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Imagine the smell

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Disgusting bitch

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Its kinkier because she is ugly. If she was hot it would just be boring "normal" sex, but because she is ugly it is even more perverted.

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how can you be ugly AND stupid and still get to where she got? capitalism is surely flawed

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This. I bet she would do shit dirtier than you can possibly imagine.

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she's cute

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>Jews fleecing retards
iTs KKKaPitAliSm bRos

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can someone fill me in

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oh noooo, she could triforce!

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all is possible if you belong to the most exclusive tribe

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that would make her an oldfag or oldhag i guess

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sam made her ceo of alameda research and she fucked up and lost 10B

CZ found out and called them out
people started a bankrun and found out FTX is actually insolvent

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>fat jew had crush on trader coworker
>fat jew sets off to Bahamas
>fat jew has jew connections help him get huge VC funds for stellar exchange rise for crypto trading
>fat jew now willing to reach out to old 25yr old autistic Harry Potter fan crush
>ugly Jew crush of fat Jew ends 19 month trader experience “career” to come to Bahamas to live with fat Jew and work as his CEO of trading arm
>ugly Jew girl and fat Jew organize religious sect like orgies in Bahamas mansion
>all falls apart when scheme ends up not being able to Ponzi any more
>Jew girl says “uh, not my fault”, fat Jew says “sorry, … very sorry, now I’ll play more League”
>both fly off to Israel for large family party

keep up

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who the fuck is this

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thanks man

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Look at this newfag kek

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Hi GuyS its Me SmEllY tHe JeW hERE!

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downfalls of this magnitude can always be traced back to women huh

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Qrd? News isn’t mentioning shit about this even is.

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Smelly isn't the right name for a jew. They need disgusting noises in their names, ois and phlegm sounds. Try Schmoily or Schmulie...

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proof femcels don't exist

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traced back to *Jewish nepotism.

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i wonder if this kikess deep throated some 9inch phallus

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she is not ugly

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she has the brain too

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I need details about those orgies. I'm asking for a friend who is an avid coomer/consoomer

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>This is what a 16B roastie looks like...

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you never forget your first math camp crush

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Delusional. Where do you live where women like this bitch isn't a 0/10

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unapologetically tight

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anyone gives me a qrd? been out of it for quite a while now

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I want to breed her and then eat our horrifically deformed offspring as soon as they come out of her nymph pussy

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This. Normies can't understand the thrill of pinning the weasel. Night spent chasing an over amphetamined Caroline around the bean bag forts. Her squealing and gibbering, pouring sweat and on the verge of seizing. Your friends build up an intoxicating, delerious state with Talmudic chantings at the sidelines, hitting the Caroline-toy with brooms if she tries to escape. Sam would be giggling and laughing as the waves of methamphetamine pleasure seem to harmonize with the droning herbrew verses. He runs through the bean bag maze fat and portly, with his viagra powered penis a divining rod for the weasel. Sweat gushing down his face around his unfocused eyes he laughs and chortles until he gasps "Found you!". The Mathsweasel screeches defensively but Wankman Bankman is upon her in seconds. His penis thrusting blindly into her flank, leg, stomach and ribs unconcerned about anything but the motion. Eventually serendepity finds her mouth and the Cocktube Rodent is placated, suckling contently on Bankman's dehydrated dick.

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She was in charge of Alameda research, separate to FTX but under the FTX banner. She lost a shit load of money on bad trades, so SBF took FTX customers deposits, and loaned them to Alameda to try and recover from the losses. Classic gamblers fallacy behavior.

It didn't go well.

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Nepotism from God’s chosen

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why did he do that much for her? i'm not trusting whatever degen shit you guys are spouting

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literally balding

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This and that reply fucking got me

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Jesus, man

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Gonna be sick

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checked, but at what cost

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The fact that I don't really understand half of this post makes me grateful for my boring life.

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Write more

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Checked and fucking kek'd. Best post on all of 4chan.

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She's cute, a geeky cute & she knows it. If she stopped me to look at her boring math project I'd absolutely fall for her
She's not Instagram attractive & that's the thing, she's has a modest non conventional look.

