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Alright faggots,

Time to put our thinking hats on and collectively agree upon the most valuable coin we can buy during this accumulation period, before the next bullrun arrives.
Usually the way to find projects as valuable as Chainlink was for /biz/ in 2018 is to scout attentively and eventually get lucky by finding a legitimate project that didn't engage marketing yet, hence it being under the radar and low market cap still, and/or unlisted on big exchanges yet, but nevertheless is lead by a legitimate team with a legitimate (future) profitable and functioning token and product (the token/product may be under construction, as long as it proves itself worthy).

Back in 2018 this board was flooded with Chainlink threads, because we agreed upon discovering the best unpumped gem before it mooned. Chainlink made a lot of us faggots rich, but now, even though Link is still a great buy, it's too high a marketcap to bring the same riches compared to the 2018 upward potential.
Ideal candidate: proper utility of the token driving the price up, legitimate team, low marketcap, and ideally alongside it having great credibility - it should not listed on a major exchange yet and thus will have a GUARANTEED huge listing pump due to its novelty to new retail money finding out about it through the new exchange listing.

Some examples of legitimate candidates, but too high marketcap and already too widely known:
GMX, Chainlink, Oasis (Rose), HNT, ICP

There's definitely one coin that is the best choice to accumulate before the next bull run arrives, but can we find and agree upon it?

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just buy RLC its a guaranteed 30x

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Cypher erium

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You mean 100x

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GRT. It’s the polar opposite in terms of Chainlink in terms of use case. Chainlink is Ying and GRT is Yang. GRT got pumped and now has had a catastrophic dump like Chainlink did. It took shall rise again.

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RLC had its run to $15 with the coinbase listing, now it doesn't have a coinbase listing coming for it anymore.
Unless you can provide some new reasons about why RLC will pump so hard it is not a valuable candidate, sorry

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It's gns and truebit. Now fuck off and delete the thread

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All those you named are part of the heavy bags of a scam group

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>400 mil marketcap
Discarded, it's too high marketcap to buy even if it were good, same as the examples i've listed in OP

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Mycelium. GMX knockoff. Actually made it into the top 20 on cryptofees during recent volatility. $15m cap.
Liquidity is basically nonexistent, you can only buy about $2k at a time without causing crazy slippage, but if you're a brokefag who wants to yolo on a 100x, it's one of the better options.

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you will look but you will not find it

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Follow the yellow brick road!

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Thanks for the input, I'll look into them my bro;
but listen to me, /biz/ doesn't have so much real liquidity to pump any coin to oblivion so i doubt deleting the thread or developing a /biz/ cult around them will really change their price significantly. So i wouldn't worry about that. Still, thanks for your input, cheers.

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If your entire basis of RLC moon potential is based on an exchange listing you don't understand what RLC really is and what theyve been doing this past year.

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>even if it were good
Explain why it’s not good

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Looks like it has potential at first glance, thanks for sharing

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Then tell me you retarded faggot, cause i know RLC really well as i sold the coinbase pump. What changed? Why is RLC suddenly an even better buy than before the Coinbase listing? I'm open to have my opinion changed, honestly, but deliver at least one argument my man

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Too high marketcap

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unironically this

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Nice, will keep an eye on it for sure, thanks and you're a real nigga

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Very nice, any idea if they're working on listing it to larger exchanges?
Yeah but it's a meme coin, not a real utility other than meme pumpanomics

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YW anon

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wtf this is just a chainlink thread!

kill yourself stink scammers!

chainshit is a fat russian man!

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Too many NDA’s to know but I’m sure once the cats out of the bag exchange’s will be lined up

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>RVP's chart

But against which currency? Also, you shouldn't assume some people aren't quietly paying attention

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that's not RVP, and it's in SATs. it has a little over 2x RVP's mcap

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They have their own token? I've been using it on and off for like 5 years now. If not how should I invest in mycelium? It's solid.

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Unironically btc

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Are you gonna spill the beans or what? It's not like there's more than 200-300 people browsing this god forsaken board. Post that shit for your bros if you think it's gonna do well, the same way anons posted about chainlink back in the day.

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How much are you holding?

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Hundreds of thousands

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obviously hpos10i

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Everyone should have a bag. What are you gonna lose? $100?

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Where should i look?

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Well, the charts look very similar save for the denomination. Would like to know what you're talking about, not sure why you'd keep that to yourself, but you do you I guess

For the sake of this thread, I'm interested in the kinds of things that Chainlink will actually enable. These things seem like the next logical steps after the Chainlink DON, which itself was the next logical step after the Ethereum smart contract platform. So looking at RLC, which integrated CL years ago, and RVP, which again will become actually feasible once CCIP comes online and data can move securely between their database/L1 and the greater internet.

Regarding RLC, I'm really not sure why anons here aren't pointing out a few obvious things. iExec has already been leveraging the Chainlink tech stack since Jan 2020: https://medium.com/iex-ec/chainlink-and-iexec-collaborate-to-address-the-complex-off-chain-needs-of-next-generation-702e55ab1ead

And think about what decentralized, confidential cloud computing actually allows for in terms of network architecture. Do you think that BNY Mellon, Nasdaq, Swift and other confirmed Link node operators are really going to trust AWS or cloudfare to host their nodes? They need a distributed and secure hosting solution with 100% uptime that they can pay for using a neutral currency. iExec is perfectly positioned to provide this solution. I could discuss the partnerships, integration and the oracle/AI market etc, but I guess my point is that I think anons shilling RLC here aren't hitting these pretty obvious bull case arguments. I think my stack is as big as it's going to be at this point...enjoy the alpha, frens

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Thanks for that
How much RLC are you holding bro?
And how much is the suicide stack?

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Fair points, i guess i can grab another bag of RLC during this dump..

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what's a make it stack for RLC?

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It's already been decided, mate - LUNC CHADS WE RISE.

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Looking into this cyberium thing, isn't the US gov in talks to ban PoW? Wouldn't that fk up cyberium?

