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funny how #4 is literally FTX right now

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Good find OP, try posting this in a couple of hours to get more traction

Why does every degenerate nerdy girl has a goodreads profile though, kek

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she's so cute bros...

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Any Ernst Jünger?

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It's a really good read. I saw the HBO movie when I was a kid and it made me want to go into business and finance. Alas here I am today losing my shit in the stock market and getting BTFOd in crypto.

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Nope. I don't see her reading Gläserne Bienen or Heliopolis desu. Many interesting titles though.

And Nabokov, Jordan Peterson, James C Scott, Daniel Ellesberg, Bruce Schneier.

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this whitepilled me, if a top jew in company of another top jew is reading these types of books then i don't think they are evil or control anything, I think they just use their nepotism and flail around in life like normal humans.

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Inadequate Equilibria is one of the best books I have ever read. I have recommended it extensively.

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why exactly were all of these things never found before?

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reading is gay. you're literally letting another man put his thoughts into your brain

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For a 200IQ MIT math genius she writes like a spastic

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The degenerate ssx with FTX staff is true isn't it? They're pulling out all the stops. I don't know, it's kinda based.

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she has more sex than most on /biz
and made billions
and is cute

what did you achive in your life?

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The two are not mutually exclusive

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Hell rabbi, nice try

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why read a book if people wont know you read it? also she didnt actually read those books lol she just spent 18 hours a day hunched over a smartphone like every other zoomer retard

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>pithy title: description

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and what does not being mutually exclusive have to do with your dumbass assuming someone adept in math would be a good writing?
also, if you can muster the self awareness for an inkling of self reflection, why do dumbasses like yourself keep going? did you think you were saving face? is that it?

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>is cute
exactly as cute as a rat

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This chick has zero self-esteem lololol

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Or just confirming what you already know/suspect you unteachable unimaginative brainlet.

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somehow she managed to make herself sound even more vapid than a greedy person. at least money is pure potential in material form. those other things are 100% teen girl ego

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I'll admit, I didn't think this was her. Now that her tumblr has come out, I'm completely convinced she browsed /biz/.

It's like Lainey on /pol/. These women are weird on anonymous sites

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>as cute as a rat
exactly, she's adorable

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What a fucking nerdlinger

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I love watching autistic sperg out.

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I grew up and was primarily educated, early on, exclusively by Jewish people. What I learned in retrospect is that their commitment to "peace", idealism and intellect forces them into a persistent neurotic state that compels them to "fight" (as we all have to do) in a way that sublimates the direct physical confrontation that they have evolved to avoid... ie: what appears to be "scheming".
Their households tend to be warm and supportive, lots of books. lots of bickering. uptight about money and yet freely offer whats needed to their children etc.

Think about it this way: all of the effort and energy that goyim tend to put into different forms of pageantry and physical dominance (beauty and sports/being a fighter) Jews tend to invest into ways to avoid these contests without being penalized.

The best way to avoid contests of pageantry and physical dominance is to specialize with the engineering and moderation of the profit/engagement generation potential. Understanding the numerical value of something without being biased by personal feelings is also helpful.

These differential priorities and foci betwee jews and nonjews have been living within and without for so long might contribute to the deep distrust that some feel towards jews. and vice versa.

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Terrible thoughts on the future. Also sexually frustrated femcel.

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that's a mouse, not a rat

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out of interest, is there any proof of her being gifted at math? i saw her in front of a maths fair pic but thats hardly confirmation, nothing else i have seen makes her come across as remotely intelligent.

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How can you tell?

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the only thing more repulsive than her face is her voice

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How does she look so young and old at the same time?

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ear size to body ratio

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Mathematicians have to write papers that present their ideas in a mix of English and mathematical notation. They certainly have to be passable technical writers.

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ok jew

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Being an autistic incel neet is still more comfy than having a caricature of your already ugly face all over the internet.

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>list of books
The fuck am I supposed to do with that I don't read books I know literally none of them

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Lmao, just make the glasses bigger and it's 1 to 1

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>commitment to "peace", idealism and intellect
Nobody loses 8 billion of stolen user funds because they were too committed to intellect and ideals. I don't that's what their "scheming" is exactly, be honest now

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>he doesn't know about the principia mathematica
Retard, lmao.

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>pinning the weasel

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holy shit why does this make me attracted to her?
>I have big cheeks to store lots of your cum
i would empty my balls into this bitch wtf

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this makes me want to gas them more

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Why is she wearing toilet paper rolls on her head?

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rjr nabasco was the complete opposite of ftx
after their new flagship cigarette invention turned out to be a dud the ceo astroturfed interest in his company that skyrocketed share value and allow all investors in his company to cash out big while fucking over the vc's that tried to funded the mess
that is not to say they lost money but lost otherwise much better profits

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You calling her cute is more insulting to her than me saying she's butt ugly. Chicks hate being the "cute" girl. Kek

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Why does every degenerate boy post on 4chan?
It's just what they do

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Tell me more

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Fucking bitch deletes everything in realtime, it's gone

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You are stupid. Enjoy the thought I just put in your smooth brain now

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ok this woman is most definitely a piece of shit but, why the hell are you guys cyber stalking her?

