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>Just Go Back To Sleep

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i wish I could forget. I woke up today and said "okay, today I'm not going to go on /biz/ or crypto twitter". And yet... Oh if only I could forget. If only

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the amount of bottom signals here are astounding, but no, /biz/ will refuse to buy low

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>Listen goy, don't dig into SBF's donations to Democrats
>This is dangerous for our Democracy

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I boughted.

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NYT also doing puff pieces on Bankman

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the same kike that wrote that puff piece on ftx is the one whos been attacking jesse powell all year for being based and not woke

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I'm not holding your bags, anyone smart has been out for a while now. If you're still in after this then you deserve to lose everything.

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I think its time we took a break from noticing things. Agree?

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>the crypto

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Good morning sir, how is the bitcoins doing?

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the bitcoin is fine but you must not redeem ok ser?

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Kek. Imagine not selling at 67,000. I smell the farts of those who didn't sell at 44,000 and held through the pain. How dare you. What shit thread this has been and what a bright future. Holy shit, swab the poop decks.

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sup Will

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VCs are already in and waiting to dump on (you)

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>If you're still in after this then you deserve to lose everything
And they will. Difficulty isn't ajusting fast enough compared to the energy costs, big miners who took huge loans to get the last antminers are in deep shit and are starting to liquidate all the btc they were holding since the crash to $30k (in hope it would go back up). The worst part? They took extra loans to pay for the operations so they could hold all those bitcorns for the past 6 months.

The big brain move is to short the fuck out of any publicly listed mining company.
Rumors are most will declare chapter 11 before february if the price don't go up.

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public miners are basically a ponzi scheme. The were issuing fake bitcoin in the form of their stock, trying to get people to buy that instead of real bitcoin. they're not much better than FTX and deserve to go under. to hell with publicly traded miners

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Market's sentiment isn't enough this time around fren. Something big is brewing behind the curtains. Look at whales' movements across markets. They aren't taking a slurping stance. Actually, we don't really know where the fuck their money is going beside staying on the sideline.
It's not going in bonds, it's not going in stocks, shitcoins, commodities, RE,...
It's going a bit in precious metals, but discretly. And it only account for a minuscule fraction.

So if (((big money))) still prefer to stay in cash while inflation is nuking our currencies' purchasing power, they probably are preparing us a pretty big sized black swanerino. Is it time for their faggy great reset to unfold?

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No mention of Elon deciding in like 3 minutes this guy was full of shit and that's why he didn't accept SBF's (((help))) with the Twitter purchase.

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you guys are addicted gambling. gambling addicts say the things about blackjack that you guys about crypto

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if u google that david yaffe-bellany dudes name and "jew" u can find all kinds of articles he wrote for syangogues at yale looking for new rabbis and shit lol. and if u look at his history of articles on NYT u can see all the hit pieces hes been writing on jesse powell for his political views

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let's also not forget the major hit piece they released on armstrong for refusing to kneel

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Elon is pretty wary of any long nosed tribe ppl. The mossad heavily tried to get him onto their blackmail ring. Soon the ties between SBF, Epstein, the CIA and the mossad will be clear. Everything related to Bankman fucking REEKS of CIAniggerism.
Starting with his parents' at the Standford's law dept, which is well known for being the main recruitment hub for the Agency since the 70s.

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FedCoin is going to be distributed based on USD holdings. Whales are holding despite inflation so they get maximum conversion.

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last article by that israeli wef agent on seattle times is hit piece on binance

very clear that the lugenpress was actively involved with attacking his competitors while fellating him

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>last article by that israeli wef agent
speaking of which..

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"Now is the chance to get out of crypto." -Jim Cramer 10. Nov. 2022.

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They were positioning FTX to be the payment platform of the Agenda 2030 world. He quite literally threw it all away for chipmussy. Its almost kind of based.

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>Russian alphabet in bottom of image
Another Russian bot thread trying to spread distrust in western media. It’s so obvious you’re astroturfing anti-democracy sentiment, yet the chuds here will fall for the propaganda you’re spewing.

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Michael Lewis - Hollywood's favorite finance shabbos goy specialized in writing Wall Street corpo fluff pieces to make goyslop fiction out of like the big short, where Jewish hedge fund shorters were portrayed as benevolent whistleblowers - was already living it up in the Bahamas with the rat crew, contracted to write a fluff piece as part of SBF's PR strategy to make his image/presence even bigger for NYT readers and Netflix consumers.

Jewish producers are already battling each other for the rights so they can portray SBF as Luke Skywalker and CZ as Darth Vader! The sympathetic altruist who accidentally got played by the machievellian chink. It's really good vs evil here, goyim. Of course they'll cast a good looking goy with a nice guy aura to portray SBF, just like they did for Belfort with DiCaprio, or with Gosling in The Big Short.

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>hardcore leftist steals billions
>leftist media claims crypto is dead now
Kek amazing stuff.

