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I'll take good care of him /biz/bros don't worry

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>Gets kidnapped by cartels upon landing
>10b ransom
>gets beheaded anyways

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damn I got excited but the flight is from 11th. apparently he landed on San Fernando near my place. what a bummer

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Probably flew right over your house then anon holy shit

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Argentina is full of jews he will probably flight to israel after that, remember argentina didn't let that nazi submarine in, he is literally flying home lmao

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SBF stated he's been held up at an airport in The Bahamas with some of his partners in crime. You most likely were tracking the private jet of one of your corrupts politicians and caught them hiding some USD then returning home.
Caroline is the only one who managed to escape with hundreds of millions looted and is on her way to Dubai to get fucked and be used as a public toilet by strong Arabian men.

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2 day old happening, and it turned out it had nothing to do with Sam.




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>stale shit from two days ago
>the cartels are from argentina
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