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>millions of people saying how disgustingly ugly you are
Isn't that every girl worst nightmare?

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>this repulsive creature has sex and I don’t just because she has a vagina

I fucking hate life

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Just get a vagina for yourself, problem solved

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>this repulsive creature has sex and I dont just because he has money

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The trick is that hes a guy so it does not affect him

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the jew trains their offspring to be incapable of feeling shame or self doubt. its called chutzpah. thats why these mutant looking mongrel retards always feel so confident. they essentially are bluffing 24/7.

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I dont care about that... I care about the fact these 20 something sluts (all of them not just her) and their lil gangbang team fuck'd the market over and tons and tons of people while plotting to pass government regulations in their favor that fucks huge sections of crypto over and boosts their exchanges. like god damn everyone involved including on the government should be picked up and arrested and charged with treason fraud and a ton of other shit im sure they could find to add to it. I dont care they fucked I care they fucked while fucking the world and industry over and had far far worse sinister plans in play. arrrest everyone and strip those in government positions of their spot and send tthem all 2 jail for life

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Just be a fraudster billionaire bro

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Even on drugs,
I wouldn't fuck her with your dick.

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>implying anyone cares what incels have to say

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don't worry he'll always still have more crypto stashed away than this board combined. his only problems right now are not to get minecrafted and to be able to reenter the US again some day.

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You incels do know that she's not wearing pounds of cosmetics like all other girls you see in your porn movies or on tv...she probably did this so easier for her to run and hide now by simply doing as all women do and just applying makeup, contact lenses getting, getting hair done, lip augmentation, hair colour and style and hey presto she's a different person. Seriously guys...most women look like this under the layers. Pic very related

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>comparing this fatty to that monstrosity
ok kike

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Couldn't be more than 100k, even including bots.

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jewish women are just ugly. simple as. there's a reason why the idf uses slavic women for their propaganda. you're born hopelessly ugly. also genetically defective.
jews genetically bottlenecked down to 350 individuals in 14th century. all jews are incest babies:
not only does the in-breeding make jews ugly but it makes them schizos too

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Have sex

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That's an average jewess

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Me on the left.

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reminds me of that old pic of the hairy guy eating a can of corn during coitus

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it was always going to end this way. you have only yourself to blame for believing in an obvious scam. we told you over and over and you called us angry nocoiners and told us to cope. well now you have no coins and it’s your turn to cope. faggot

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Most of /biz/ right now is day dreaming of having sex with this disturbing chipmunk rather than an average boring yet goddes looking supermodel.

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Girls like Caroline don't really care about that. They focus on Effective Altruism and the Greater Good.

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She looks better on the left, retard.

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>it's another ''she's not that ugly'' post
I really wonder what your motives are for this, it's not like she's ever going to have sex with you for your awesome 4chan post where you defended her
Just admit she's ugly as fucking sin, there's no shame in that, as a matter of fact, it's more honorable to do so.
She is disgusting.

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Just fuck trannies bro.

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is this an attempt to coax love YHWH out?

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she is freakishly ugly, but the thing about women is almost all of them think they are attractive because of the fact that they can easily get sex. so even with millions of people calling her ugly, she will still think she's attractive because men fucked her before

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But that gives you HIV

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he already has a nice palestinian house earmarked for him and a burial plot on the Mount of Olives for when he dies, Israel is proud of this fuckers work for the cause.

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nobody that looks like left says this lmao, also she's ugly but supposedly smart and maybe nice character, God doesn't give with both hands

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Bad news Shlomo. I know you're wishing well for your disgusting vermin cousin but he's gonna get minecrafted. Fucked with the wrong people and a lot of them.

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To be fair, you could probably have sex with a repulsive creature too, but you're just too shallow.

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That fatty is still way less disgusting than girl in op pic

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Cocktube Rodent

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i wouldn't say it to her face because i think making fun of someone for something beyond his/her contrôle is wrong.
but she's ass ugly

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Dude her self esteem was in shambles when she was getting her back blown out by SBF and his crew.

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I'm sure this isn't a LARP

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what? there's millions of good looking people who are also nice with good character. life is not black and white

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she looks like she'd fall in love with you if you brought her a block of cheese and a bag of bagels.

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No, she is my gf

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Just be part of a massive nepotistic human trafficking, money laundering front for the mossad bro

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It wasn't confirmed that "Yhwh loves you" was Caroline until this article connects it just a couple days ago.


It was up in the air before then.

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Dude that chick could lose weight and be pretty hot. There is NO hope for ever looking normal for that Jewish weasel.

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She has like a billion dolars fuck yall nerds you wish

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FTT is going to zero. What do you think happens next? FTTC

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She gets *fucked* not has sex. It's very easy for girls to get fucked: just announce that you are available.
If you also want to get fucked, install Grindr and someone will be at your door in 15 minutes.

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but what if millions of goyim say it and you're a sociopath psycho kike whore?

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someone post the webm of the ugly ass woman with no teeth turning in to a hottie. Cosmetics are one of the greatest jewish tricks and have put ugly/average girls out of reach of most men as they believe they are goddesses

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Qrd on this goblina? I keep seeing her everywhere and I dont know what she has done

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>that pic

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It's not a big deal anymore, everyone has it. Just get your neghole pozzed and stop worrying.

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She's Scam Bankrun-Fraud's cumdump.

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Kek, its funny how humans work. You only see and obsess about what you don't have. If you are bald all you see everywhere is assholes with hair. Chincel? All you see are assholes with chins, Nobody with a good set of hair give a shit about baldies this goes with every feature, i.e a chincel drew this

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Quick rundown?

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she's ugly, you blind fuck. what more explanation do you need?

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>>that pic

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Imagine your dad being the department head of economics at MIT and you hold the world record crashing a hedge fund into the ground any% speedrun.

How can she even go home for Thanksgiving and look her father in the eye?

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>he literally cannot help himself

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Like I told you in the other thread, he fled to Argentina, not Israel. You're just going to bloviate this nonsense in every thread, huh?

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Yeah, he fled to Argentina, so don't even think about looking for me there.

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>Isn't that every girl worst nightmare?
That's an ugly man.

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If you're smart, beautiful and a good person you're top tier human, I don't think that's that big a chunk of the world population. She's smart and ugly, that's balanced.