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>Chainlink-like gem
top kek

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This is interesting, I wasn't aware of it. This isn't an ERC20, is it? I can't buy it on a DEX?

Under 10k is all I could spring for once I realized what it was, which was unfortunately a bit too late. Though I feel like had I realized earlier I would've been buying at much higher prices...so it probably evened out in the end.

I think about these things in terms of network ownership. 8700 RLC buys you 1/10,000 of the network (87,000,000 total RLC), and that's probably easily a make-it stack. 870 buys you 1/100,000 of the network, and that's probably a suicide stack. It's difficult to say what the eventual market cap could be for an entirely new category of technology like this, but a few thousand probably buys you a seat at the table over the next few years. Though I plan to sell into my other holdings as the party starts...I've learned from the horror stories here re people with massive 2018 Link stacks who didn't sell ANY from 0.20 to $50.

Decide how many you're willing to sell and how many you'll be holding for the long term. I'll probably never let my bag go under 2000 RLC no matter the price, but everything above that is fair game. Also worth keeping in mind that RLC isn't (natively) yield bearing like Chainlink will be when staking begins.

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MEXC and XT been in the works rolling with the big dogs for a looooomg time under wraps
Here’s a paper they have don’t with Thomas Moser of Swiss national bank who works directly with the BIS on CBDC research

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They are also ISO 20022 compliant :)

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I would also suggest that if you do decide to buy, hold your RLC in self custody if you use a CEX. I wouldn't trust a fast increase in price (i.e. a short squeeze) not to put certain CEXs in hot water. Better safe than sorry.

Interesting, thanks for this. Do they have a blockchain explorer of any kind? I'd like to take a look at the distribution, addresses etc before I decide whether or not to go in.

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It’s in a sorry state and needs updating I won’t lie but this is pre adoption

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Based. You should schizo post RLC here more often.

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And why does that matter?

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Do you think the utilities you mentioned would drive the price up enough?
>make cypherium global reserve currency
Damn bro that sounds hard to believe, as much as i like the project, it kinda tarnished their credibility a little. Am i stupid for thinking this? What do you think cypherium bro?

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It doesn’t really affect my thinking they clearly are working with central banks which is the main selling point for me

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So what is it?

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I have been around since 2017 (made 7figs this cycle), and I am dead sure it is going to be PoolTogether (POOL).

It will get on coinbase sometime next year most likely and will pull a LEND-like run and become one of the largest dApps. I am serious. Do with this info as you will - good luck, anons.

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That sounds great, what will make the coin pumo though, is it some smart tokenomics?

>> No.52419227

>He still thinks crypto has a use case other than gambling
Doge is a good buy and will possibly reach $1 next bull.

>> No.52419255

For example chainlink has truly godly tokenomics, which really do pump when used. What about cypherium, how does its utility raise its price?

>> No.52419281

The utility will make it pump the main idea is it will be used as gas for CBDC transactions hence the work with the central banks and FedNow. So as demand goes up with billions of anticipated transactions the price will have to go up to keep up with mining

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>tfw nobody mentioned your token

>> No.52419337

But desu this is guess work on my part im in this coin based off the connections alone coupled with the bottomed out chart gn anons peace out

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Take care. Fow what it’s worth everything about this sounds good except the fact that cbdc’s are at least 3 years out and i’d rather buy something that will pump quicker

Still a good buy though, just that it’s gonna be profitable over 5 years maybe, if everything goes well

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FedNow launches in May or June the wait wont be that long to see what’s gonna happen

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Ok cheers gn anon

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What projects actually have a hand in fed now? Any web3 foundation members?
Or at least Link build program recipients?

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Checked and thank you. I guess one other question: can I self custody this or would I need to hold on MEXC or XT (assuming my shithole even lets me use either of those, which I'd have to look into). If I can't self custody the asset I'm basically just providing liquidity to whatever exchange I have to "hold" it on...

Probably, I spend enough time thinking about this stuff.

Sure, so the RLC token is the only thing that can be used to pay for services on the iExec platform. The buy-side pressure for the token itself will come from actual demand for the services (in addition to speculation, obviously).

A rough comparison would be the ETH token, which sees its buy-side pressure come partially (largely?) from the fact that the asset is needed to perform operations on the Ethereum chain. I don't particularly want to hold ETH...but I need it to do anything on the platform. If you're using the iExec network/market for anything, you'll need RLC itself as payment. If you're building a business model around services offered via iExec, you'll be needing to buy and spend RLC. This is real buy pressure, and not ponzi-nomics.

Lets say a government or legacy company wants to run its network via a decentralized confidential cloud computing network facilitated via iExec (and they would, unless you think they're actually fond of 'trusting' AWS or its equivalents with all their confidential data, as is currently the case). They have to be constantly buying RLC off the market to pay for these essential network services.

This is why you see anons here referring to it as "digital oil" and numbering their "barrels"; large entities will need the RLC token to power decentralized network infrastructure in the same way that large entities need oil to power their physical infrastructure

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>because we agreed upon discovering the best unpumped gem before it mooned
That's not why. It's because assblaster shilled the fuck out of it and answered any and all questions, then it was agreed upon. That is probably never going to happen again. All you'll get is pajeets and retards shilling shitcoins itt, sorry

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>Discarded, it's too high marketcap to buy even if it were good, same as the examples i've listed in OP
You do realize LINK has roughly a 200m mcap at 50c, right?

>> No.52419633

>BNY Mellon, Nasdaq, Swift and other confirmed Link node operators
they run on R3's Corda, a private permissions chain. the DTCC's Project ION is already running in production.

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sylo stays streets ahead of chainlink. but bobos are not ready for this

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Initially decided to learn haskell for Dapps, but switch to Pact (KDA) as Cardano seems like vaporware.


>> No.52419727

Pnk kleros

Subjectivity in smart contracts. It's the next step after chainlink. If you still don't hold pnk I don't know what you've been thinking

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cant say no

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I can’t make up my mind between ETH and AVAX. Is vitalik going to come through with all this zk rollup shit as advertised or not? If he doesn’t then Avax is the buy of a lifetime. If he does then ETH is a black hole that sucks up everything.