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ngl I popped a half-chub

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Instant classic and screenshotted

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>so much antisemitism here and everywhere this controversy is taking place
Bros, this is so beautiful I feel like crying. Maybe mankind is finally opening our eyes and we're gonna do what Hitler was too much of a faggot to do.

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Same here anon, it's the little moments like these that keep me coming back to this shithole

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t. caroline

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thanks now I need to step away from the laptop for a while.

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Men have fallen so low that they feel the need to simp for an ugly bitch who is literally a 2/10 at best.

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Moar pls

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check those digits

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>for a friend
i'm the friend

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>copy math from Wikipedia
>play the big brain
People fall for that as usual.

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Lmao this weasel

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this is the first time I laughed out loud in months anon. If thats your creation: Thank you. If not: Thanks for posting anyways, this is exactly the kind of shit I needed.

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what's the phenotype here
she looks like she has down syndrome

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From her face I would guess that she’s got an ultra-tight pussy but it gets quite smelly and sour-tasting when you’ve teased her clit for a while, but remains tight even though very wet. So you’re caught in the Biz Paradox: fucking a lovely tight pussy that’s gets smellier and smellier the more you’re enjoying it.

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not quite sure

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>even a below average woman can get so far in life by banging their way to the top
It’s not fair bros

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TOP KEK This is amazing & very believable - can just imagine this scene recreated in the inevitable movie ! More please !

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16Billion for THIS?

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Essentially this.
I used to do this with science projects all the time, same with history.
Then they'd even bring parents to come to see every kid's shit.

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math girls are prude

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I bet she gives some sloppy head. What does her mom look like?

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TIL what LARP stands for, using this term for years now. i also never associated YHWH loves you with alameda research or FTX. i should really pay more attention.

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This bitch used to shitpost here all the time?

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Bezos was the richest man in the world until his wife divorced him. Now his wife is the richest woman in the world

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who is this fertility goddess?

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I think it's the ugliness + that mischievous grin.

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Based oldfag master baiter.

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Jiminy Crickets
Do I check, lel, kek, based, or sneed?

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Esther Povitsky vibes, another jew

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put me in the screen cap.

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Checked & kekd

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It's called judaism

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She is ugly as fuck

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>she's not Instagram attractive
Be honest, she isn't any kind of attractive. A mangled rodent at best

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>2b: exciting or capable of exciting strong sexual desire
they don't know what that word means

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kek i needed that. Even though I didnt lose anything I'm just sick at the world that he got away to argentinia with over a fucking billion dollars in crypto.

He is going to live like a king for the rest of his life.

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I live in Britain (therefore I am used to ugly females), she is a fucking goblin straight out of runescape

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put me on the screencap sigma

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Oh lawd.

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I kneel

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>Divining rod for the weasel

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She's cute in a way, like how a pug is cute, but yeah not attractive at all.

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>t. never touched a vagina
Gets noticeably smellier while you're touching it among, really?

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can someone explain to me whats going on here? who threw away all his money to fuck her?

>> No.52384338

Uh, when you put it like that.

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>His penis thrusting blindly into her flank, leg, stomach and ribs unconcerned about anything but the motion

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150iq take. Girls like this will be absolute sluts while the hot chicks will maybe blow you in your birthday and are only sluts because they know it's a means to an end. While Stacey is saying "oh Chad your dick feels so good" to get positive affirmations from him, ol' melty face in OP's pic is straight screwing for more cream pies and loving every second of it.
Source: used to be part of the local swingers community where the 50 year old fat housewives would cum non-stop for 3 hours while the 20 year old ho's would fake orgasms to feel special.

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Did you write this Warwick Davis pasta?

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top fucking kek, posting for the capture

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This imagery is well beyond anything I expected to read tonight. Didn’t think you folks still browsed. That being said, fuck you putting this image of SBF foaming out of his mouth and cackling once he catches Rat girl.

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Caroline wipes back to front.

