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>whole board littered with twitter screenshots
well whats the point of even coming here

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stop posting your tweets on /biz/ romano you fucking dutch emo faggot

friendly reminder that this nigger rugged people with his coin called vtr or some shit like that back in the day

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checked, kekked and popped

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>>52384362All women have is their looks. It’s the ultimate insult.

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New "chud" drawing dropped the trannies are a fucking no end pit of laughs hahahahahahahah

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fuck ya mudda

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Because then we can discuss that twitter topic without the fear of being banned for saying the n-word

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Yep. I rather have an attractive broke woman than a fugly billionaire. My children should not have to suffer the fate of being ugly

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>toxic environment we're trying to break out

Who is this 'we' it speaks of.

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i have no clue, but the woman herself is obese so i'm guessing she means 'I' not 'we'

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She's right you know.

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That's not "a woman", that's a jewess... or just simply a jew. Little difference between a female and male jew.

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Part 2 of what ties her to Caroline.

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To discuss whikes and their agenda/stratagem

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so we don't have to go to twitter, duh