spaghetti but you still had Eric basically salivating at the potential of LINK's tokenomics
>Congratulations to you all for ending up in the right spot in web3, working with Chainlink

>> No.52454376

stopped reading there

>> No.52454375

Bots can't be set up because no one knows where to send it yet

>> No.52454382

Can someone post the laundromat FUD?

>> No.52454388

sorry it was announced tail endof the bull run in jan and decide to go live in the start of the bear market at the end of the year

>> No.52454396

If the roll-out of price fees was anything to go by, staking was always going to be launched staggered

>> No.52454443

the $0.03 is the base rewards from Sergey's pockets, in v1 the inflation based rewards will be phased out by actual network fees. It is at this point where we could see the $/LINK rise

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What fucking bull-run? Bitcoin was dumping right through the staking announcement on Jan 1st

>> No.52454574

Can people really not see what is so glaringly obvious from that pic?

>> No.52454598

can you?

>> No.52454623

looks like a blueprint for a Chainlink DEX

>> No.52454627

didn't read never staking

>> No.52454630
File: 208 KB, 2048x1152, 1668530096136235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i see it

>> No.52454639

I've been hearing this shit for years but I'll hold regardless.

>> No.52454717

and i'm guessing that OP is suggesting that in addition to the other sources of staking revenue, stakers will be getting DEX fees as well

>> No.52454727

Original flux: prices drawn from apis, averaging and printing on chain
Ocr v1/2: prices drawn from apis, averaging amongst nodes, printing on chain
Above: prices pulled from apis, averaging and reporting all done within nodes; only thing requiring gas costs is initial print of contract and chainlink general contract

Think about what this does with value capture

>> No.52454758

I see that "Block number too old?" "NO" goes to failure. Nice work.

>> No.52454773

>Think about what this does with value capture
nothing. because the token is not needed.

>> No.52454802

So how much will staking release in december pump the price?

>> No.52454882

That information isn't available yet

>> No.52455008


>> No.52455091

Question is how much will it dump the Bitcoin price.

>> No.52455250

Requires a token price of $240/link based on 350 link/yr/7k staked.

>> No.52455702

i dont know what this means you understand that right? i use my hands for a living

>> No.52455741

Somewhere between $1-$1000

>> No.52455815

Wtf is wrong with you
now when shitcoin 3836 gets a price feed they get more rapid price feed updates and bespoke triggers for the "bargain" price of standard ocr feeds
But now there are no gas overheads


>> No.52455870
File: 698 KB, 600x606, 1597262818853.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ummmmmmmmmmm based?

>> No.52455878
File: 3.19 MB, 1504x1958, boat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52455902

nigger i swing a hammer for a job. i work with mexicans all day. i dont have a fucking clue about the technical details. i just know about the command and control implications on the human population.

>> No.52456032

Please walk me through how the picture says this info so that I may use it to shill others. I also have no tech literary.

>> No.52456051

based left side of the bell curve anon

>> No.52456144

>shitcoin 3836
doesn't mention that coin in pic and ctrl-f doesn't even work anyway

>> No.52456148

>this is the kind of person that tells you that fud is bullish

>> No.52456269

You're not an insider, but this is a decent Link thread. Without Alameda spamming the fuck out of this board we can actually discuss Link again.

>> No.52456369

Probably nothing because staking is limited until January/late December.

>> No.52456400

High yield will nuke the price of the token. Link will become worthless. If you want a high token price you want very low yield.

The only thing that will save LINK is if it becomes deflationary and the supply is always decreasing.

>> No.52456482

LINK has a fixed max supply of 1 Billion

>> No.52456504
File: 287 KB, 1230x1402, Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 5.12.58 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

token not needed

>> No.52456515

>get airdropped 50k in build shitcoins a year
>this is taxable income
>owe 25k to irs every year because said shitcoins go to 0 and income isn't loss deductible

>> No.52456552

>being American

>> No.52456578

>get airdropped 50k in build shitcoins a year
>insta sell ~20% or whatever your income tax rate is to cover yourself
Problem solved

>> No.52456584

a chainlink service need not cost a flat amount of chainlink tokens
the price could be flat in usd while variable in $link
therefore the company doesn't have a disincentive to have the token have a low value

>> No.52456617

>chainlink should have two tokens
>one for staking
>and one for spending
>people are spending it because there's no staking!
>but thats a conversation for another time
holy fuck I feel as dumb as twitter reading this

>> No.52456623

Rewards can be withdrawn without the same constraints as the staked principal.