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10/10 in holy land

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Pussy be causing problems since the days of Samson in the Bible. I'm off this place and looking forward to the presale coming on Allianceblock Fundrs.

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checked and keked

pure litareture

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Do we have any pics of her feet

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didn't read but I'll pretend I did kek

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definitely one of the funniest things ive ever read in here

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>mfw no goblina gf

>> No.52385231

I ejaculated to this.

>> No.52385308

it's over, you lost /biz/.
come on, say it with me:
/pol/ was right

>> No.52385371

Women have been the ruin of men since times immemorial. Bigger men than Bankman have gotten rekt even harder.

>> No.52385412

ugly as fuck,nightmareeee

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what in the goddamn...

>> No.52385426

yes you are

>> No.52385441

Their lashing out against Kanye and Kyrie Irving did plenty to open peoples eyes and now this

>> No.52385465

checked and kekd

>> No.52385468

tragedies truly are the mother of the greatest literature

captcha: add jmk

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Damn anon you've written some erotic novels in the past havent'ya?

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No. No thank you.

>> No.52385711

also put me in the screencap

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I hate ugly women so much it's unreal. Only real 10/10 should be allowed to live

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this is YWYH loves you right?

>> No.52385824

You're laughing because you know it's true

>> No.52385856

>being this new.

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Incredible, a grotesque modern masterpiece

>> No.52385873

you have to be at least 12.

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thanks for the PTSD

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It's insane how ugly this bitch is

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This. All these anons here saying she's not ugly proves to me that no matter how ugly, fat, or old a woman is, there will always be someone desperate enough to simp for her.

>> No.52386362

I challenge you to find an uglier woman, who like Caroline
>isn't fat
>isn't old
>isn't deformed from an accident or birth defect
I'll wait

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Imagine these rats thinking they could dump their bit without the community clapping their cheeks.

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hot chipmunk sexo

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File: 367 KB, 642x424, Alex Wade, Caroline Ellison, Aaron Klein, Chelsea Voss, and Allen Yuan at the ILO 2011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Imagine being that ugly and dedicating your life to a business where you could make money as the only saving grace from being as ugly as her and it all ending up in shambles not long after
She's fucked, good riddance.

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She is a tranny that was fucking Mark Zuckerberg

>> No.52386667

Holy kek this is next level kike Weimar-like erotica. Posting for the screencap

>> No.52386769

Laughed in an uncontrollably fashion while at the same time could help to notice the repetition of the three last digits of the number of your reply

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>> No.52386823

Checked. God I love this timeline.

>> No.52386901

I'd say hawk. It would be more clear without the coke bottle glasses making her eyes look three sizes too small.

>> No.52386919


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>Cocktube Rodent is placated

>> No.52387082

That pussy is worth billions.

>> No.52387154

People don't screencap replies anymore because it doesnt fit twitter/fb format :*

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Checked and wtf, is this what the bottom of the bear market feels like? LMAO

>> No.52387304

who is this bitch? someone give me the rundown

>> No.52387306

>16B roastie

The roastie thing is a meme. It's a genetic lottery, some vagainas are like that.
My mom for example has a pussy like a baby, you can see the labia
Yet my sister has a big labia even when she was a virgin
Same as the "uncut dicks smell Thing
I am cut and mine smells in just two days of not showering while the dick of my father, who only showers once a week, never smells.

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who was banging her?

>> No.52387471

It was me, Dio!

>> No.52387495

Even her hairline is trying to run from her face

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>> No.52387512

The real question is how many of the people who had gorillions stolen are sending actual hitmen after this cunt. All his money is now just on computers he controls. He has the keys.
All they'd have to do to get hundreds of millions at least is to find the kike and beat him until he gives up the codes.

Hell this incentive is open to anyone not just the people who lost money. All the crypto in the world vs one sledgehammer to the toes.

>> No.52387531

You now understand why young hot women date ugly old men

>> No.52387565

lol imagine "going after" Mossad. The Weimar demoralization isn't working fast enough on the goycattle it seems

>> No.52387568

You asshole. Why would there be a fucking smell? She is very hygienic!

