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What's with billionaires having fugly wifes?

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Unironic sapiosexuality

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because they're ugly insecure cucks

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What's with all chuds in /Pol/ being incels who look like this?

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A woman that actually loves you, and your children, is worth more than anything. Youth is fleeting. And cheap.

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They're just wives for the media, they're fucking cunny harems in their dungeons and islands.

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they don't have time to date when they're just starting out

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>10/10 chads never get 10/10 wives
>Billionaires never get 10/10 wives
>10/10 wives always end up with 5/10 men

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ye bezos and gates did really well with their ugly ass wifes who divorced them for billions. must been their looks that humbled them

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Because women are insecure

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Basically this. When you have that kind of money, sex with premium thots is a given, so your actual marriage partner isn't about looks anymore.

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You made me learn a new word today.

Obviously this. It never changed since antiquity.

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whats the benefit of all this love? humans can't even love like God does.

why does a man who can do everything on his own need love?

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It seems both men and women are insecure.
>rich and good looking men never try getting with 10/10 girls
>10/10 girls end up getting with 5/10 guys due to unique circumstances

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*Tips crucifix* mlady



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cuz ugly chicks fuck better

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>can't have thick plastic glasses or you're a lefty hipster, can't have metal rectangular glasses or you're a chud
this culture war needs to stop before it forces me into wearing contacts

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They're all demon worshipping trannies

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nah they are just hiding their true relationships.

Bill gates is an example of that. Married an ugly jew to hide the fact he sexually assaults his employees and went to epstein island.

Rich men with ugly wifes are huge red flags.

Best case scenario: Closeted homosexual.

Worst case scenario: Pedophile,sex trafficer,etc..

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Because billionaires weren't always billionaires, and a good woman makes life 10x easier. Besides ugly chicks fuck better across the board in my experience and not being able to rely on being hot solely as a way of making it through life generally means they're not retarded and probably have a job. You stay with the woman you had nothing with, and if you really want to get fancy you chuck a briefcase of cash in her lap and go pound out whatever the hell you want in the meantime.

Hot chicks are fucking insane as a rule, BPD minimum, would avoid.

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it's funny cause it fits both, now he has nothing

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words of truth

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can you give some examples outside of musk, zuckerberg and gates? there are more billionaires than these 3 u know..

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You got it all wrong, they marry an ugly jewess and THEN become billionaires.

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You basically need to be a high-functioning autist to become a billionaire

Millions requires personality, connections and brains so thats where you see the chads. Billions comes from doing something bizarre, you need the tism for that

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Most chuds are libtards tho

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For me its the 500k wife

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i would only date and fuck gymnasts and pole vaulters

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That's all true, ESPECIALLY the last part
Hot chicks really tend to be insane and/or broken, you don't want that shit in your life other than for a quick fuck

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Because if there's one thing you can't buy in this existence, even if you're a billionaire, it's genuine love. That's why it's the most precious thing in life.

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Those are Jews.

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oi why is that dude big lez cunt

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Some men like women that give them certain emotional needs as opposed to just being attractive. With Women its manly about attractiveness and money which is why some women will hang out with guys that are clearly bad people and will look past it.

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For the most part people just end up with the people around them. You could surely go to places where far hotter girls hang out now but you don't, what would you even approach them with? Nothing would change with a bigger bank account except if anything the places you go have even older and plainer people.

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You know the jews are in trouble when their 24/7 censoring and damage control campaign is suddenly GONE from 4chan

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Don't ever forget: this is the mistress he lost $30 billion for.

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In fairness Mackenzie seems like the sort of person who considered her obligation to sex finished with marriage so probably put out once a year. You can immediately tell the new girl is more passionate and Bezos seems to be doing well from it.

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isn't $500k to $1M middle class ?

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Same reason they dress like children, when you're that rich peer pressure means fuck-all and you're so distanced from ordinary society anyway simply by existing on a level of freedom we cannot comprehend.

It doesn't even work the way this image implies, the middle class man doesn't have a poor man's wife not because of looks but because they exist in different worlds and wouldn't understand each other.

Most people don't have $500k laying around.

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Well I'm sorry to tell you but in most cases where this is true, it's because the wife is actually the handler who links the billionaire with the trafficked underage girls. This isn't even obscure knowledge any more, post-Epstein.

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he is part hispanic, so he was longing for home

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Ghislaine Maxwell was a fox though?

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I truly believe it's because these billionaires are possessed by demons. Men who achieve this amount of wealth are evil. God punishes them with ugly evil wives.

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they marry within elite familial bloodlines, often for political reasons

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Elon could fuck Depp's wife whenever we liked, imagina ALL women that he could simples bend down to prostitution with his money. Multibilionaires simply marry someone who is not a psycho goldigger (which is 99% of women)

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I, uh ... I guess we just have different taste anon

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>women can't even love like God does.

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incel cope

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It's called having a carmic wife as opposed to a trophy wife. You acquire a carmic wife before you make it, who only has seen the potential in you and invested in you, who stayed loyal to you in bad times. The trophy wife on the other hand only waits for you at the finish line, doesn't want to invest in you, she gets the readmy-made whole package, so she just reaps the benefits and secretly looks down on you because you aren't her looksmatch and jumps ship at the first signs of trouble.

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The big lez is so fucking funny. I chuckle every time I see him posted

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theres no such thing as real love u beta. you either have sex to reproduce or you dont. also have sex