>> No.52419845

I still hold my PNK bag but I'm not feeling so good about it right now desu.

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GRT isn’t a shitcoin and I’m shilling it. Explain why it’s a bad choice other than muh marketcap

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Just read the actual bulletin from the Faster Payments Council and there was no mention at all for this jeet-coin. Unironicaly Ripple labs is a member and was mentioned and also Circle.
Stay away from the jeet couns freinds.

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tons of projects are more valuable than chainlink faggot. stop shilling this shit to us

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what do anons think about arbitrum linked coins - theres a few services popping up using the arbitrum network and they seem to be getting shilled on arbs twitter

>> No.52420548

It needs to have a low supply. Any shitcoin with a total supply that exceeds millions shouldn't even be considered. That's a fucking bottomless pit.

>> No.52420582

i'd take holoride over link in a heartbeat

>> No.52420619

Doge to the moon unironicaly
YFI is probably a good buy but who knows no that Elon Musk decentralized edition left.

>> No.52420635

Fuck I wish I got into GNS when it was around 25M mcap. FACK. GMX scares me because team is anon and they may just decide to move on onto another project before the next bullrun. And its already 300M mcap. Now way it can even 6x in a bear

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Here's what I'm eyeing right now. Also not pictured: Alchemy Pay.


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what do we do fellow gay farmer bro. Hurts knowing I could’ve bought more around 0.70

I’m a 1k stacklet

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What about ICOracle, ticker is OT. It's a decentralized oracle on ICP. Meaning it's a much cheaper Chainlink on ICP web 3.0. Barely a month old, low market cap. I don't understand shit about the tech but let me paste the pasta general here:

ICOracle is the first decentralized oracle network on the Internet Computer (basically Chainlink only on web 3.0)

Whitepaper: https://cfhuv-raaaa-aaaak-aczha-cai.raw.ic0.app/onepaper-draft.pdf

This above is an ICP link^

>but how do i buy it?
You need an ICP wallet, there are various options that also allow you to have an ICP identity, but the simplest anonymous and closest to an ETH wallet UI is plug wallet:

>ok but what now?
You buy ICP from an exchange or peer to peer if you're a schizo, and load your wallet with it, watch out though!
Your wallet has two addresses, one principal and one account ID, to receive ICP or ICP tokens from an exchange or anything not compatible with plug, use your ACCOUNT ID, make sure to do test transactions, fees are very low on ICP

>ok but how do i buy it!?

Use it like you use your traditional CEX

>but muh fees
I already said it, ICP fees are incredibly low

Yesterday sell wall at .0012 (430 pees) got BTFO. Now comfily sitting at .00167
Next stop; .00177
Full archived last thread: >>52402407

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>may just decide to move on onto another project
Is this the technical term for "rugpull"?
These guys don't do "projects".

>> No.52420797

> Is this the technical term for "rugpull"?
Essentially. Devs with skills get bored eventually and find some inspiration or see some new thing to capitalize on. With anon devs this can be done with zero guilt, i.e. nothing even remotely stopping them. Not saying they will rug but they will just have no incentives to try and grow it and a competitor will surely pass them by.

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I've been swing trading fren and unironically investing more money in the various lower mcap clones that I will use to purchase more GNS before GNS really takes off

>> No.52420857

Avax and only avax. Simple as.

>> No.52420865

Why would there be a mention of cypherium on FPC's shit?
I genuinely dont know so please explain.

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That page really doesnt prove anything. Anyone can slap their shit there.

>> No.52421280

That may actually be a good idea

Mind spoonfeeding said coins?

>> No.52421335

YDF - 8M
DXP (rebranding to VELA) - 3M

Managed to catch both at lows during the ftx crash. I'd wait a few days for lower prices. Looks like the market will be red again this week so perfect time to load up on these things then.

>> No.52421490

much appreciated homie

>> No.52421588

anyone who bought cypherium tried depositing from the wallet back to mexc

did I not use enough gas

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Already said it's a jeet scam. You guys will never learn will you.

>> No.52421769

nvm we good

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>proper utility of the token driving the price up
80% of protocol fees are distributed to stakers. vePremia is being released this month, allowing stakers to also direct liquidity emissions to whichever options pool they wish, along with general governance.
>legitimate team
White team consisting of several developers.
>low marketcap
$7m, easy 100x at minimum.
>ideally alongside it having great credibility
They are White and have been around for two years.
>it should not listed on a major exchange yet and thus will have a GUARANTEED huge listing pump due to its novelty to new retail money finding out about it through the new exchange listing
Not listed anywhere, nobody is talking about it.

>> No.52421903

> Usually the way to find projects as valuable as Chainlink was for /biz/ in 2018

> Back in 2018 this board was flooded with Chainlink threads, because we agreed upon discovering the best unpumped gem before it mooned.

None of this is how it happened. Chainlink was spammed non-stop on biz since before the ICO block. In 2017.

>> No.52422455

ctrl+f everest

>> No.52422847

I've been swinging my gns stack waiting for a drop. It will drop

>> No.52423810

Agreed on ICP. It's this cycle's LINK (about the same cmc position also as LINK in 2018)
I'd add Mina and Celo to the list as promising zk chains.

>> No.52424199

I think ROSE is probably the best candidate at the moment for the next LINK.

>> No.52424217

>le next link
can this meme die already? what happened to the next eth?

>> No.52424630

Ooooooooo, wagmi pnk sisters
Also, where to buy?

