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caroline of ftx/alameda's Tumblr was found

would you smash?

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What the hell, she sounds like a reasonable woman and probably good relationship material

What's wrong with her? How did she end up accepting a bahamas polycule?

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the fuck is this troonspeak

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>"Women are a pretty low percentage of crypto, trading, and executive roles in general. I don’t think there is any substantial gender difference on average in general intelligence and competence. But women do tend to be substantially less self-confident, assertive, and risk-tolerant, and more anxious, compassionate, and emotionally sensitive--all of which I think is pretty relevant to the fields I work in."

WTF she's based and redpilled

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"Fake Charity Nerd Girl"
-- https://worldoptimization.tumblr.com/

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She wants a man who "controls world governments". What part of that sounds reasonable to you? No wonder sbf made all those political donations. It was literally to impress her and get some smelly gash

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SBF must have had a 24 inch dick.

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she posted on here with the trip YHWH loves you. see how see speaks completely differently depending on where she is though, on tumblr she speaks like a mentally ill tranny because she has to blend in like a lizard.

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You could have saved this chipmunk/biz/

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and made multiple inventions and discoveries

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the more I learn about her the more I realize she was a 3/10 with 10/10 requirements in mens potential. billions of $$$ is good enough for her.

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Kind of sounds like she's just describing Jews except for the strength part.

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is she jewish herself?

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She's literally saying all the jew talking points
- da joos control all the world governments
- da joos have a disproportionate amount of nobel prizes thanks to their scientific discoveries
- da joos have the highest IQ among ethnic groups thanks to their superior spatial reasoning

This shit fucking gloooows

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i haven't really heard of many jewish people inventing and discovering things

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he did though, lots of defi pyramid ponzi shitcoins

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Normies can't understand the thrill of pinning the weasel. Night spent chasing an over amphetamined Caroline around the bean bag forts. Her squealing and gibbering, pouring sweat and on the verge of seizing. Your friends build up an intoxicating, delirious state with Talmudic chantings at the sidelines, hitting the Caroline-toy with brooms if she tries to escape. Sam would be giggling and laughing as the waves of methamphetamine pleasure seem to harmonize with the droning Hebrew verses. He runs through the bean bag maze fat and portly, with his viagra powered penis a divining rod for the weasel. Sweat gushing down his face around his unfocused eyes he laughs and chortles until he gasps "Found you!". The Mathsweasel screeches defensively but Wankman Bankman is upon her in seconds. His penis thrusting blindly into her flank, leg, stomach and ribs unconcerned about anything but the motion. Eventually serendipity finds her mouth and the Cocktube Rodent is placated, suckling contently on Bankman's dehydrated dick.

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no that tranny wasnt her you stupid 2 digits iq mouth breather his imitation attemp is laughably gay and cringe idk how you niggers ate it up like jelly

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That's normal human behavior. I don't post the same way on Reddit as I do here

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>posting on reddit at all

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>low risk aversion



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I thought Tumblr shut down ages ago

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>would you smash?
yeah but I have low standards

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Why not just look at futa hentai instead of this garbage? They're both just drawings with the amount of filters and photoshop on that picture.

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>dating via google docs

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Im a 3D man

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So is the ugly man in your picture, good point.

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She wants to see your spreadsheet skills before she spreads for you in the sheets.

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fail and aids

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>posts on reddit
kill yourself

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damn that is actually her?

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>if you are a boy with the confidence to advocate for unconventional ideas and take actions based on them
Me: Why yes Jew, I am an advocate for throwing you and your entire race of thieving, murderous pedophiles into large showers that will dispense potassium cyanide gas to kill you all.
Her: (muffled noises from mouth gag)
Me: what's this stalag thing you're on about?

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belle pls move mirrin the blackbromaid

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lmao she reads moldbug

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not that surprising

moldbug isn't that far outside of the overton window (also is jewish)

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She wants the elon cock

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she's fucked in the head badly

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she sounds like a typical "le free thinker", except more evil (jewish)

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Also fuck niggers jews and jannies (they do it for free)

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the amount of frauding to appear slightly feminine, kek. trannies are so fucking mentally ill

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Based on these posts she just seems like Ayn Rand who was also busted and horny.

