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Why did he fall off?

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ceo not needed

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He was too fat for the ride

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Obvious scammer
Elon wouldn't give sergay the time of day. BS alarms on death con 3
Just wait until the stiny link cult discovers how much the plaid man levered up against his created out of thin air shitcoin that's going to zero. Where's your fake scammy POR now fat man?

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Falling upwards.

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musk is a kike and you will never go to space

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He got too close to the edge

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fall off what?

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Zero marketing

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He had a liquidity crunch in his pants. Everyone in crypto is working to suppress the news but the smell is evident.

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cause he's a fat scammer you retards
start judging people by their appereance

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>Zero marketing
lol they tweet, blog, post vids, ... constantly. Probably more than most cryptos out there.
Also pic related.

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What are you suggesting then? That the Chainlink marketing team is just incredibly incompetent?

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He lost the whole Chainlink Labs treasury on FTX

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no, he's the circular arguments 90pbtid schizo
his thesis is that Chainlink and Serg did everything correctly, BTC just mysteriously dumps every time, and no, he doesn't offer any alternative explanation
he only enters these threads to set the record straight lol, friendly piece of advice, ignore him

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He never technically left the earth, some part of his impressive bloat is always grounded.

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Ah, so he's the 4chan version of run_the_juels, thanks for the heads up

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As has been true for years, he is by far the single most important and accomplished person in all of crypto

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>That the Chainlink marketing team is just incredibly incompetent?
They're doing an amazing job marketing Chainlink.

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can i get a quick rundown on run the juels?

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autistic link shill on twitter
every one of them retards are most likely posting on /biz/ as well, that's where they get their "alpha"
waste of time, once you've seen one, you've seen them all

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>Link fudders accusing other people of being 90pbtid schizos
oh my, what delicious ironing

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Also kind of odd that someone who hates link and thinks it’s a scam can identify specific posters from old threads

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Really gives one cause for ponderance

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>autistic link shill on twitter
How is that worse than being an autistic fudder on /biz/?
You know his name and spend time thinking about him, while he doesn't have the faintest idea you even exist.

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>identify specific posters
it's very easy, you've been doing this for almost 2 years
assuming you're not that same schizo on a different id, can you honestly tell me you don't recognize him after countless of threads?

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You will never be a real anon. You have no bants, you have no original ideas, you have no memes. You are a homosexual man twisted by fat- and sergeyposting into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.
All the (yous) you get are ironic and half-hearted. To your face and behind your hunchback people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your professional Chainlink shilling career behind closed doors.
Anons, jannies, and even other glowniggers on the board are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed anons to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even paid WEF shills who regularly post here come off as uncanny and unnatural to anons. Your post structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a naive anon to take the bait, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he sees the WEF agendas and the buzzwords were not a one off.
You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile through gritted teeth every single time you type “$1000 EOY, Token is needed, CCIP, WTFWT and When Staking” and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, that you don’t actually mean it, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
This is your fate linkie. There is no going back.

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go back nufags

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>after countless of threads
Why would you even be in countless of Link threads if you think it's a scam?

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sorry autist, you're not baiting me into another pointless 90 post back and forth
I used to hold it is the answer, but then you're gonna say I'm a bulgarian, blah blah blah etc etc etc
point is, you are who I think, seethe all you want about it

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>I have come curiously close to the end, though
>Beneath my self-indulgent pitiful hole
>I concede and move closer
>I may find comfort here
>I may find peace within the emptiness
>How pitiful

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>he only enters these threads to set the record straight
Says the guy who posted “Sergey is a fat scammer” lmao

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He didn't hold any bit. that's why.

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>5+ pbti again this morning


LMAO even

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Yeah but i hold link so it makes sense for me to know. Even if you held link at one point it’s weird that you still obsess over it. I’ve bought and sold plenty of assets, i don’t go to where they’re discussed and seethe over them

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Here's the reason Sergey never caught on, from someone that used to buy BTC for $30 a coin. I've seen charlatans in crypto for almost a decade now

>Not an engineer
>Constant vaporware
>Constantly pivots from DeFi to TVL to NFTs to PoR to now energy and climate
>Hired hundreds of employees without any products creating massive revenue streams
>Has to sell tokens to stay solvent

It's a scam. He will end up just like SBF and the clown that ran Celsius. To my knowledge, both showed up to his Smartcon

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I love lank for the fat Sergey memes alone. I might actually buy a bag.