>> No.52456654
File: 1.62 MB, 1024x1024, DALL·E 2022-09-28 21.00.54 - photo of large man with light brown hair in blue checkered shirt bottle in his hand passed out in dirty alleyway at night with litter, bins and vomit .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> lower costs for chainlink node users
> linkies: "this is bullish for my token!"

>> No.52456674


>> No.52456709

>lowers gas costs for chainlink nodes
>chainlink nodes syphon value away from the mainchain
>less link is spent by nodes on gas and more is available to be staked as collateral by nodes
linkies: "this is bullish for my token!"

>> No.52456795

bump hammer swingers gonna make it

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>most of /biz/ will be raking in $84,000 through pure passive income while comfy holding 7k linkies in a cold wallet with zero third party risk

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fuck man i wish i tethered end of last year so i could be ready with 7k linkies FUCK

>> No.52456940

I think the 7k early staking limit was a dogwhistle from Serg pretty much saying, "we predict 7k is the make it stack, if you get in with 7k you /madeit/.' 7k isn't a lot to many of us, but as it stands it's around 40-50k USD right now which isn't an amount 99% of people have to throw into risky investments. Consider yourself extremely blessed if you get in the early staking program with the full 7k.

>> No.52456952

This is why I hope early staking really does go live on December 31 at 23:59:59, it'll give me an extra year to deal with the tax implications.

>> No.52457022

Don't forget the Build rewards. Imagine we hold those and staking begins for the too? Multiple revenue streams.. That could be rather nice. I may well get to go on the Orient Express next year!

>> No.52457033
File: 277 KB, 500x581, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

midsider here

can't really say much about outside but my ass is freezing

inside looks pretty alright

also help I'm stuck

>> No.52457093

Nah. It’s just one more carrot bro. They’re trying to appease us, that’s literally it.

>> No.52457117
File: 31 KB, 385x390, 1640056963123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>30%-109% at $6.00
what could possibly go wrong?

>> No.52457135

Why does "Block number too old" - "No" go to the X instead of "Yes" going to the X. Surely if the block number is too old it's the wrong block number?

>> No.52457147

So to summarize, only 45 days left in there, with two of those weeks being holiday weeks when no one works. Take away weekends and theres like 22 working days left in the year for this pathetic team to release the test version. Its not looking good…

>> No.52457344

Income isn't tax deductible.
It doesn't matter how many capital losses you have, income isn't effected for the most part.
Burgers also have to file quarterly as well kek.

>> No.52457612
File: 94 KB, 750x762, rp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I boughted 100 linkies earlier this week and have enough cash to buy another 150, should I do it? I don't really understand the tech but I'm good at hodling through crashes.

>> No.52457719
File: 3.28 MB, 600x782, 1663090958869380.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

)1 holy shit, try not being so poor next time.
2) yes, buy as much as you can anon. This is financial advice.

>> No.52458150

How could it have been wrong if staking isnt out yet

>> No.52458442

Where can I store my LINKs, I bought them on binance but want to take them off CEX

>> No.52458541

This is my attempt

1. tTade is initiated from an offchain client to the onchain contract
2. Contract confirms back details of the trade

Not sure what the off chain component is exactly

3. Finalisation of trade is commenced
4. CCIP component...not sure of its role here exactly, but presumably some cross chain purchase
5. Request sent for ETHUSD price at a certain time (block number)
6. Response to the above received with digital signatures of...whom? The parties to the contract (client etc.) or the entities sending the ETHUSD price?
7. Blob confirms...something
8. Signatures verified yes/no
9. Block age yes/no but I think where they have yes it should be no
10. Trade executed, funds/tokens etc. moved, prices/quantities denoted.

