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Dios mio!!!
El archangel Americano, la reina de los mixtos

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Trips and SBF gets pegged by the goblina

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>white women can't be ug-

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Hemano mira lo que la radiacion de la bomba atomica puedes hacer
Es lo mismo que el godzilla pero es peor! Tienes vagina

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Cool it with the antisemitism folx

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jews are white you fucking retards

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I am proud of my spanish
God damn

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Ok I'm getting tired of seeing this balding bitch so let's stop

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La duquesa cara de vagina

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el chupacabra

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only when it benefits them

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Caroline should be added to the sticky image. Queen of biz, sitting on her throne between the bogs

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>Trips and SBF gets pegged by the goblina
Let me help you with that.

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Quasimodo girl, we love you

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Dios mio

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Gods "Chosen people"

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>>52437674 >>52438948

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Bruh she’s jewish

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I never understood the reactions in Spanish to ugly people here. Is it supposed to be that if we were to be, for instance, poor and uneducated Central American farmers, that seeing a person so ugly and grotesque we would only assume that they could not possibly be human, as we lack knowledge? So we call them "creature" etc.

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You could have picked much more attractive Jewish girls than that. This is cherry picking. Look how out of place poor Abby is :(

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It sound funny when said in spanish

Simple as

Cabrom, nossotros estamos muy loquitos

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absolutely would (financially speaking)