>> No.52424667

Yeah i know it was discovered and talked about since the ICO in 2017 but the board flooded with chainlink memes happened in 2018, and that's what i'm thinking we should seek, a coin so good we can create a cult around as we did with link back in the day

>> No.52424683

link wasn't really known outside of /biz/, eth was widespread

>> No.52424723

I think there's potential in Radix DLT.
It is listed on Bitfinex but has a pretty small market cap of $230m.
Has been in development for 9 years, sustained effort over a long time.
The three things I like are:
1) Decentralisation is important to them, the promise is that anyone will be able to run a node on low power machines
2) Sharding. I know, lots of people claim they are working on this too, that it's "right around the corner" but they have demonstrated prototypes, have a mathematical proof... meh. It might be true. If so they can achieve very high TPS, maintain privacy and decentralization. The trilemma. The comprimise is that Radix is not exactly a blockchain, it's some other structure
3) Scrypto language, allows people to make trusted, audited objects and functions which others on the network can then integrate into their code. Royalty mechanism to pay people if their code gets used. They demonstrated being able to write an equivalent of uniswap with 1 page of code.

FUD: the biggest (which saw here on biz) is that the founder, Dan Hughes, posted on blackhat forums in the 90's or early 2000's about affiliate marketing websites scammy sounding stuff. He has come out and responded to it, saying the forums were used by all kinds of legit people back then. Better to just read his response than have me paraphrase. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=419529.0

>> No.52424917

no, link was like rank 100, it dropped outside the top 100 for awhile too and got fudded for it

as for answering OP, I'm an OG linker and looking at going incredible hard at a specific new token soon to be released, I value the project as a possible 50-100 billion market cap if they pull it off but I don't want to advertise what it is till I get a bag, sorry

>> No.52425094

Please shut the fuck up. It's over.

>> No.52425457

Forgot to say, ticker is XRD

>> No.52425463

My man, remember when /biz/ was flooded with Chainlink threads back in the day?
Chainlink dumped from 50 cents to 20 cents, /biz/ doesn't have the power to influence price my man
Post the coin, it's not gonna make a difference in the price you're gonna accumulate at

>> No.52425493

There is nothing. Chainlink is the next chainlink. It will stop being supressed eventually.

>> No.52425516


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It’s PRQ
criminally undervalued

>> No.52425764

Suppressed? What sorry? you mean the devs taking 5 years to release beta indie game dev staking while the russian kept dumping?

>> No.52425845


>> No.52425976

okay I'll let you know because I think this thread will probably die soon anyway and I kinda already made it from link anyway so I'll be kind to biz


Krypton protocol - imo the uniswap killer, if they achieve what they set out to do then it's actually impossible for uniswap to compete because I doubt they would ever use chainlink + cefi collapse narrative so far this bear market + Krypton having chainlink support/connections and creating the first institutional level defi platform + mev resistance

also the founder seems very impressive, after he finishes his answer the other bozo's are in awe

Only issue is that the tokenomics are not released yet, hopefully it has some decent utility but I guess even uniswaps useless governance token is worth 5 billion, also framework ventures (early chainlink VC) and sony next are series 1 investors which is a good sign imo, they also won chainlink's hackathon in 2021 and have a full dox'ed team that look good

>> No.52425996

Cheers mate, i'll look into it

>> No.52426425

The marketcap is 500m. This is a scamcoin from 2013. Look at the volume and the chart. Theres a bunch of whales up 1000x from 2013 trapped in low liq that dump on every scam wick. Shit project

>> No.52426518

Theyre in the build program we're already in

>> No.52426580

I thought similar and also thought the founder looks like a serious dude. Only thing I dont like is the name, Krypton just sounds like such a fucking shitcoin

>> No.52426600

Statera nigga. The team deploying the token is hardcore, hardcore so no rugpulls, no marketing, no shilling, even on /biz/, sub 500k cap, no one even knows this coin isn't dead.

>> No.52426727


>> No.52426818

no its part of the heavy bag of a scam group that tries to make their bags look legit ITT

>> No.52426871


>> No.52427406

Good intentions op, sadly the board is way too infested with countless shills to have a proper conversation. Even what I will say next would be interpreted as shilling. Godspeed to y’all.m and have a look at Lithium Finance if you have the time.

>> No.52427578


>> No.52427793

I kept hearing about statera, i’ll look into it

>> No.52428051


>> No.52428208

You fucking jeet ass nigger. You didn't reply me the last time and have the nerve to post that scam thread here. kys Ranjesh

>> No.52428675

The question I asked earlier in this thread being wouldn't the us gov currently in talks of banning PoW hurt Cypherium wasn't answered either. Also, CPH has a sht ton of coins that aren't in circulation yet (around 8bil). This sht will def get diluted soon.

>> No.52428810

Aleph Zero
>institutional integration
about to get listed on kucoin

>> No.52429184

Just like Aleph Zero now

>> No.52429391


>> No.52429583


Standard !

>> No.52429914

So far from this thread the only thing that really piqued my interest was Everest and Cypherium

>> No.52431235
File: 980 KB, 1438x1279, Bat lucky strike toasted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BAT. You all use Brave anyway, and if you don't already you will be using Brave search soon. It just makes sense. .20 cents and $300m market cap. Tens of millions of daily Brave users and hundreds of millions of queries per month on their search engine and haven't monetized search with ads yet.

>> No.52431354

Everest is a scam

>> No.52432301

Beam privacy

>> No.52433301

Possible, the backing they have is only superficial if i recall correctly. Can any everest id fag rebuke my claim with some factual legitimacy?

>> No.52435009

I bought the cph ico and I can say I'm more financially bored with it than I was with link which I also bought around the same time. I've sold link since though and I'm still holding my ico bag, hopefully that chink sky wil pull a sergey

>> No.52435078

Damn that’s a long hold. Hopefully it pays off for you

>> No.52435156
File: 22 KB, 900x900, NMKR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52435191

Black Markets will flourish.

Someone post the XMR meme

>> No.52435249


>> No.52435344

Nice inflation faggot

>> No.52435469

>ROSE is the new link
that was last pump's narrative

>> No.52436154

>>52416235 (OP)

>> No.52436307

Kleros (PNK) unironically, it is Vitalik's pick.

