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He really took after his mom

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It's Epstein and Ghislane with B-movie disguises.

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the creature on the left looks oddly evil.

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Reminder that they both work at Stanford.

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anyone with a hyphenated last name has a ball Buster fempower lib mom and a weak soicuck dad.

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I started this thread as subtle social commentary:

Imagine if some Black street thug managed to hustle $6B from the ruling class of America?

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vampire vibes

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I loved how the ever-growing liquidity shortfall was the actual /pol/ meme:

"We need $1B in funding. Yes, just $2B and we can make the goyim whole. The small sum of $4B will save FTX and goy funds. $6B and I promise to learn lessons and never do it again. Just 8B and FTX will return as the most open and transparent exchange in the world. Please, 10B to save the reputation of crypto..."

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Sam's mentor was a """man""" who took his wife's surname. They have since divorced. He still has her surname.

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>How's my little trader doing today?

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>are ya winnin son?

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Why do you want to borrow 20 billion dollars?

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He's quite fortunate to already have tits
He might survive in prison if he starts training his anus as well as start taking estrogen so that he can breastfeed the prisoners

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goddamn utilitarians are so cucked in every domain it's unreal

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Oh wow, another anti-semitic thread - real original stuff. But /biz/ isn't a Nazi site, huh?

Yeah, I now unironically associate antisemitism with low IQ. Openly hating kikes is retarded sheep NPC behavior that for some reason all of /biz/ thinks is le based and redpilled. How much further from the truth could that be? There once was a time when criticizing Jews actually meant something, but that movement has since been hijacked by actual retards who think they're smart yet have nothing to say other than "dajooz" or "shalom" when someone says something that doesn't fit their worldview. Pathetic.

I'm starting to root for the Jews just to piss you normies off. I'm greatly enjoying it too.

I grew up shit kicking you little Hitler wannabes one Doc to the face at a time. These manchildren would quite literally piss themselves in fear. Anyone that brings fascism, sexism, bigotry, and hatred for the fellow man is going to have their teeth forcibly ejected out of their face via fist.

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nice r*ddit spacing, stupid nigger

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We don’t hate Jews we just hate coincidences.

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Judaism spreads in a matrilineal fashion.

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Not always true."In British tradition, a double surname is heritable, usually taken to preserve a family name that would have become extinct due to the absence of male descendants bearing the name, connected to the inheritance of a family estate. " It's also used to keep 2 based families heritage. Hyphenated names are generally based.

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Niggers are lucky if they can rob the local chinese corner store without getting shot

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it's some shitty copypasta

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Was thinking the same thing. Of note, his dad being the chair of a department at MIT almost certainly met, knew, hung out with, and received money from Epstein since Epstein was big on donations to elite universities and I think MIT was the most he gave to. Also wondering if it was epstein who was the man that finance his kimchi premium trade, you don't make tens of millions trading that premium without hundreds of millions in capitalization.

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Epstein was huge at MIT, they definitely knew each other.
This fellatio profile of SBF mentions in passing a pretty big piece of the puzzle that of course the hagiographer immediately moves on from but the kimchi trade ground to a halt once a bigger player came in and ate their lunch. Could it have been Epstein?

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shut up newfaggot
you respond to pasta with a drone comment about whitespace
you are the cancer

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He is truly one of the greatest Israelites can offer. Rekt so many goyim children, it's unreal.

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I hope Whitney Webb dives deep into SBF and his family history. Almost certain that this network pretty much started to replace epstein. Too many connected dots.