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tfw no amphetamine fueled jane street harem girl

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Honestly it only takes for a woman to even briefly consider something like this realistically and she's basically unsuited for any kind of normal relationship from then on.
Mostly because women always have enough men to pull that kind of shit with, while men have to fight for female affection.

Essentially if a woman even dabbles in that, there's no salvaging her afterwards since she'll never settle for a normal life again or be antagonistic to it.

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Wait, was the tripfag Yahweh Loves You actually Caroline? I thought that nigga was LAPRPing but if she's aware of NRX it wouldn't be suprising if she comes here.

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accurate assessment

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>She wants a man who "controls world governments
absolutely based and pilled the law of power has always been one man with balls rule over thousands of leeches

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wouldn't be surprised at all if the cunt was posting here honestly if she was bored enough to keep a fucking blog

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>imperial Chinese harem

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Hahaha too real

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What's https://www.tumblr.com/worldoptimization-lifeadvice? Is it also her?
>If I had to give one piece of romantic advice to my past self I think it would be something like “find the most attractive person in the world. try to date him. if that doesn’t work move on to the second most attractive, and so on”
>My formulation is kind of extreme, and it definitely doesn’t apply to everyone. But I think I spent a while in my youth dating people I wasn’t that into because I assumed the most attractive people were out of my league. Since then circumstances have led me to discover that actually the people I’m most into are about 100% likely to be into me. So if you are a person who is similar to me along the relevant dimensions I think this is something you should consider.

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You must have Einstein level IQ then.
Got it?

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Einstein was jewish? XD

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>I'm going to do it. I'll 10x leverage dogecoin. If I can make all our money back Sam will love me more than his insta-thots

This is the thought process that brought down global crypto markets btw.

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She definitely came, how do you think they picked that many shitcoins that appear in their balance sheet? And by shitcoins I mean SHIT coins, absolute worthless garbage that were shilled here for quick pump and dump.
I'm sure half ftx staff was dedicated to shill their bags on here as a strategy as well

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This is a man, all women are bi sexual. A woman cannot be straight or gay like a man can.

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how does he even breath thru that nose

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Everyone fucking comes here.
When the FTX shit was going down as soon as something was posted here those talking head cunts like cobie were repeating it verbatim.

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you're insane? twitter is the source, your feeding on second hand puke

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Hi Cobie

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And she'll end up snagging one too. Her mouth must be a goddamn vacuum.

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>high IQ, mathematician
>understands female limitations
>chipmunk cheeks for storing cum
>thousands of years of jewish selective pressure has made her lust after big elite cock
>wants to be a part of your chinese style harem while you rule over the goyim
why didn't you save her /biz/?

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>Is it infinitely good to do double-or-nothing coin flips forever? Well, sort of, because your upside is unbounded and your downside is bounded at your entire net worth. But most people don’t do this, because their utility is more like a function of their log wealth or something and they really don’t want to lose all of their money. (Of course those people are lame and not EAs; this blog endorses double-or-nothing coin flips and high leverage.)
This will for sure end up in a legal brief.

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Everything is ran by morons

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She was unironically made for CZ's crypto harem. Bad stroke of fate for her to pair with Sam first.

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Wtf she is a psychopath

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>my contribution to Supreme Court discourse will be to share my most interesting celebrity encounter story, which is that I used to live in a house Antonin Scalia used to live in
>we found this out when someone rang our doorbell one day and my mom opened the door to a guy who announced, “hi, I’m Antonin Scalia! I used to live here!”
>and then he proceeded to invite us to visit him at the Supreme Court and reserve seats for us to watch a session if we were ever in DC, which we actually took him up on

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How the fuck this ugly thing have that expectations???

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she seems pretty cool desu except for the polyamorous thing that is gay

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Fuck you make a really good point here. There’s a tweet about her talking about trading shitcoins, that is more damning than her going on about being a hamster cumdumpster in Sam’s apartment

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hashtag girl boss!

>> No.52398223

are these from when she was in high school?

>> No.52398234

well it's tumblr so prob

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No, ~2020

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she clarified "this post is not based on a real life event." as if it was needed LMAO

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what the hell is dating on google docs? I'm 30 and I feel so despondent about everything. I don't understand anything anymore.