That's my brainlet take

>> No.52458583

It is a source of amusement that this seems to need explaining to people.

>> No.52459075

>a chainlink service need not cost a flat amount of chainlink tokens
Could it in theory cost
>0.00000 00000 00000 001

>> No.52459117

more like gaynlink

>> No.52459235


>> No.52459253


>> No.52459490

Assuming that’s 17 0’s, then yes- eventually.

>> No.52459513

I'm going to go out on a limb here, this is a diagram without much context but it has to do with a trade of USDC to ETH from off-chain to onchain and being verified by DON's/ CCIP.
Most of this work is being performed OFF-CHAIN which - I'm assuming will require certain guarantees to ensure the DON's aren't malicious (staked values via superlinear).

It may also enable more traditional brokers such as banks to easily provide USDC/ETH onramps if they transact against DEX's such as uniswap. These trades will also benefit from staked collateral depending on the trade size.

Regardless this is just the logical process flow for an exchange of eth/usd using CCIP. You can't really extrapolate dollar values from this, other than "yes there will likely be a large market for this" and "I can see staking needed here"

>> No.52459530

He been real silent since this comment dropped

>> No.52459543


>> No.52459551

Further explanation required

>> No.52459605

Your OP picture just shows some kind of transfer/trade taking place on an L2...

>> No.52459647

this is going to save a lot of gas

>> No.52459706

Are you people fucking retarded
Its in the fucking filename
Biz wtf

>> No.52459736

What has serger against mev?

>> No.52459748
File: 55 KB, 512x512, 1665439876790495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52459805

>Creating more derivatives
Why is everyone surprised when the economy collapses when everyone is creating value out of thin air with (((derivatives)))

What new Alexsam BankMashinsky is going to pop up from all this BS? It's all so tiresome and Jewish.

>> No.52459827

derivatives on chain are accounted for, unless the bridge is shit and slow to update and you can just slowly drain it.

>> No.52459847

Of which there is zero chance unless we have a market wide crypto bullrun in the middle of a recession. This thread feels like a trap for midwits

>> No.52459884

isnt all of crypto? High iq gets paid in crypto some way and low iq arent present. Only money still in, survivors at an average of 120

>> No.52459908

Checked and underrated

>> No.52459915

Guys if I still have my linkies on etherdelta from back in 2017 can I stake? Like where do I put that wallet number in to qualify?

>> No.52460549

Just spoonfeed you asshat. Wtf you want from us? We're demoralized and broke and need some hope, why you playing games? Help those that are left.

>> No.52460580
File: 443 KB, 1920x1080, 1664572992470962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>where do I put
not out until dec. Probably 31st @11:59 knowing these jackasses

>> No.52460697

>That feels to me like they weren't going to make their target at all so split it up to save face
This is exactly what happened, only the most deluded of us would say otherwise

>> No.52460701

Question is how do I see if I qualify for staking? Etherdelta isn’t exactly a wallet that I can check for prequal status on chainlinks site like metamask?

>> No.52460755

thought you had your own wallet/key's on etherdelta? if im wrong about that then you'll have to wait to stake


>> No.52461112
File: 398 KB, 940x772, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My dad works at chainlink labs, and he just confirmed to me that you are a majooor faggot. Got anything to say for yourself?

>> No.52461433

screen capped for my twitter account

>> No.52462511

What is everyone planning to do with their build tokens? Sell or hold?
I can't really be fucked researching them and I'll need to sell something to pay for tax, so I'm thinking it might as well be them rather than my precious LINK tokens.

>> No.52462542
File: 107 KB, 1500x1500, 1646538528018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna hold them until they pop off to some degree, sell if I need cash. Not just gonna instadump like a retard, and I'm gonna end up doing a lot of research on them to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I guarantee some of them will go on epic bullruns some point in the future and we will be suicidal for selling our airdrops early.

>> No.52462595

That's what I'm worried about, but it's a hell of a lot of research to do. I genuinely decided to buy Chainlink before I had even heard of Ethereum, so I might just have to rely on my intuition about what projects seem good or bad. Or at least underpriced or overpriced.