>> No.52437543
File: 266 KB, 924x851, C56919E2-050B-48DA-A05C-0EACF6BD7024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ideal candidate: proper utility of the token driving the price up, legitimate team, low marketcap, and ideally alongside it having great credibility - it should not listed on a major exchange yet and thus will have a GUARANTEED huge listing pump due to its novelty to new retail money finding out about it through the new exchange listing.
Ghost is the most undervalued privacy play. Currently the Ghost blockchain is capable of 32 ring signatures (XMR is 16 max) and DEX compatible. It offers both private and public tx without compromising privacy. In terms of development, Ghost team is one of the most active in the space, take a look at their medium article updates. One of the only things missing from making their current privacy stack perfect is dandelion++ which has been implemented once but was unstable. Team is currently working on a reimplementation. It’s POS so very fast transactions using low amount of energy. You can run a coldstaking node on a raspberry pi for an entire year for a few bucks. They released GhostVault which allows you to stake anonymously. Team released a wallet on telegram called GhostPay so you can send public/anon coins on-chain using telegram. They are currently testing the first crypto p2p AES256 encrypted Chat protocol called GhostChat. That one is going to be nuts. There’s a lot more than even what I have wrote here. I believe the /biz/ hivemind could make Ghost 10x-100x. The tech is legit. Good Community and team. Even just the branding and name alone is fucking cool.

>> No.52438438
File: 1.02 MB, 1000x1141, mandatory-image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Coreto (COR)
If there is one thing that everyone in the normie world has and will always talk about is trust, reputation and accountability.
There have always been (shitty) attempts at reputation building tools (like/dislikes, reviews, stars and whatnot), but none of those have been more than lazy attempts.
These guys are building a decentralized reputation system that (they claim) can be added to any online platform, and can track online reputation anywhere on the internet.
They also have their own platform targeting the crypto scene, where they also showcase the reputation system in action.
The token is used as a payment & reward currency for both the platform and the reputation system, with many planned use cases (only one available so far besides trading and staking - look up "staking of opinion pool")
Project has been in alpha for more than a year and has basically done no real marketing or big exchange listings.
There are a few other projects out there working on reputation systems, bot all of them are niche targeted, while Coreto aims to be an all encompassing reputation framework.
It's gone mostly ignored by /biz/ so far, but I think it's time for it to hit the spotlight.
Look it up.

>> No.52438507

The fact that every answer in this thread is garbage, makes me think the answer is still chain link

>> No.52438658
File: 560 KB, 1036x1253, Trust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking that way, yeah.

>> No.52438772

I rest my case

>> No.52438854

Coreto hasn't been ignored, there have been plenty of threads on it. It's just too much of a shitcoin to be taken seriously as far as I remember (haven't looked into their progress in the last 6-8 months). Isn't it close to ATL at the moment? Might be worth looking into it.

>> No.52439062

Only good answer is Aleph Zero.

This isn't a team of developers trying something, it's a fucking academic paper with private smart contracts and working blockchain, with extremely small fees (0.0001$) and near-instant confirmation.

>> No.52439173

What do you mean their backing is only superficial ? Explain yourself ? Example ?

>> No.52439201

Maybe don't wait until its trending on cg trending list before opening your mouth about it? No one is buying a pumped higher mcap coin when its at the peak of popularity.

>> No.52439302

the price is shit rn, and so is the volume
but the tech has been progressing nicely desu
the only problem I see is they have a small team and I'm guessing it's because they haven't secured any big funding so far and they're moving kinda slow
but I have a bag and I'll ride it out

>> No.52439356

teritori - one of the first nft marketplaces on cosmos network
fdv is kinda high(700mil), but its literally only listed on osmosis
cant be bothered to explain the details, but staking apr is currently 400%(not apy)

>> No.52439648

>Only good answer was Aleph Zero.
As >>52439201 said, you are late to the party.

Yeah it's more of a lottery ticket to me. Still worth taking a look to see how much they have advance. Thanks for the reminder.

>> No.52439714

The evil Jews have spoken are for one and part of their uncircumcised brethren and can tell you now that FTX is not a poor choice to invest it's now at an all-time low?? Do you really need me to hold your hand!?

>> No.52439718

Found it, thanks. Don't post charts 1:1 anymore, very searchable now with ai.

>> No.52440109

What is it then?

>> No.52440152
File: 31 KB, 812x420, eaw_screen_1-812x420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I found it too with my AI. Let's compare results. Who did you have?

>> No.52440163

ULX but unironically, ultra fast layer 1 with cap under 150m and seriously connected team

>> No.52440253

>The real 2022/2023 /biz/ Chainlink-like gem
It's KAS (Kaspa). Don't listen to the KDA seethers. They hate that anon are working this out. They're trying to shake you out of it.

>> No.52440362
File: 1.50 MB, 1936x2048, SmugPepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Pawtocol general >>52435870

This is our new chance

>> No.52440498

ICORACLE is the play right now, whales are giga acooming right now, it’s on a little ICP exchange (lighthouse) but once it blows up its gonna be fun, buy it and throw it on your plug wallet and just stay comfy this winter

>> No.52440499
File: 1004 KB, 777x676, FdO7eGcacAAW5uO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everest ID, nothing else out there even comes close. They do on-chain identity that incorporates biometrics, but the users are self sovereign so they own their own data and companies/governments can't access it without consent or valid court orders. Linkpool has already integrated their API and their Chainlink node will be launching soon and is going to be the only identity node on the network.

1 LINK = 1 ID

>> No.52440950

Honestly there were some good attempts by biz at snooping for small caps during the last bull run. But as a next chainlink? nah.
CargoX is being used in Egypt for Bill of lading, but tokenomics got fucked in the middle. Signata has an interesting use, got nothing bad to say about Tim.

>> No.52441064

Answer this >>52433301

>> No.52441081

I mwan the “backing” they have is just hot air

>> No.52441205

just realize that the Fed will accept anyone who qualifies as a service provider for fednow. It means the service provider will integrate its solutions with fednow or build upon fednow services. It absolutely does not mean fednow will incorporate parts of the service provider's products.
You kids need to spend ten years in banking and then twenty in IT.

