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Alameda attacks Binance when Binance first opened its futures exchange.

This 4 tweet thread explains it with receipts:

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Also 2019:
In a whale Telegram group, Zhu Su (co-foundeer and CEO of 3 Arrows Capital) FUDS FTX, saying it's too good to be true and that things don't add up.

Pic related is a tweet from Zhu Su in 2019, and an example of what he is talking about.

Link below is the Telegram convo:

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>Binance PR teams are working overnight
Get back to your village Aneesh, I don't trust bankman, I don't trust cz
simple as

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More Zhu Su FTX FUD

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Fast Forward to 2022:

This anon sums it up by saying:
2019: Su Zhu FUDs FTX, turns into rivalry with SBF.

>SBF uses Alameda to destroy Luna to destroy 3AC.
>Alameda gets caught in the liquidations.
>SBF has to bail out Alameda.
>Alameda hole brings down FTX.

SBF destroyed himself in revenge against Su.

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Why did CZ invest so much in FTX?

>The best way to protect yourself against something that can disrupt you in any way, is to become that, is to invest very heavily in that.

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Zhu Su says revenge is coming

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For what it's worth, Zhu Su does not look like the kind of dude I would want to fuck with.

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Yeah, there's something wrong in his stare.

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>with receipts

stop speaking like a redditnigger

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It's either BitMEX or Alameda.

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So you're speculating that people are pouring billions down the toilet because they mix business with ego?

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based zhu ourguy

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He's a retard and when he got rekt he brought half the space down with him. He was operating on the level of Bill Hwang in a much less developed ecosystem.
Dig through his tweets, many of his calls were wrong yet he was repeatedly loaned billions.

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kys, juif. kys before you get gassed

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He was still a degen bull, He wanted to make himself and all of us richer, It's inherently good will. Compared to Sam who only cared about destroying competitors (thus cause this space to crumble on the way) with his fraudulent scheme that shouldn't have existed to begin with

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His stare makes him look like the kinda motherfucker that would cut you up with a chainsaw while you're tied up in the basement of some gook mob safehouse.

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Worshipping e-drama and following e-celebs. This is why nobody on /biz/ will ever make it. You can't think for yourselves.

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Revenge against who? Unless he had a hand in leaking FTX's balance sheet, ship sailed.

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>Unless he had a hand in leaking FTX's balance sheet
very likely imo

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he looks like a little bitch
t. professional asian

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I feel he could sink into the deep end if really pressed to. If the nice guy persona is not working out.

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Explain why SBF would destroy Luna knowing they are going to lose a bunch of money with Alameda, makes no sense.

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>hates FTX
>trades on their exchange
kek, fuck these retards. They're all clowns.

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He looks like he can do karate.

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What if SBF didn't realize he wouldn't recover from the Luna collapse?

And this is where the SBF Luna connection came from.

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I find it funny, but at the same time I'm worried about how this e-drama will affect my investments. So, not that funny anymore.

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If only he wasnt 5 foot 2

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Yea dude, being tall!
Totally matters in 2022 year currently.
Seething cannon fodder lanklets can't get over themselves.
Enjoy mac and cheese.

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>still defending that piece of shit

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Would you rekt yourself for 8 Billion dollars or whatever just to take down Luna? How much money exactly did Alameda lose with Luna? Like I said it makes no sense.

>Why are you thinking logically!? Just be a lemming and Pile it on like me!

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i know him, he's actually a psycho. sam is a retard sociopath, but zhu is literally very close to what you described.

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Why would you trust any exchange? Idiot