>> No.52462741

this pump is unsustainable. this pump is dangerous. this pump is exuberant. this pump is irrational. this pump is foolish. This pump needs to be shut down and sold and forgotten. This pump went on far too long and far too high, but the irrational market exuberance is finally coming to an end. And what a bitter end it will be for all those too greedy and proud to sell everything.

>> No.52462951
File: 2 KB, 125x121, 1665152451604286s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't have to kill yourself anon the space is so big you can get your spank with GSD which are reserved for potential partnership, liquidity, pools, future listenings and competitors.go get some sense fegs

>> No.52462999

Denm this nigger is crazy wtf was he thinking, atm I need some real pussy gains not some pices of shit, despite the bear season, I'm still holding GSD which will pay out developers and permanent staff to maintain and expand the protocols.

>> No.52463107
File: 2 KB, 125x112, 1665093664813276s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yea anon but looking at the future it won't be nice putting all your eggs in a basket, considering the Luna crash on may2022 and the recent FTX shit, I'll like y'all to get hard on the Gold Standard DAO platform which takes 10% from vault earnings to fund management and development of the platform's 5% which is distributed to the GSD stakers as the TVL in the platform grows.

>> No.52463181

He is just a lazy dick fags and wanting to get other rekt and broken,denm go get a life anon and stop posting some fake shill here.

>> No.52463193

- Ultra-low latency: oracle updates are generated per block, which users can retrieve off-chain and atomically validate with their on-chain transaction, reducing the latency of updates by multiple orders of magnitude.
- Frontrunning mitigation: prices are kept private until transactions are settled, providing a solution that mitigates frontrunning risk by shielding pricing information from being observed by potential arbitrageurs. Without pre-settlement oracle privacy, value can continue to be extracted from traders by malicious actors, reducing the ability for DeFi projects to stay competitive in the derivatives landscape.
- Gas efficiency: The cost of validating oracle updates from the new pull-based Chainlink oracle solution is highly gas-efficient and doesn’t require data to be published to a separate blockchain before being delivered on-chain.

>> No.52463282
File: 18 KB, 259x335, 1539733573639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

outside works on my machine

>> No.52463348

Shit happen anon, not every investment pays off that's why I have my ass spank with different projects like XRP MATIC UTK and GSD you can't get rekt hold this.

>> No.52463383

Bit too much, so it’s not believable

>> No.52463389
File: 8 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't spend much on gas using the web3 payments platform an even get cashback staking it,and moreover can't wait to get some juicy shit from GSD when it lunch it governance tokens.

>> No.52463820
File: 85 KB, 361x333, 1478934217359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noob here, I have 6k Link but I don't know how staking works. Is it easy to set up?

>> No.52463999
File: 166 KB, 539x785, 1665603000224620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its crazy. 3 years from now screencaps from this very thread will arise. People will laugh at us doubting the possibility of getting $7 per LINK per month. Things are about to change.

>> No.52464097

We don't know how it'll work yet. Are you eligible for early staking?

>> No.52464394

Trips of truth, my good man. Perchance, what do you gather will be the likely yield, in dollars, per token in three years?

>> No.52464539
File: 1.20 MB, 650x900, 1596995321022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52464548

When my grandchildren ask me how i saved up for such a big ranch, i will say i believed in patterns of randomly generated numbers on an obscure racist hentai discussion board.

>> No.52464581

I'll just tell them that some namefag calling himself assblaster predicted things on the old web. How could I have not trusted him?

>> No.52464588

Makes as much sense as dudes talking to the wind and writing it down in "holy books".

>> No.52464612

How would I know

>> No.52464684

If you've kept everything on an exchange this whole time then don't bother checking. Need to have held it in your own wallet.

>> No.52465061

Apparently my own web3 Coinbase wallet on my phone will work?

>> No.52465145


>> No.52465169

>stage 3: bargaining

>> No.52465205

Only one way to find out! Did you try?