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Jonah Hill as SBF. Leo as CZ. Gosling as Caroline.

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You don't remember DipDorks? Word on the street is they are in fact slurping. It wasn't CZs tweet last night that caused the pump to 16.8 you can trust me on that.

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archive all that shit

>they will call you schizo for (((noticing)))

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His brother miraculously works in pandemic ((("""prevention"""))). I still can't believe his handlers let this happen.

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A big disappointment and major drag on the prospective rate of adoption. Perhaps people will turn to non-custodial platforms with a relative convenience

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>DeFi will be made easier to get onboarded on
Actually, it's the best time to get in, especially with DeFi projects.

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>>The news media said something Le.....BEARISH, that means I'm Le....BULLISH !!!!!

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They just happen to be jews. It doesn't mean anything.

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>Oy vey don't pay attention to our manufactured jewish altruitistic crypto billionaire who pushed regulations deapite being a crook himself.

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Pre mined whale bags are going to LOVE you. So many were worried that rug pulls were a thing of the past.

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>even offered musk billions to help buy twitter
So Elon let CZ help buy twitter but turned down this little fag

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yep just how i'm sure they all loved me when I bought at $4k and sold at $60k
cry harder faggot. bottom is in or close.

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Ah so you're the personality twitter faggot with an iphone
Screencap this nigger.

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somebody knows where this faggot lives in minecraft?

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lol even NYT is making fun of baggies. They're literally saying, "haha you fell for the socialism/communism scam harder than we did!"

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Jew here
I literally know nothing about this guy (or even what the currency associated with him is called), but based on them claiming- and this is the NYT here- that he was known for "altruism" and "charitable movement" immediately screams Commie.
So let me ask you goyim, did you really fall for the philanthropic commie meme again? Oh, and he's Jewish. Every Jew knows not to trust the socialist/communist Jews as they're atheists- no longer Jewish imo. How could you guys be so stupid? With all the anti-semitism on 4chan, yet you guys actually trusted the "humanists" again? Maybe these atheist nihilists are right. If G-d is real, why did he create so many useful idiots to empower such evil deceit.

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literally no one here trusted him retard. crypto twitter are the ones crying about him, he was their hero. i'm mainly interested in seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes

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> Look at whales' movements across markets. They aren't taking a slurping stance.

How fucking stupid are you to base your buys on whales slurping. Whales were slurping all the way from 40k btc. You would be fucking negative if you followed them.

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>let me ask you goyim, did you really fall
biz called him a kike scammer since day 1

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Looks like they spread fud about every exchange that was not FTX in hopes to bring in majority of investors into FTX.

Then their whole operation imploded.

Seems florida/caribbean is a hot spot for their base of operation. Makes sense considering the grey area legislation between U.S. and Foreign territory specifically for that area.

Now its starting to make sense about Cuba, the only area in the Caribbean that want's to keep away from close U.S. affairs.
What makes the caribbean interesting is just how

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every time

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lmao, where do you think you are?
sadly for you, none lost money from this talmud operation because noone trusted him here in the first place, we're not that stupid, jew
if you ever see a jew in positive light, that's just the occasional glowie or tranny shill post

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just how special the legislation is for these areas in relation to the U.S. They are considered "US territory" but at the same time, not.

It's almost as if the entire area was carefully crafted for exploitation. Similar to Ukraine.

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Visit my thread over here if you want to understand the level of Jewry involved here.

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The "crypt"
As npc as they are they wernt refering to crypto as the crypto

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Cryplet doesn’t get that there are still too many cryplets in the market ;)
People who say “it’s time to buy! It’s a bottom signal”
As long as these people exist it’s not the bottom yet
Call me again when you are all jumping of bridges, stupid cryplets

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topkek, the bluntness of the headline is like a public function

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Newfags keep losing to the counter-semites. How will they ever recover?

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Checked. I don't think there was ever a thread about SBF on /biz/ where someone didn't point out that
>he was (((one of them)))
>his sudden rise to fame was fishy given who his parents are and who they know
>Alameda was basically the trading arm of FTX countering and front running its customers
>him shilling for regulation in DC was scummy shit to centralize power in his hands
>his entire "I'm here to save the planet" shtick was bullshit laid on so thick that it became cringe

Basically the people getting fucked are the lowest common denominator normies or people who chose to ignore the evidence because they're patholigical do gooder goyim who want to be on the right side of history and not with pattern recognizing and highly discerning racist sexist homophic antisemetic chuds.

You get what you fucking deserve.

Pic related.

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Not buying your bag

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Agreed. I'm not buying shit until the dust clears.

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>Every Jew knows not to trust the socialist/communist Jews as they're atheists- no longer Jewish imo.

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>The Atlantic
I guess gay leftists are out of crypto for good now!

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npcs will npc

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Legit wish I had a job so I could buy some crypto right now.