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Just like 2018. I predict a small pump but mostly crabbing for months if it goes like before. Biz will be at its slowest and most dead in about 6-8 weeks with basically nothing but link posting

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What will be next? How and when (on what event) did it end up?

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Great isn’t it. But on the good side new Alts will be popping. Like Spot.

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Well yes that is the time where everybody is happily with their family celebrating Christmas, you do have a family OP, right?

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So based off that, you think this is the bottom??
You're gonna be in for a real surprise.

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Link posting will increase in 2-4 weeks with staking

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You are.

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>Biz is moving even slower
Seems like it picked up recently with the short pump before the FTX shit.
Honestly, I dig it. It's been comfy as fuck to have threads up for multiple days at a time, rather than being doomed to expire within 20 minutes if no one posts in it.
If you feel any sense of comradery, or have benefited from listening to people talk here, then there's still value in those ways to be gained through sticking around here throughout the bear market.
This is when shit gets comfy. No sifting through countless scams--although you're temped because of the gains others achieve--none of that.
Posts by third-world scammers are gone to the extent that if /biz/ was a person--it'd be on the same level as if they took the best shit of their life, and for the first time for a couple years they finally feel like they can more proficiently truly walk and jump and hike and fuck others with a sense of confidence, lacking any trace of disgrace.
In or out, fren. Don't be a cat, or the frog you post to ingratiate yourself with the people here--be a fucking man and make a choice.
I understand if you leave, you'll probably refer to this post in a myriad of different ways to make up for the lack of attention you felt you deserved growing up.
But you're a big boy now, anon. Yes, honor may be irrational--but if you ever come to live as long as I have, you'll understand that such forms of irrationality are natural to humans, and have a strange way of bypassing natural law.

So, in reference to being a cat, or a frog, or a man--I have one question for you.

Are you going outside, or are you staying inside?

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Yeah. There is no greater feeling than knowing all the incel polfags who are hanging on but aren’t experienced will accumulate things that exist now and will severely under perform next time.
Gotta get that new crop of coins that start coming next year

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That's last cycle's sentiment, and it won't be carried over into the next one. We've reached shitcoin saturation and no one's stupid enough to buy new ones. If anything crypto needs a contraction of the endless shitcoins so there's more volume and liquidity for proven projects that aren't going to rugpull.

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