>> No.52465225


>> No.52465288

What do I do with my linkies on the exchange? Just let them sit there and dump in the next bullrun? Is that it?

>> No.52465311

I tried, but nothing happens. It's either bugged as of now, or I need to wait for December.

>> No.52465364

Well I suppose you could move them to an address under your control and wait for general access staking. Not sure how easy it will be to get access to that however.

How far did you get?

>> No.52465506

I try to connect wallet - and literally nothing happens. No new pop up, or window. Just nothing.

>> No.52465566

apparently it needs to be a browser extension
I couldn't find a way to connect my mobile wallet either

>> No.52465578

Ok thanks. I'll try differently then.
Shouldn't it work either way though?

>> No.52465595

probably yes but honestly I don't really trust chrome or chrome extensions

>> No.52465696

>Stakers participating in the v0.1 release will have their staked LINK locked until at least the release of v1, where they will then be able to choose commitment periods of varying lengths.

HAHAHA you're going to lock your erc20 shitcoin for another 5 years linktards

>> No.52465713

I own so many of them that it doesn't matter. Trying this out with a part of the stack is worth it to me.

>> No.52466577


Assuming a 5% APY and nil airdrops from BUILD programme, are you implicitly stating that one Link token will be equal to $240 by the end of June 2023?

>> No.52466740

Thank you, big brain

>> No.52467102


>> No.52467571

based reader of details

>> No.52467809 [DELETED] 

this. ffs anons don't commit your whole stack to v0.1. if you haven't figured it out by now the whole purpose of the crypto market is to a) redirect new capital away from buying link and b) set traps for current holders to claw back as many link as possible. the only way they can get link back from you is if you willingly give them up. celsius was one of these traps, bancor was another, v0.1 beta staking is yet another. you really think after all these years full staking isn't completely finished and ready to go? of course it is, but too many anons have too big of a link stack that they need to wittle down. don't fall for this garbage tier token lockup, shitcoin airdrop version of staking.

>> No.52468510
File: 54 KB, 629x523, 8E84DB76-00EA-4C05-99FF-C552A47D5354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t make me hope anon

>> No.52468956

yes, anon. buy more Link and hold

>> No.52470926

Checked and Hi to me in 2025! Hey, I look old.
I hope you (me) are reading this from the Emperor size bed of some world-class hotel as I hope you might be. How is the food? And the view from the window? I do hope the spa facilities are up to the standard to which you've no doubt become accustomed. Hi to Mrs Mouse from 16th Nov '22 where the price is still only $6 and we're tearing our hair out. SBF has shown his true colours this last week and is being protected by the shady criminals who run the show.
Anyway, enough from me, you have a rather grand dinner appointment to attend, I'm sure. I hope you're suitably attired for dining with Mr Mouse tonight... x

>> No.52471376

the op said mid 2023 tho which is early for that as we have absolutley no timeline on real staking
because for 7usd per link per month to be true then the token itself must be at 20x yearly returns or 1680 usd a piece, with no further dilation thats about an 850 bil MC
possible but optimistic as things stand for next cycle

>> No.52473247

I did this in 2019 about 2022.

>> No.52475240

real question is, how long will anons who have 7k+ link but didn't qualify for early staking have to wait to get into the official pool? Are we going to get cucked by whales?

>> No.52475530

Even if that were the case, the problem is you cant unstake your link or rewards, and by the time you could, link could be worth fuckall. So the juicy 5$/link in link tokens per month could at the time be juicy and nice, but when you are able to unstake be worth 90% less. Especially if anything goes wrong, then its pretty much over. You think sergey will cover for lost link? I dont think so.

>> No.52475621

No you wouldnt. Since you wont be able to remove your rewards. And by the time you could, its pure speculation on how much it would be worth

>> No.52475654

I dont think they said anything about APY?

>> No.52475769
File: 359 KB, 1445x753, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hitting 5 figs
The only 5figs we will ever hit.

>> No.52475949

>can't unstake rewards
This is a flat out lie, in case anyone is wondering

>> No.52476024


>> No.52476077

>If you've kept everything on an exchange this whole time then don't bother checking. Need to have held it in your own wallet.