>> No.52441492

What is the question even? Their partnerships are all rock solid if that is what you mean. The Chainlink partnership in particular is deepening considerably as is evidenced by recent developments and they handle onboarding for all of Oracle's banking clients. This is no different from everyone who fudded about Chainlink's partnerships as fake or exaggerated even though they were getting positive attention from MIT Press etc in late 2018. It's just that with Everest the number of anons who understand the tech and implications are smaller because there's no assmaster spoonfeeding threads this time and none of us care if people can't see something that's inevitable.

>> No.52441547


>> No.52442619

Name the top 3 backing points that give everest legitimacy please, outside of chainlink

>> No.52443010

Only project with a currently functioning product that solves fundamental identity by integrating biometrics into a blockchain protocol, currently the only service in crypto offering identity/KYC compliance that regulators will accept because they have an MFSA license, running access for all of Oracle's banking clients who want to use blockchain services are some things that stand out to me.

>> No.52443031


>> No.52444157

ICP is at 1 billion MC and will hit 200 billion in the next bull market minimum. (200x) Trash projects, scams, vaporware, ponzis of all types are being flushed away and that money is going to consolidate into real projects, with real tech, and real cryptographers; not a bunch of fiverr jeets coding out of the back of a toiletless shit shack.
ICP is one of the most well connected projects with the most innovative and ground breaking tech out there. BTC integration is coming along nicely, various dexes and swaps are coming to life, NFT's and all the typical scams are being built up too.
"The Sister Network of Ethereum" as Vitalik once referred to it as.

>> No.52444187

And don't forget FTX/SBF pumped ICP on it's launch to ridiculously high levels just so he could short it and paint an ugly ass chart and make it look like a pump and dump scam. They didn't want legitimate competition to Solana. Now that that bitch tit fake vegan (seriously who fakes being a vegan) faggot ass is now bankrupt and not shorting ICP, ICP chads will have our day in the sun.

>> No.52444197

biometrics are a really shitty identifier that no respectable security engineer would ever implement

>> No.52444335

RLC is building by offering security and AI solutions, combining blockchain, I also like the growth from payment projects. They might be the next big thing in the space

>> No.52444394
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1653988730501s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no idea what you mean by "working products." Recently, a city in Switzerland began accepting crypto as payment, and Travala has followed suit. All praise is due to the payment gateways xpress and utk. I see this as functioning products

>> No.52444711

with the increasing regulations, it's safe to say that crypto would gain more attention, and payment projects would carry the day

>> No.52444743

the next cash cow is going to come from payment projects, I hear binance pay now accepts coti, travala accepts xpress, and more payment solutions are beginning to standardize. best time to get into them is now

>> No.52444754


>> No.52444840


This one checks all the boxes basically. Never overhyped so the top didn't blow off. Legit team, low marketcap, profitable and functioning product. Circulating supply maxed. Balances on exchanges thinning.

Its the second largest crypto application by users, first being binance, third being coinbase. Its search engine is at 22% of the volume of Duckduckgo which makes $100m+ a year in revenue. Product still has tons of room to grow and marketing hasn't kicked off yet.

In 2017-2018 it was basically a choice between BAT or Chainlink as the bear market gainer. Link pulled ahead. BAT would be easily to form a narrative as people are looking for legitimacy and real projects. Easy 100x if it pulled a chainlink tier run. You wont get a meme tier "exchange listing pump" instead you will have a way for any normie to buy it anywhere because its on every single exchange and even places like grayscale.

>> No.52444896

Regulations, if well implemented can lead to higher investor confidence, which could draw in more long-term investors like myself who oppose that earlier

>> No.52444899

I still vote that blockchain projects and payment solutions are gonna lead the charge for the next pump. it would be just like the metaverse days

>> No.52444936

crypto would become more taxed. pumps wouldn't happen as they used to anymore. the only upside is that investor confidence would rise too.

>> No.52445105

Pretty sure brave is building a payments solution into the browser. The "pay with BAT button" was always on the roadmap. Not sure if it will ever be done but they also have a wallet with payment processors built in thats currently working. They basically have two ways to skin the cat.

>> No.52445109

Metaverse is still evolving i believe is the future and has the potential to impact various business. You can unlock infinite possibilities, and communicate quickly too

>> No.52445463

Unfortunatly for me I bought into the Cypherium ICO. Thankfully only a few k but I consider it burnt money. Just go on the telegram to see how childish the ceo is. Maybe it goes somewhere but Im not hopeful. Who knows. DYOR.

>> No.52446430

Fair enough

>> No.52446559

This project is based but as a VC I will enjoy doomping on you

>> No.52446649

So what's the verdict boys?

>> No.52447102

from reading the whole thread desu there is nothing that really jumps out at me. like when i first saw chainlink on here i got like a feeling that this was interesting even though im too low iq to really understand all the tech side of it. But everything ive seen shilled so far is like interesting but there is no narrative, like. Whats the narrative going to be which kickstarts the next bull run? because so far everything ive seen just isnt that compelling i think

>> No.52447166

dog coins

>> No.52447236

Cypherium is the only one that sparked my curiousity here. So far I'm undecided about the project.
What I have gathered:
>They clearly have connections to the banking industry and have written papers about CBDCs and possible platforms for them
>They have been selected as a service provider for FedNow instant payments
>BIS especially mentioned that they used HotStuff consensus mechanism in their mBridge CBDC pilot which is the same mechanism Cypherium uses and the CEO claims that he has presented their tech to BIS and that they were impressed with it

Some criticism:
>Their website sucks. Looks awful and literally has broken links
>It's hard to find anything on their team and people behind the company. For some reason they don't give that information on their website
>Tokenomics don't look too great as of now. On the other hand, token price is always based on hype only so it might pump anyways
>Even though they are listed as a service provider for FedNow and have connections to the people exploring CBDCs, there's really no guarantee that their blockchain will be used at all in any of these services
>As of now it seems like their blockchain isn't used at all for anything

I will probably keep researching this later but won't be buying a bag for now. If anyone else has any interesting info about Cypherium, please share.