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>I don’t think there is any substantial gender difference on average in general intelligence and competence
That's wrong though. Women tend to be midwits, with decidedly average intelligence, while men instead fill the two extremes containing both imbeciles and super geniuses.

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she got cucked so she tried to cuck the world

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Jews marry out of convenience with other goblins, and get sexual gratification through other ways (raping goyim women, kids, etc.)

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>how do I signal my genuinely sweet and femine nature on my dating profile?

there it is

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She sounds so sociopathic in a very Bay Area kind of way. God I wish I could gtfo of here.

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>wire fraud

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Will I be able to write letters to Caroline in jail?
Will she read them?

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it makes me very very upset that ugly girls just end up fat in the USA
i would commit a crime for an autist gf who is dependent on me
maybe if I deadlift 500 pounds the ugliest skinny girl in town will look my way

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Yo is that my main ho Caroline? Normies can't understand the thrill of pinning the weasel. Night spent chasing an over amphetamined Caroline around the bean bag forts. Her squealing and gibbering, pouring sweat and on the verge of seizing. Your friends build up an intoxicating, delerious state with Talmudic chantings at the sidelines, hitting the Caroline-toy with brooms if she tries to escape. Sam would be giggling and laughing as the waves of methamphetamine pleasure seem to harmonize with the droning herbrew verses. He runs through the bean bag maze fat and portly, with his Viagra Powered Penis a divining rod for the weasel. Sweat gushing down his face around his unfocused eyes he laughs and chortles until he gasps "Found you!" The Mathweasel screeches defensively but Wankman Bankman is upon her in seconds. His penis thrusting blindly into her flank, leg, stomach and ribs unconcerned about anything but the motion. Eventually serendepity finds her mouth and the Cocktube Rodent is placated, suckling contently on Bankman's dehydrated dick

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This woman believes that you should never aspire to negotiate your pay, and be unquestionably loyal to your employer.

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It's crazy how a story can be ruined just by adding some nigger speech at the start of it

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Because quite frankly shes ugly

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More Red Flags then a Victory Day Parade in Moscow

>> No.52398909

reminder that we're incarnated on Earth as punishment - this is literally a spiritual punishment asylum and the hosts dgaf if the lunatics take control

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apparently her mom was Catholic, dad was Jewish, and she was an altar server for years

>> No.52398978

I need an tumblr account to enter that link and I'm not going to make one

>> No.52399018

>"hot enough"
>a literal 0/10 fugly goblina hellspawn thinks she's "hot"

holy shit the modern world has fucked womens' perception of themselves

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She's kinda cute in a bathing suit

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did anyone else notice that she hinted at doing wire fraud? which is a felony?

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I think it's just her lamenting the lack of regulatory clarity.

>> No.52399167

>incredibly ugly gremlin girl who got her girlboss posistionthrough nepotism is reasonable
Biz is full of such utter fucking faggots.

>> No.52399204

This, imagine thinking we have women here.

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Either newfags or Caroline

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That's actually chad advice

>> No.52399356

those filters tho

>> No.52399362

chad will stick their dick in any wet vagina
therefore all women are "hot"
its unreal just how fucked we are

>> No.52399376

Buy an advert you droll cunt.
You think people here don't know all this already and are going to sit through 20 minutes listening to that?

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Was it the meth that made her such a cumbrain or was she a cumbrain even beforehand?

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She has probably tried everything under the sun.
>does anyone have a good estimate of modafinil effects on birth control effectiveness?

>> No.52399524

this is how you know no jew took the vaccine

>> No.52399656

Based and Libertarian piled

>> No.52399702

Dats a

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File: 55 KB, 526x357, Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 01-43-02 Assorted Thoughts on My Life.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shes red pilled

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File: 575 KB, 1280x720, 1668237140667792.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no she's a disgusting drug addicted sex pest rat like the rest of her tribe

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>> No.52400178

She should've did grad school and stayed in academia instead of letting SBF corrupt her.

>> No.52400199

that is actually a based take

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Shes into race science too, not surprising giving her looks lmao

>> No.52400214

Looking at some of her posts it seems like she's actively seeking for it.

>> No.52400215

Literally our girl, even did the mother of all rugpulls.