Thats annoying, I've kept mine on binance, I know its risky etc but its what I did. Why do I need to have held them in my own wallet?

>> No.52476087

non of course. there is not a single line of code anywhere in the github about staking.

>> No.52476101

They said you wont be able to unstake untill v1 of staking.

>> No.52476185
File: 3.19 MB, 4096x2802, 1666678564580367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ngl, watched the pic related clip and goddammit you Americans are lucky with having an NRA

>> No.52476273

Literally 2 weeks.

>> No.52476290

Reward tokens aren't staked tokens. You don't need to unstake that which isn't staked to begin with.

>> No.52476333
File: 331 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20221105-184750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember this "insider"? This was supposed to happen last week, instead everything dumped to new lows

>> No.52476408

Nobody here is ever unstaking you fucking mouth breather. Nice try soft fudding now kill yourself.

>> No.52476439

Also this. Pretending any of us want to unstake is really desperate fud. Which part of never selling don't these losers get?

>> No.52476441

Yes we were about to, then they had to crash FTX to stop our breakout. They had to give up one of their best players because a breakout in the middle of a bear market would have put every one on the planets eyes on link

>> No.52476442

Checked. Clearly the guy that wrote "would of" must have worked for JP Morgan or something.

>> No.52476454

lmao no one else noticed this?
This whole thread is hopium. OP made a diagram in Paint and explained nothing.

>> No.52476461

checked but how was he supposed to anticipate blackswan events like FTX collapsing + getting hacked with 3.5M LINK getting dumped.

>> No.52476476
File: 540 KB, 1481x1243, 1638744484105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based. isnt that crazy to really think about? obviously step one was buying link, but step two happens within 45 days. staking link, forever. its going to be a momentous occasion where only we will be celebrating because surely some major event will be happening to distract everyone else

>> No.52476601

well to be fair at that point link had broken a 27 months downtrend against btc and macro fud was easing up with the dxy (meme indicator that it is) rolling over hard
its difficult to anticipate the biggest black swan in crypto history when the charts looked that bullish
also interesting to note what disaster happens the next time link hits 9ish usd

>> No.52476907


>> No.52477054

It says 'Block Number too Old?' and that output is 'ON', not 'NO'. You're reading it the wrong way around. 'ON' is a CS term interchangeable with 'YES'. You tend to see it on older flow diagrams, which leads me to think OP is an old wrinkler.

>> No.52477254
File: 431 KB, 1500x1000, Sergeyzilla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next time the market will find out Sergey ate 2 Big Macs for years while pretending to eat only one.
The mystery of his size will finally be solved and it will be a scandal across the LINK marine community who forced themselves to eat one 1 Big Mac in order to accumulate more tokens.

>> No.52477362
File: 79 KB, 751x221, AA061268-409D-462E-97BD-43A56B6EC2B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.52477396

When looking at the chart it seems Chainlink is getting squeezed between a support and a resistance since September.
We should get an answer in December as the lines are converging and only leave out 2 weeks before crossing.
It's possible we still get a breakout in 1 or 2 weeks.
Getting strongly rejected would delay the next attempt to the end of January.

>> No.52477418

It's funny you post this because that date was the target for 4 digit LINK and its value increased since the initial estimation.

>> No.52477445

I totally made that post up and no one questioned it. Just thought I should say.

>> No.52477449

the resistance is the 2 year downtrend by connecting the tops in link/btc chart
but what is the support, can you post graph
either way tho seems like link is at the mercy of large market moves and not moving on itself right now

>> No.52477459

Will I be able to stake from a mobile wallet? I don't have a hardware wallet and I dont want to connect anything to Metamask. I understand that you need to do that if you want to check your elligibility. But in theory, there is nothing stopping me from sending the tokens to the staking address from a mobile wallet, yes? A Link address is still a Link address no matter where it was generated from.

Also what happens if the 25M cap is filled within seconds and your transaction is sent after the cap is reached? Will my tokens be bounced back into my mobile wallet or just lost in limbo?

