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His 4D chess has set us back years

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Based CZ wiped out all fractional reserve scammers
SBF get the rope

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he did it so we can buy in cheaper for the next bull run
how nice of him

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damn our ID colors are so gay, we almost made a tranny flag

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He tweeted back in the summer something like "They want to buy in cheap." By "they" he meant institutions. Pretty curious how he's now the main catalyst for them being able to buy in cheap. I bet he made some backroom deals with some big players.

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He's taken out his biggest competitor but got lucky with the fact that FTX were a bunch of idiots propping up their valuation with FTT and illiquid coins.
Introduce fud -> come to the rescue -> pull out of deal -> watch it all go to hell

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>got lucky
absolutely 0 to do with luck. jews always get too cocky and lack any self reflection

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You have to remember, CZ is allowed to operate because he a good boi for the CCP. FTX was laundering glowie money and giving kickbacks to The Big Guy. CZ took a quick snapshot of their financials, bank accounts, and wallet addresses. CZ then told SBF nvmd jk, and sent all of the info to the CCP.

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CZ didn't because he wanted to monopolize the fractional reserve game

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he got too greedy, he will regret killing crypto.

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It's the opposite. If crypto is to survive we have to have continuing cycles of expansion and collapse. The collapse has to be believable, otherwise - for want of a better way to put it and without trying to sound like an incel - normies, thots, black and brown people will all get in at the bottom and nothing will work. We want them to get in at the top while we get in at the bottom.

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SBF got too greedy and started stealing customer funds and doing fractional reserve
CZ just exposed him and the market did the rest
It’s 100% kike’s fault

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I think it would have been way worse if he didn't. Look at the narrative SBF and the media was trying to spin about his upcoming regulations and how everyone in crypto was completely suckered by it. I was falling for it a little even.

It's obvious the FTX collapse was not part of the plan, it was not supposed to happen. The law will still pass, but now we won't just take it quietly.

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CZ is a hero, anyone saying anything else is a kite lover

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And that's a good thing.

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>TWT mooning
>BNB stable and about to moon
>Destroying BNB's competion (FTT, CRO, etc...)
>Removing bad actors like SBF, Kris, Hex, etc...
CZ-sama I kneel.

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Trips and dubs. You lucky bastard.

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bringer of the great flood.
CZ is saving us.

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>someone creates an exchange to steal money from people
>blame the hero that exposed him

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Because Link pumped above $9

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If CZ hadn't stepped in to body the pathetic little vegan, SBF would have set us back even more years after the launch of FTX's stablecoin and their regulatory meddling

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SBF would've gotten even more fucked if his dream of getting US investment funds to invest into his ponzi came alive.

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>removes fractional reserve scammers from ecosystem
>drops price to a position where (smart) retail can start slurping
yeah, I'm thinkin I'm with Chang

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It hurts short term but its for the better

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Checked and based

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flushing the bad actors from the space
this chink did nothing wrong

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>absolutely 0 to do with luck. jews always get too cocky and lack any self reflection
kikes even have a term for this - "chutzpah"
God is truly just and wise. For He punishes kikes not only in their appearance, but in their unfounded pride.

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the CCP owns crypto now