>> No.52400223

that is the sexiest thing ive ever read. can you imagine her softly whispering this into ear while she gives you a handy? dear lord..

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>> No.52400410

I feel bad for her kind, they must live in pain due to their emptiness

>> No.52400411

don't make me sick man these posts aren't funny

>> No.52400421


oh come the fuck on

>> No.52400425

i'm not into that bimbo shit

>> No.52400441

This one basically confirms that she was given a significant amount of power / influence, it's not just that she married rich or something - she literally sees herself as a powerful girlboss because she was handed power.
We are ruled over by amphetamine-fueled psychopathic chipmunks.

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File: 1.04 MB, 2812x2246, car.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

her commentary on manosphere advice

>> No.52400466

'what is almost surely convergence' for 600, alex

>> No.52400481

>tfw no international wire fraud gf

>> No.52400496

this can't be real

>> No.52400511

no way im reading this gay myspace shit, bro this is like grade school xanga shit

>> No.52400520


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This is literally right though? I'm off to buy a lottery ticket RIGHT NOW, fuck you, /biz/.
If I need more money I'll just panhandle for a few minutes to buy a new ticket.

>> No.52400571

lmfao that level of chud cope

>> No.52400602

Good take

>> No.52400624


>> No.52400677

To be honest , I'd fuck her hard. The amount of money she had would've been enough for me.

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File: 96 KB, 786x641, berkeley.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Berkeley HAPAs catcalling Caroline

>> No.52400715

Everything men have said about women that women say is sexist is right here in plain lettering.
Amazing. Not that we didn't know that, but this chipmunk puts it all out there and is the last person I'd think to see it from.

Honestly though, so fucking tiresome to be around women.

>> No.52400722

Sigma Female Mindset

>> No.52400729

What's HBD?

>> No.52400754

disappointing she doesn't expose her rabbis role in moulding her opinion

>> No.52400757

Human biodiversity. The radical belief that our races (gasp!) don't all have the same average IQ or variance.

>> No.52400791

YHWH is a troon, and talks nothing like Ro'
Take your meds

>> No.52400827

she deleted her tumblr. how are you finding this?

>> No.52400842

Watching her severely autistic brain reason the shittiest experience a human can have, being a woman, is very wholesome.

>> No.52400856

it's not deleted, you just need a Tumblr account to view it.

>> No.52400977

How much money did the average person that was into this xrp shit lose?

>> No.52401273

Fucking nerd

>> No.52401298

The fatal flaw in this strategy has always been that you assume you have an unlimited bankroll to sustain doubling-down indefinitely until the coin eventually “flips” in your favor (because it has too right? lel)
This is unironic high school midwit shit.
No shocker that anything involving such a person is going tits-up

>> No.52401356

What does EA mean?

>> No.52401389

>like Ro'
What is your reference for this?

>> No.52401397

Effective altruism

>> No.52401413

actually you are the midwit, she is a math prodigy and received awards from MIT. She knows better

>> No.52401426

Are you seriously advocating for a textbook Martingale strategy?

>> No.52401455

Completely insane lmao.

>> No.52401468

Audibly chortled

>> No.52401469

uhh, based?

>> No.52401470

I'm just able to admit when somebody has better knowledge and more expertise backed up by official endorsements

>> No.52401499

retard phoneposter gender studies degree

>> No.52401500

>official endorsements
One booster too many? That was a literal Math Prize for Girls.
Check out https://twitter.com/breakingthemark/status/1591114402584940544 to see how SBF thought of Kelly criterion.

>> No.52401531
File: 125 KB, 1280x541, sweetcaroline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52401556

Did this dumb whore base her trading strategy on iterative prisoner's dilemma?

>> No.52401565
File: 73 KB, 880x788, inline-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not her. Fingers too long. Compare with this pic right around Alameda's founding: she has tiny hands.

>> No.52401597

She was more degen than us

>> No.52401664
File: 67 KB, 1200x800, 4564BA00-D78C-41BC-A5EE-37E40FC9D121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but look at all her DEGREES!
well clearly you trust the science

>> No.52401868
File: 483 KB, 680x382, 1668335433703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ugh sweety being a domineering ambitious manly man is the very basic to be a man

>> No.52402262

Damn that's sad lol. Getting mad at her own dream

>> No.52402335

I mean, she's not wrong. The problem is that most companies nowadays will just use you up and throw you away. But if you can find an employer that is loyal to you, go ahead and be loyal to them. Of course it's funny and highly hypocritical coming from a fraudster and a moral hazardist

>> No.52402571

so ayn rand?