>> No.52477483

Ohhh fuck I'm gonna hoooooope
Uuuoooh fuck don't stop I'm hooooooooooooooping

>> No.52477492

anon the chainlink team didnt even release a real date yet for staking, what makes you think such details are known in advance
protip look at how there ico went and you'll have an idea of how the 0.1 staking goes
spoiler alert 24 mil will go to insiders in an orderly setup and us neets can beat eachothers heads in for the remaining crumbs

>> No.52477507

nobody read your post

>> No.52477543

Is the staking first come first serve? You are not guaranteed if it fills in 10 minutes?

>> No.52477589

Even if it takes a long time for Link to moon after staking releases, it still benefits me as my taxes on rewards will be much less. I can accumulate more to stake even more. Every time I say this fudders go absolutely ballistic.

>> No.52477648

I prefer to not post a chart as it seems market makers are using it as a target to break confidence of investors instead.
However what I can see right now is that Chainlink is still slightly above the "manipulated rejection zone" and in the middle of two levels with a slightly bullish bias still remaining.
If Chainlink remains in its current situation this week, then it will have to move next week in a direction.

>> No.52477699
File: 2.63 MB, 1430x1440, 1668459351680856.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If Chainlink is so good then why is it not reflected in the price.

>> No.52477712

come now anon any level you think you can see, any MM already knows about
what the support that only appeared in sept, i only see one that happened since last may
also after all this time there is nothing more to further demoralize us, you are at this point either neck deep into link or never will be

the rewards will be a percentage of link valuation and the taxes thereon are also a percentage of total gains so the token price point is completely meaningless as to your ability to stack more of them with staking gains anon what are you on about

>> No.52477804

Okay, so basically LINK tokens have value because you will soon be able to stake them to earn more LINK tokens which are valuable because you can stake them to earn more LINK tokens which you can use to stake more LINK tokens. That is why the LINK token is valuable.

>> No.52477843

Every time I posted a chart here in the last 2 years the market makers attacked it to break the support.
They even seem to counter trade me when I post them.

As for the current closest support look at where the lowest wick went this week for LINK/BTC and see where it connects.
This week it went slightly below the lowest weekly closes from the previous month.

It didn't work out well the last time Sergey made an announcement so I think they will wait until everything is ready this time before making the next one.
Depending on the results of the staking contract audit the release could be delayed by 1 or 2 months.
Even if this has a 1% probability of happening it's probably best not to give ammo the the paid shills trannies.

We will get the announcement once the task of analyzing the staking contract audit results are done and the contract gets the final ok for launch and there are no more obstacles to the feature release.

>> No.52477866
File: 22 KB, 479x560, earn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the cap on supply makes a little difference, and the way staking is being implemented and the amount of tx amkes it the perfect asset for pajeet click bot farms, hired or independent.

>> No.52477867 [DELETED] 

Hi Ranjesh. I just want you to know that I am going to stake all 7k of my linkies. Don't see why I wouldn't when its risk-free money.

>> No.52477977

If you run a real business you can fire 90% of your useless management and accountants and replace them with a smart contract working perfectly with instant results at 1/100 of the costs.

For international banking where assets are used as collateral and transactions go through multiple countries with different laws for clearing houses which can take weeks or months to cover a litigation this is invaluable.
And all you need to do this is to buy Chainlink tokens to stake on your nodes to enable this completely new business.

If you are a data provider you can sell your data to a NEET node who will only have to stake enough LINK as collateral to be trusted by the network in which case what you will see is the opposite of a bank run.
A pure expression of human greed running to gather enough tokens to be prepared to profit from this when it launches.

Projects like Linkpool are already making preparations to ride this wave and gathering more investment capital.
This time instead of funneling the money into FTX scammers who only want to short tokens and cause a bear market, the money will be invested to optimize and reduce the cost of many companies and enable completely new ways of going instant transactions cross borders for finance behemoths.

