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>theres still a gamestpp general

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gamestop has done better than Nasdaq in general and better than crypto. The short squeeze ain't happening but it's done better than many assets during the downturn.

t. bought and sold GME for a profit at the very beginning. haven't touched it since

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SBF is now the face of this meme.
can someone make it happen

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Ok did it myself

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Reddit containment zone.

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baggie support group. i wish they would just mass suicide already along with their jewish overlord

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>t. crypto baggie
I too, would need to desperately find something to cope over if I was a crypto baggot.
Holy shit imagine being a crypto faggot right now, I'd literally kill myself.

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>>t. crypto baggie
>I too, would need to desperately find something to cope over if I was a crypto baggot.
>Holy shit imagine being a crypto faggot right now, I'd literally kill myself.

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kek GME baggie decides to make an appearance. go back to your containment area

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get in on BBBY. bond deal deadline is next week on 11/15. ryan cohen and carl icahn have hinted pretty strongly at a deal. as a bonus GME maxis are going to rope when BBBY moons while GME crabs.


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Why did you post a picture of yourself faggot?
>he's actually a crypto baggot
Fucking KEK. How red are you?

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rent free nigger

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>y-you're a baggie just like me!
lmao keep telling yourself that baggie

cope and seethe

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I doubt the 2 measly grand of your lifesaving's you've lost would be considered "baggage" by anyone worth their salt. So no, I don't think you're a baggie, just another poorfaggot.

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>File: KEK CRYPTO BAGGY.png (323 KB, 3336x559)
>>>52397584 (You)
>Why did you post a picture of yourself faggot?
>>he's actually a crypto baggot
>Fucking KEK. How red are you?

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>GME baggie calling others poor
haha. do another one.

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nice work

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My call options in the last three days did better than the Nasdaq. Still doesn’t mean redditors aren’t holding bags from when they bought two years ago.

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>owns over a billion dollars of the company
Not the best use

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i dont know the exact font, so my "nothing" isnt as clear in thumbnails. kinda annoying me.

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lol what company? you mean that nft marketplace that's supposed to change the FUTURE OF GAMING?


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it DOES mean redditors holding bags from 2 years ago are doing better than BTC baggies, ND100 baggies and many others. I said "during the downturn" not "the last three days," retard

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>Immutable integration has shown increased volume with proceedings reaching their predictions on a marketplace that hasn't fully launched and has literally made no advertisements yet.

Again for the retards in the back. KEK CRYPTO BAGGOTS

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You're going to lose it all because you're dumb

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>you're going to lose EVERYTHING because...? because you just are ok!

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Also how many zeros does a billion have anon?

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lol that's it?

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I'm talking about retail holding a minimum of 40% of the company.
>no argument
I guess it is.

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>counts on fingers

>the jpeg market place just hasn't started yet and it's gonna be huge and CHANGE THE WORLD

seriously though. is that it? lmao

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>jpeg market place
For someone who seemingly religiously watches a stock that he doesn't even own it's surprising to see that this is all you seem to know.

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GME should start selling these shirts instead. They'd probably make a killing.

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this thread needs more artwork for the "NFT marketplace"

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why would you use "Kek." instead of lol? Think about it. You wrote it like it's a word. It doesn't mean anything, its just the modification of the actual acronym lol. You don't even know why you use it. Somewhere, sometime you saw a few people post it and hopped right on board. Too mainstream for lol right? Thats so old, its meaning makes sense but you dont feel comfortable expressing your approval of things on the internet with the common old "lol" thats been around for so long. You'll man up and use the purposely misspelled version with no discernible humor or purpose besides making you look like a complete idiot while you maintain the false concept that other people find it amusing or appropriate and using purposely misspelled words shows the world that youre not afraid of anything and are part of some grand inside joke that no one finds funny. Theres a lot going through your head, but you realize I am right. You will try though, to get the best of this exchange. What are you going to go for? Newfag? Summer? oh damn there are so many options to choose from. An implication that I'm underage perhaps? Thats always fresh. Maybe you'll just shut down. I think you should go with something about butthurt or being mad or even comment on the length of the unproportionally long comment that so swiftly brought to your attention that you are a faggot that tries oh so hard to fit in.I'm sure you could find some grammar or spelling errors as a last resort. I cant wait, Its always fun playing insult roulette

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>and then they all invested in BBBY

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You okay bro?
Didn't read but can tell you need a hug.
stay strong.

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I buy and DRS my favorite stock GME, do you have a problem?

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i'll give YOU a hug
you want a hug?

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This is the closest I could get it to.

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And here's the font.

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its so weird
its like they get so invested in one thing that they can't do anything else or admit it was a bust

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>gme fags in full defense mode in this thread
bwahahahahaha stay in your cesspit of hopium and copium delirium

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This one should be ok

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I've been making almost six figures selling covered puts, I hope this goes on as long as possible.

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Need a newer pic, he is much fatter now.

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It's overvalued. Normalfags hate NFTs, gamers don't give a fuck about NFTs and the NFT market was very clearly a bubble.

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the trade was stopped over a year ago. gme is still a good inflation hedge or at least it has been.

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GME is currently performing better than the crypto market.

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We at /gme/ are in the process of taking all available shares out to the equivalent of a cold storage. This is unprecedented, you should own at least a couple of jiemmies out of curiosity.

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keyed post

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>Normalfags hate NFTs, gamers don't give a fuck about NFTs and the NFT market was very clearly a bubble.
Normalfags like reselling skins and DLC.

That's literally it.
No NFT marketing needs to be done at all.

How many don't understand this is truly funny.
Silver baggies are trying to do so, crypto baggies have failed to do so. Only GME chads are actually successful in our bank run.
57.45% of shares that should be free to trade, 29.05% of total shares.

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>Normalfags like reselling skins and DLC
They don't need GameStop for that. Licensing doesn't allow that in most cases anyway.

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back 2 twitter