>> No.52402609

midwit take
they're also dumber on average
they also have vastly different types of intelligence
if intelligence is a cluster of points of skill then theirs, evolved through natural selection, are geared toward language, social control, emotional relating and management, shit like that that make us hate them when they misuse these traits
you can count these as intelligence all you like as they're crucial to their reproduction, but guess what these traits don't build shit, at least any visible shit like you're using right now: that's the male brain
your home, your devices, your government, everything visible, legible, with stable standards, in one word civilisation as we know it is male
australian abos "civilisation", in fact culture, is female
they eat and rape their kids

>> No.52402636

>jews made multiple inventions and discoveries
"how to jew", Tome 254284562467T2746
anything else?

>> No.52402642

einstein was yet another jewish fraud
i thought biz had a higher iq floor

>> No.52402696

>similar to me along the relevant dimensions
depth of depravity
willingness to jew
i mean we could write a book about her "relevant dimensions"
i'm sure bankman is attracted to her because she's such a bug and so is he

>> No.52402732

they "banned porn", that is they merely pretended to
it's still there, just not that frontpage anymore
talk about an influential social website
i wonder what's been written about it in depth

>> No.52402752

how the fuck do they know redditors ages
do they go by a question at signup?

>> No.52402815


>> No.52402856

>small brain: prioritizing personal relationships over work because they’re more fun
>big brain: prioritizing work over personal relationships because it’s more important
>galaxy brain: having personal relationships that are as ambitious and world-changing as your work

>> No.52403023

High probability that she's reading this right now

>> No.52403068

if her mother was catholic, that means she's not an actual jew

>> No.52403118

nah nah
it's her candidly sharing her mindy discoveries about life that any dumb roastie could run circles around
basically the chimpunk had NO sex-related experiences as a teen (except jewcest ofc) and now she's learning to act like a 12 yo
meanwhile prime white girls get destroyed by her insect tribe

>> No.52403143

>she posted on here with the trip YHWH loves you.

there is no evidence it was her.

>> No.52403145

>the shittiest experience a human can have, being a woman
keyed and jewpilled

>> No.52403149

she's a femcel

>> No.52403165

I smiled but this pasta is getting a bit overused

>> No.52403189

Are you seriously replying to a sarcastic post earnestly?

>> No.52403232

>i would commit a crime for an autist gf who is dependent on me
>maybe if I deadlift 500 pounds the ugliest skinny girl in town will look my way
why would she care?
it's simple: women (and anyone really) respect you for what you provide them with
if you live in a dangerous time and place then maybe your deadlifting means higher chances of survival
like right now in ukraine fit guys just saw their value spike up since last february
but obviously fitness isnt enough to keep the girl safe
it's all very basic
girl needs to reproduce
but does she have to?
not here
they can postpone forever and get paid and protected for the privilege
because decadent rich society
they can make a baby or two then milk the system and family
marriages last less than 5 years on average in america right now
that's milking
the roastie leaves with all the privileges, the chump with all the bills
so again, what can you provide to a girl?
that's all that matters, it's a tale as old as sexual reproduction
and dont be stupid: providing doesnt just mean money or assets
it can be a lot of different things a girl needs
yes it boils down to safety and growth but these take many forms
finally, aiming at getting a girl will work poorly: you're not made to look for a girl, youre made to look to becoming useful to the world at large
if you look for pussy you short the circuit

>> No.52403234

You forgot your trip

>> No.52403242
File: 98 KB, 800x450, pages.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52403266

>most companies nowadays will just use you up and throw you away.
gervais principle
seems to be an endemic problem
TL;DR: the loyals get shafted, they're called "the clueless"

>> No.52403460
File: 263 KB, 1098x1276, Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 12.56.00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uhhhh, based?

>> No.52403806

She has to understand the brain chemistry here right?

