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How big are your bags? I have 33,333 of these.

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how does 1 million dollars sound?

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total market cap? sounds about right

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1milliion is too much but we will see 5 digit XRP

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So enough to get you a ham sandwich?

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>but we will see 5 digit XRP
how and why

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Insider here. They were badly tied up with FTX and have just lost years of runway. There's 6 months left of funding until operations have to shutdown at current prices.

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>0 debts, 1 billion dollars in CASH
Go listen to Brad today before making shit up, or you look like a fucking moron.
I'm over 70,000. If the market has another leg down like I expect, I want to get to at least 77,777.

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Go listen to Alex Mashinsky days before Celsius blew up, or Do Kwon before Luna.

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>comparing scam artists that have cropped up over the past few years to somebody who has been around since 2015

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>acting as if that means anything

Celsius was founded in 2017, not far off.

3AC founded in 2012. Founders on the run after lying until the last minute

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XRP is, dare I say, The Standard.

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True. Brad Garlinghouse's history of totally bankrupt companies and scams is well, well documented.
I don't want you to kill yourself when IT happens, but, I know you will, and I'll pray for you when you do, anon.

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You'll only see all the obvious warning signs with your idol when it's too late unfortunately. All I can do is warn you

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FTX didn't have any XRP on their books. Easiest way to tell you're lying.

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My friend has 16k at about .80 average. What a retard

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they've spent over $111,111,111 on their lawsuit. you are a low-rent cog in the ARG. how much are they paying you per (you)? a quarter?

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checked. you mean yahoo?

i feel like in the future we'll look back and think wow, he was so lucky to buy it for so cheap. like getting bitcoin at $100 or something.

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>he thinks xrp will break $100
Does no one understand market cap?

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People shilling $100+ XRP this decade are FUDers. XRP MIGHT top out at $40, but, more than likely, taps $10. $100 - $2k (or the fucking pajeets shililng $37500 lmfao) are poorfags trying to cling to some guarantee of getting rich off of a couple hundred bucks invested.

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>$10 within the next 10 years
I don’t know how to tell you think, but-

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>he thinks xrp will NOT break $100
Done he understand what marketcap is?

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$10 is coming in the next year or so.
I meant that 100-2k in the 2020s is delusional. Sure, maybe in 2030+.

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>masonic inversion
>100-2k completely possible

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