>> No.52447493


No IDO yet but looks promising to me...

>> No.52448078
File: 137 KB, 342x342, 1659647395111074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo Anons i know im a bit late, but you should check out morphswap (MS) (Not the same as morpheus!), they are trying to build a cross chain decentralized exchange using link protocols. It was mentioned in a tweet from chainlink.
Marketcap is still under 1M, its only a few days old.

>> No.52448236
File: 8 KB, 250x250, 1667934650745696s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't think a purge of shit coins will inflate
>GMX, Chainlink, Oasis (Rose), HNT, ICP

>> No.52448333

obvious pnk you fucking retards

>> No.52448605

Go to the profile tab

>> No.52448854


>> No.52449290


>> No.52449937


>> No.52450007

The play is not to find the 100-1000x gem but to just ape in boat loads of cash into something you know will 10-20x.

Chainlink, ICP, GMX are all great coins that can easily pull of a 10-20x, just invest enough into them so that you can make it with a 10-20x, if you don’t have enough then just use leverage

>> No.52450022


>> No.52450026

Statera can easily go 100x since the current mcap is small.

>> No.52450075

The best fud for Everest is their product is simply shit, don’t believe me? Try it out yourself

>> No.52450166

Very high cap, LOOP, IBAT, ZEC

>> No.52450221

Their NFT marketplace is dope, It's on JUNO, I have a few of it.

>> No.52450260

DeFi, metaverse and privacy. The diversification of this bag is good.

>> No.52450367

My main criticism with Cypherium is about the supply

8 bil + ready to get released on the market and current circulating supply is around 500 mil
What's up with that?

Cypherium bro you still around? Anyone else who knows what the fuck is up with this?

>> No.52450402

OP here btw

People seem to agree on rose oasis, even though i put it in the OP post because of the high marketcap
It is indeed one of the best ones since it partnered with Meta so it has uncrushable credibility, but it needs to go lower to fit the marketcap needs

>> No.52450410

>uncrushable credibility

>> No.52450454

That's a fair point as well, but you're sleeping much better if you buy the bottom on a good low marketcap one instead of worrying about leverage liquidation (talking from experience). Also, there just has to be a legitimate lower marketcap coin with great upward potential other than those coins.
Still, a good point to be made

>> No.52450501

I hope zuckerberg dies and i don't have any social media at all, but you can't deny that any globohomo partnership is fruitful for any project it partners with

Btw, after this thread gets filled i'll make a new one with all the worthy coins that were mentioned in this thread and we'll have a starting point to sift through and pick the best one(s)

>> No.52450546

huge part of the total supply is reserved for (((them)))

>> No.52450556
File: 64 KB, 828x203, 7513FC72-35DD-4CFB-AD42-0FA6DBF01D0B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking at the blockchain these wallets haven’t been touched. The remains percentage will be for miners.

>> No.52450577

Aleph Zero, everything else is a vapor wave

>> No.52450593

Morphswap. Check their whitepaper and tell me it won’t be big. They are also joining chainlink build program soon

>> No.52451036

Yeah so based on what info we got until this point about cypherium i believe it's a good buy but long term it's gonna get shaky because of this distribution, 22% allocation for the team doesn't sound like a project that will get to the top 20 projects
and more importantly i don't think the federal reserve would let the team (a few random guys) of cypherium become so incredibly rich through this if that was indeed the trajectory of cypherium, but then again who knows
On top of that, what the fuck is up with the marketing/operations allocation, 20%? So the team basically has 42% of supply under their personal control? That's kinda fucked up... this has to be said, you feel my cypherium bro? It's the biggest fud for this project

>> No.52451096

Like the other anon said the 22% is for (((them))) hence the contractors. I see what you are saying though in the end it’s your choice. Pantera capital hasn’t dumped their stack yet so we will see. The risk/reward seems good for me especially since the chart has basically bottomed out

>> No.52451231

Yeah i don't disagree, it's a great buy, just had to point out the biggest flaw i could find before committing to a life changing investment either way kek

>> No.52451266

i am not sharing bc i genuinely dislike the people here and I want you to fail

>> No.52451296

Ok fag, enjoy your misery

>> No.52451361

DEUS. Leverage trade up to 1500x on any asset, cross chain. Brings deep tardfi orderbook liquidity on chain to achieve this. Look at the low mc and weep. Revenue sharing too. Thus is like gmx on steroids.

>> No.52451772

>Everyone should have a bag.
>What are you gonna lose? $100?

>> No.52451861

Put it on the radar, will look into it

>> No.52452011

By (((them))) I don't mean the team, rather the central banks that will adopt cypherium

>> No.52452030


>> No.52452034

how do we chart the average IQ on /biz/ over time, and short it? im thinking that might be the next chainlink

>> No.52452747

Ain't $100 some money, ohh c'mon fag, stop playing, RLC is a good buy no doubt with multiples making potentials but then in addition to that, ama give it up to Sylo, Chr and Rowan.

>> No.52452892
File: 42 KB, 748x402, raiblockshttpftp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52452989

you fuckin retards talm bout muh digital oil when TRUEBIT makes RLC obsolete. THE REAL ANSWER IS PRQ AND TRUEBIT. END OF. SIMPLE AS

>> No.52453015
File: 104 KB, 1247x576, distribution.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now known as Nano. Supply is non-inflationary and the devs only kept 5%. Same amount that Satoshi mined for himself. Fully distributed. No more will ever exist than do now. 133 million in total.

>> No.52453041
File: 130 KB, 1200x675, EoCVOTfWMAIji_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fits the eco-friendly model, has zero tx fees, and is so light weight that the network can and has been supported by hobbyists. Just like how BTC started.

