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You're telling me CZ wasn't secretly insolvent himself and didn't open up a massive short position on FTT before he caused widespread panic in "good faith"?

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I'm so lonely

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Why do you look at images of women you can't have?

Also yes, Binance is probably still insolvent, wherever there is lots of centralization you can be sure it's filled with fraud.

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CZ is just trying to liquidate competitors. His exchange is very much insolvent.

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It is crucial she receives multiple bbcs as soon as possible.

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not the real Caroline

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Who is that? I’d like to stroke my penis to her if possible

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That's a man ain't it?

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Why would you even type that. It's bad enough you thought it you weird fucked up faggot, but you couldn't fight the impulse to type it out and share your perversion with the world? Literally fucking kill yourself

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who cares he played his cards right and eliminated his competition either way.
who do you think all these dumb fuck vcs and investors will flock to after the ftx saga is over?

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He's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar smarter than that. Look at the two involved in FTX...they're literal mongoloid goblins.

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anon CZ insolvent chat


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>is coffee good for you?

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Fake trip

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Why is it that only dogs can KNOT and humans can't??

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Who’s the whore?

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is she short or long on bbc I mean btc?

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This gif makes blood surge directly to my dick

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>It's bad enough you thought it you weird fucked up faggot
Your response indicates you are repressing it too anon

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