>> No.52477982

well anon if you are afraid of even posting a graph than what is the point of even coming here anymore
will post an attempt later when i am at my desktop

>> No.52478347

/biz/ is unfortunately dead and will never be like before and Hiro is responsible for this.
It caused me only suffering the last 2 years and all I got from it was demoralization attempts or campaigns to make me do mistakes.

It's sad that twitter is what saved me from this place and allowed me to be free from these manipulation attempts.
If someone would have told me a few years ago that Elon would do something for free speech and 4chan would become a censorship shithole, I would not have believed them.

The thread deletions by paid jannies, warnings and bans for discussing relevant topics, or the new spam filter preventing me from writing messages.
Hiro is doing a great job of destroying 4chan as his masters asked, and drinking beer while streaming seems like a more fitting role than being the owner of this place.

I hoped for now 2 years that someone would create a healthy alternative to this place where we could have a more private version of /biz/ shielded from the market manipulators and their shill army.
If nothing changes this place will die in a few years.

The old /biz/ is gone and will never exist again outside of my memories, replaced by people who are the expression of narcissism and the opposite of what /biz/ was supposed to be.
The few remaining get diluted by the new mass.
/biz/ was once the place where you came when things were not alright, but now it's the place you go to get spied on by market manipulators and demoralized by trannies working for them, while getting insulted by those who think it makes them cool to come here.

>> No.52478394
File: 2.12 MB, 4000x2667, 1656814270639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's 192% APR at the current price. 10% APR would require $120/LINK

>> No.52478414

It's dead and you are right. No feedback best feedback on here. Let the data miners eat shit

>> No.52478486

20x plus better apr then SPY

>> No.52478580

Very well put anon. We have a long way to go but that is fine by me. I’m gonna be buying some this week.

>> No.52478680

i bet his crotch smells like a seafood dimsum cart.

>> No.52478791

When it dies something else will be born to replace it.

It may be worth an attempt to go to the SmartCon next year and try this networking thing if the situation improves.
Or make an attempt to run the live streaming through a VR hall in a virtual yacht.

>> No.52478793

you replied to a pasta but good reply

>> No.52478873

Lets see where staking is going and if it manages to catch on and bring some incentives. Competition isn't sleeping and is eager to understand and take advantage.

>> No.52479014

It's funny how things developed.
Since the start that was what I was waiting for, but getting a multi year bear market with multiple capitulation events before was not in my expectations.

Luckily we have the Swift schedule to plan until next year, but once staking is released we can finally make proper investment predictions with a working finalized product.

>> No.52479191

What capitulation events? The price spoofers and front runners of dogbags and ghost gas they collaterized got reked and prices are going back to their mean. And finalized product, hardly even with staking 0.1, but if it turns out well enough might be good enough to incentivize more community driven expension.

>> No.52479349

In laymen’s terms, each arrow in OP image can be considered a Chainlink call. Now kids, what do know about what happens everytime you call Chainlink?

>> No.52479389

The last one from FTX broke the record for the Corona crash, and that was after stealing billions in customer funds.
Not only did people capitulate but many lost everything before that happened.
Chainlink was one of the most owned tokens by FTX users which Sam dumped on DeFi after his "hack".

I expect staking v0.1 to give a lot of information about what comes next and how staking will work in the future.
Investors are forward looking with an average of 6 months in the future.

What's really needed to drive adoption is to make running Chainlink nodes extremely simple and quick to scale to more than 50 node providers.
Staking is the key component for this.

Other products like DECO, zkProofs and CCIP are also needed for the final product to enable more use cases, but at least the network will grow more if staking is released and won't hit the bottleneck of a KYC which can bring new dangers of a new Sam trying to give a bad reputation to the network.

You can do a lot of things with price feeds and an off chain network connected to a blockchain.

>> No.52479505

What record? Volume? Mostly fake and the liquidity pockets of where the market manipulators dumped the price were obvious. And i kind of doubt it, I still don't believe ftx was as big as it is been made out. Celsius and luna generated more legit panic than this show.
Yes, easy node deployment and some crumbs to fund indivdual engagement with the network is what brought eth its dev pool and a cult willing to lock their token indefinitely