>> No.52453098
File: 67 KB, 640x740, muskn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Now sitting as the world's first certified global currency. Ticker XNO and currency symbol Ӿ.

>> No.52453137
File: 424 KB, 1496x538, 1percent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One can wonder.

>> No.52453148

It's unironically HEX, but no one wants to hear it

>> No.52453225
File: 337 KB, 1155x921, paxahb343xg61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is all. Good luck.

>> No.52454341

Which radar are you referring to?

>> No.52454622

Hahaha the only answer is taraxa, mainnet conversion coming, halborn audit in progress, herbswap ready to launch, github on fire, no pajeets, only harward chinks as CEOs. And its at fucking 3mil mcap hahaha. Noone WI actually check it out which will let me and the bros accumulate. A legit x1000 gem in the bullrun

>> No.52455360

Useless reddit coin that didn't really outperform last year either.

>> No.52455469
File: 244 KB, 444x628, 1636160636157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

spoonfeed trubit im intrested

>> No.52457511

Why did you waste your time writing this? What a fag.

>> No.52457668
File: 762 KB, 950x724, 1667783153741655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was already decided on.

>> No.52457755

nano a useless POS, stop shilling this trash

>> No.52457818

Kleros pnk

>> No.52458013
File: 478 KB, 2053x1870, FE4E2EAD-2A92-4CAD-8237-290AED07F407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why not HBAR? It's not hard to see it's ties to the US military and the cult of saturn

We're gonna be buying adrenochrome with this stuff

>> No.52459003

BTR (bitrue token) DYOR

>> No.52459055


Kaspa > Aleph Zero

>> No.52459062
File: 801 KB, 1024x958, 1614225605833.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck yourself faggot shills, we are done with VC funded bullshit. Its time to return to the roots of crypto. KYS you stupid kike.

>> No.52459443


I'll make a new thread when this one is over and enuntiate all the best coins mentioned in this thread, then we'll simmer down to the best of the best

>> No.52459452

and what are the roots of crypto? explain

>> No.52459480

ETH and Vitalik are going to have an FTX / LUNA style meltdown. Anyone paying close attention can spot it.

>> No.52459545

I have 37K RLC. Do I need more becuase or your faggot thread?

>> No.52460848

Looking at this thread one last time before it dies, cypherium, everest, and nillion piqued my interest

>> No.52461482

a few more probably, rlc, and other low mcap shit defi

>> No.52462230

Ok retard, that's why the government already uses them so extensively, because they're shit identifiers.

Re-read what I wrote then, because I said they're the only project out there with a working product that provides fundamental identity as opposed to something like encrypted credential sharing.

The reason Cypherium isn't going to win the identity arms race is precisely because of what you mentioned, their blockchain is shit and isn't used for anything other than POC project with big institutions that are throwing a few hundred thousand at them and then tying up their engineering team in something that has a major chance of not panning out. I was personally fudded out of ever buying any when I saw one of the Linkpool devs shitting all over one of their smart contracts on github. Plus, their product is still just credential sharing that relies on legacy documents primarily, which is still too easy to exploit.

>> No.52462233

Is this the same as old school Bitcoin Mycelium, or just someone who stole the name?

>> No.52462297
File: 20 KB, 640x640, FRIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's Fringe Finance but you all wanna get rich over night.

>> No.52462812
File: 433 KB, 1680x1120, 1657904815056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its GNS you tards.

>> No.52462827


Into the trash this entire thread goes. Full of shills and morons. See ya

>> No.52463316

I don't have $200k just ready to deploy into a crypto

>> No.52463706

Care to explain why vitalik said icp is the biggest eth competitor? Go fuck yourself retard

>> No.52463725

He said it's too high mcap

>> No.52464107

Some other things to consider:
>Their github is completely dead. No development whatsoever
>The New York Fed just anonunced CBDC pilot powered by SETL & Digital Asset. SETL claims to process 30 000tps which is way more than Cypherium. Also their team looks way more professional than just a random chink who claims to have tech for world reserve currency
>BSN recently dropped Cypherium from their partners list

Yea I think I will stay out of this.


>> No.52464185

Because Vitalik says weird things occasionally. Always has.

>> No.52464191
File: 681 KB, 2048x1536, 1641031422709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GMX will be 10 billions marketcap, it generates MORE FEES than any protocol minus Ethereum and Uniswap. Think about it hard.
You're looking at a x30 from this point AT LEAST.
Don't fuck it up and use your braincells.

t. OG linky who sold his stack at the peak of 2020 defi bubble

>> No.52464220

RLC is a long con, they have developed nothing in 5 years anhave no users, they spend as little as possible and the plan of the boomer CEO is to live forever on the hundreds of millions they have from their ICO. This is the worst token you can buy, 0 drive to succeed reflected by high employee turnover.
Arguably one of the worst tokens you can buy.

>> No.52464233

>The play is not to find the 100-1000x gem but to just ape in boat loads of cash into something you know will 10-20x.

Why the fuck would you not just buy Bitcoin or ETH and wait a few years at this point?

>> No.52464425

any hint? pls ser

>> No.52464438


>> No.52464519
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I bought RLC 2 days ago and then sold for a 5% profit after seeing it constantly being shilled in random threads like a jeetcoin. Thanks for the profits.

>> No.52464577

why did ftx have to do them so dirty.

>> No.52464586

are you btcfundmanager?

>> No.52464657

can you teach me leverage? i'll pay you

>> No.52464734
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Those who know, know.

>> No.52465234

>PoolTogether (POOL)
I remember POOL from back in 2021. Not because I bought it but because it was the main competitor to Ladyluck (LUCK) which ended up getting rugged after a few weeks kek. I'll look into it later on

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>The real 2022/2023 /biz/ Chainlink-like gem
pic related. You niggers know it to be true

>> No.52465403

Nice, I also put about 50% of my GNS into DXP just so I can put the profits back into GNS and increase my stack. I'm hoping for a 5x at least once it launches in December, 10x still easy from this mcap if it catches some traction.

>> No.52465417


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