>> No.52403875

Thats actually hilarious

>> No.52403946

A few months ago some guy on Joe Rogan was talking about the economy. The first 10 minutes I thought damn, this guy knows his shit, I have written out all of that in a high effort thread on /biz/. And then he continued for another 20 minutes, using all the analogies I used down to a T and in the exact order I used them. It was like he had just memorized my posts and copypasted them in real life. Fucking surreal but at least I’m glad my effort posting didnt go to waste and someone famous found it worth repeating. Maybe he doesnt even come here but someone screencapped it and sent it to him

>> No.52403979

>the fuck is this troonspeak
Autism, shared with the troons

>> No.52403985

the big story is that you can't
sell to the public in a democracy that you pay more to banks in interest than on defense and public progras

can't do it, the dollar is fucked mathematically

>> No.52404024

this is an atrioc board

>> No.52404333

>If YHWH only knew how bad things really are

>> No.52404543

link to interview/your post?

Effortposts on /biz/ are rare gems

>> No.52404581

she sounds retarded, you smartphone addled zoomer husk

>> No.52404589

She's a "rationist" meaning she is into weird sex and has no real basis for morality

>> No.52404677

yeah so its sounds like Caroline is autistics af and kinda based

>> No.52404803

She's literally me...

>> No.52404846

>I need an tumblr account to enter that link
no you don't, the page doesn't exist.

>> No.52404851

If I posted the link people would easily be able to find the thread by searching his analogies verbatim in the archives and I dont want that. People who dont like 4chan could use it do damage his career and reputation and he seems like a good guy so it’s not worth it just to prove that I’m not lying

>> No.52404869
File: 288 KB, 572x523, 1668243597482283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a noble cause but shut the fuck up and deliver

>> No.52404901

That's a cope and you know it

>> No.52404909

Maybe he is bad at analysing things and someone gave your piece to him so he could have something ready for the interview

>> No.52404979


>> No.52405010

Looks like she deleted her Tumblr. Is it archived anywhere? Archive.org just gives me a redirect to the login page.

>> No.52405090

so there are two ugly psychos. great.

>> No.52405141
File: 9 KB, 503x113, FhafBMCWYAErLwl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52405168


>> No.52405243

She's kinda cute. 85% chance she's a squirter.

>> No.52405248

This is comedy gold, people trust this person with their money.

>> No.52405274

Dude her tumblr is deleted, does anyone have archive?

>> No.52405305

An anon in this thread said that you need to have a Tumblr account, so make one and you can see it yourself.

>> No.52405309

are you moron?

>> No.52405321


Who is the moron now?

>> No.52405322
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>> No.52405348

It's deleted moron check the fucking link, jfc biz is full of low IQ

>> No.52405372

Amazing how this chipmunk has had more sexual experience than the entire board combined.

>> No.52405450

sorry anon but it gets worse from 30 on

>> No.52405502
File: 328 KB, 1284x1994, jew_crypto_scamer_girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

160 iq, phd in math or theoretical physics and at least one ivy league professor in your close family are the MINIMUM requirements before this queen will even look at you.

>> No.52405515
File: 25 KB, 237x247, 1645943243500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't call it a grave, it's the future you chose.

>> No.52405585

Being the cum dumpster of your roommates is not really sex.

>> No.52405657


>> No.52405745

Holy based

>> No.52406078


>> No.52406117


>> No.52406191

there’s a really good scene in the movie silence where the Japanese regional lord tells a metaphorical story about a king who had a wife and several concubines, and how they caused him nothing but misery. he only found peace when he kicked the whores out, the whores being the European powers of the day

>> No.52406195

This is what happens when you lose the trad way.

>> No.52406209

she's right

>> No.52406300

how could she be delusional enough to think that she was ever hot

>> No.52406312

>had to give up on her trad way to be used as chad's cum dumpster in order to get sex
She is the equivalent of incels.

>> No.52406366

So in seeking to do the most good, in attempting to be the most effective altruists, they ended up hurting a lot of people.

I would say because they focused on money as the key to save the world, believing that throwing money at issues is what would solve the world’s problems. And I guess their excessive pride led them to believe they were the chosen ones to amass trillions of dollars and know how to use that money to save the world. And that excessive pride ended up causing a lot of hurt and prevented them from doing a lot of good they could have done with the billions they had.

Had they tamed their pride, they could have been more effective altruists.