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being young and ugly

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I’ve heard of at least one good writer who also happened to be a mathematician.

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I can only feel admiration for this chick, she literally made it for a long time.

>Has been able to date throughout her life far outside of her looks (which aren't as awful as biz makes out)
>Scammed the entire world economy
>Lived out her degenerate sexual fantasies and got involved in multiple meth fueled gangbangs
>When she goes to prison will be the bottom bitch for every dyke there (you just know she will enjoy this)
>Was able to use her scammed money to elect political candidates of her choice

If I was one of the retards who lost money I'm sure I would be seething but I'm not so only respect

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Its been deleted, damn.

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She only has a bachelors, that should tell you what you need to know. Gifted or no she didn't pursue much of an education in it.

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is that a lord of the rings leaf brooch necklace

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>Group orgy just ask you guys come fuck the chipmunk
this line became much funnier

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but rats are cute, when they're not being vermin

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Zero truly great books. :-(


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how the fuck do i read books bros? Do I listen to audio books or just read them? how do you get the time to read all that shit?

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this. also books are obsolete technology. we are using internet now.

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Midwit trash.

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based aspie anon. write more.

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read a book before bedtime fren, actually really cozy and helps to fall asleep

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how are they weird?
shes not delusional but rather knows she's not hot shit and the degrading aspect?
isnt this the truth. its why I go to the gym or wanna be rich, to impress a woman of my standards. but the sooner we learn yo work for ourselves can we achieve true enlightenment and growth rather than be shackled down by the desire of revenge and anger. It can only go so far

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Jews are in full damage control
you guys are having a bad few months. hope it gets worse <3

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that's literally what happened:

tl;dr they believe in something called "effective altruism"

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May be this is the msin reason for why Sam choosed her

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G-guys? I think I might be jewish. I'm a baptized lutheran but people always think I'm jewish because of how I look and this post describes me 100%

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https://archive dot ph/YgcrN

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You are an absolute mark to believe that

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They took down the page. I want to see the rest of her books.

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The fact that they hate christ and want to subvert and subjugate the goyim also plays a role, methinks

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not surprising since she browses here

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did you actually read the article or is your jewdar over-tuned?

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Thanks anon

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that and the whole white genocide on top of their destruction of christ and christianity

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I'm saying they claim to believe in "effective altruism", they don't actually believe in it, except as a means to enrich themselves

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shes literally a female chudjak

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>>Has been able to date throughout her life far outside of her looks (which aren't as awful as biz makes out)

no she wasnt. the men at ftx are disgusting. she was dating down if anything

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>nuts and seed
>not nuts and seeds

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fair enough, though I dont think they are true psychopaths, just power hungry with a religious fervor. Except instead of god they are all about "effective altruism"

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I can fix her.

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Link already seemed down, here the internet archieve version.

Almost if Caroline is watching BIZ :)


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literally the female chudjak
the memes write themselves

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Her entire investment strategy was buying shitcoins and shilling them on /biz/.

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>Donating tens of million to the DNC is altruism

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kys kike

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mmmm right up my alley

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>>Has been able to date throughout her life far outside of her looks (which aren't as awful as biz makes out)

sup caroline.

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Blah blah blah
They make disgusting degenerate porn, they love letting shitskins into white countries, they usurers, they're dishonest, and most importantly, they hate our Lord and saviour Jesus.

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Pretty good summary, although it's worth mentioning that modern jews are not the same as old testament jews. The Jews from the old testament are literally all dead. Modern jews are all genetically irono-turko-slavic and have absolutely no ties to Israel. They're larpers so hijacked a dead religion and wrote a bunch of fucked up laws in a book called the Talmud.

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>ccp shills take the bait

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Had mitch on my mind today

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Nah it's just that she was a patsy. She was put in as CEO just 2 months before all this happened

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honestly though, even the israelites of the old testament were pieces of shit who did not deserve god's grace. They were straight-up niggers who constantly disobeyed god, worshiped demons, genocided everyone around them, and so on. It's no wonder they were eventually spurned. Of course they've only gotten worse since rejecting christ and becoming cursed, but even back in the beginning, the problems were there.

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May GOD bless the saint that spotted and screenshotted this eternal evidence of her whorish, worthless, subhuman existence.
I love seeing the pain in the "chosen" when they're forced to admit their wretched inadequacies. If they confessed to god, thwir pain would be over, but they feel they must parade their sins before the eyes of man.
Let her writhe in pain.

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yes goy, we're harmless, dumber than even you are

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Got 100% in Assasins Creed 2