>> No.52387579

WTF... kek

>> No.52387630

Women have fallen so low* Thats the new 5/10

>> No.52387632


>> No.52387794

I coom

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Posting in the ebin thread

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>> No.52387987

Conceptualise the olfaction

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>Normies can't understand the thrill of pinning the weasel.
Holy fucking kek, Norman Mailer could have wrote this shitpost.

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Ponder upon the olfactory senses

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Sara Fisher Ellison, her mother.

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that dictionary is damn right if you ask me!

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File: 1.95 MB, 300x169, sample_the_scent.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

moldy fish and vinegar

>> No.52388798

I see YHWH as a challenge, more than anything. Here is a girl who, in every single aspect, is absolutely revolting - her exterior AND her personality - yet I can't help but wonder what it would like to plunge balls-deep into her cavity repeatedly.

That's right. Balls-deep. With no protection.

I won't lie, I'm extraordinarily hard while typing this. I want to grab this... thing... and that's what YWHW is, let's not delude ourselves, a "thing"... by her underdeveloped hips and ram mercilessly in and out of her quivering, malformed cunt with the force of a gladiatorial chariot, while she makes stupid faces and contorts orgasmically, unable to control her bodily reactions even if she wanted to.

I would erupt violently inside that corrupt, and corrupting womb as though the entire fate of humanity depended on my seed penetrating the foul walls of one of her ovaries, the electrical fusion from this coupling creating the Antichrist, as our combined guttural, Chewbacca-like roars shattered glass and walls alike around us, the house topping down while we lay there in a filthy, disgusting mess.

>> No.52388830

Still wanna fuck her

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dah fuck they doing over there

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Rare Caroline coming through boys

>> No.52388933

>loud cat-calling and woo sounds coming from all around /biz/.

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>> No.52389002
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another classic going into my screenshots collection. thanks chad. verification not required.

>> No.52389026

Add me to the screencap

>> No.52389036
File: 1.45 MB, 916x1872, crtpyothot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still better than a cryptothot.

>> No.52389105

checked and based. My new favorite copypasta. Erotic yet it also elicits a chuckle

>> No.52389154
File: 728 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_0678.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember what happened after LUNA collapsed? You don't want to fade this one, anon.

>> No.52389169


>> No.52389203

Now worth $0

>> No.52389237

this anon should write women's sex novels for profit

>> No.52389341

I had to read it a couple of times, because of dyslexia, i was reading beanbag shorts, not forts. So if i've read enough hentai, she lived in some kinda maze of beanbag chairs while flees a super horny Bankman, only to suck his cock, and feed on that. Sounds fun, definitely will fap to that kind of doujin, just needs lolis to be completely kino.

>> No.52389381

ID checks out

>> No.52389424

nice clevage

>> No.52389430

i don't think i'm ever going to forget the mental imagery this generated

i will be on my deathbed and this will be the last thing that flashes before my eyes

>> No.52389504
File: 696 KB, 628x807, 1660103008052549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52389522

Hey bby ver nice.clevage please open your cloth

>> No.52389557
File: 46 KB, 460x276, 1631396974666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this website so much

>> No.52389586

have some standards for God's sake

>> No.52389623
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>> No.52389662

One of the best things I have ever read on here. Pure poetry.

>> No.52389822


>> No.52389827

I've been asking for feet pics for 3 days now. I'm just not going to ask anymore. You fags are useless.

>> No.52389863

>Doesn't know the difference between Omega and Rolex.

>> No.52389972

Isn't that the namefag tranny "Yahweh loves you" or whatever it was? He was shilling RVP a year ago iirc and then disappeared

>> No.52390035

If Dostoevsky was a coomer.

>> No.52390038

Ive never had tight pussy raw

>> No.52390067

so this is what /biz/ has been up to

>> No.52390245

Quick rundown?

>> No.52390337

who let /lit/ in?

>> No.52390437

I'm just curious what beautiful white woman they'll cast to play her in the movie.

>> No.52390466

checked doin it for the village

>> No.52390492

Lmao wow man you’re missing out

I stopped wearing condoms when I was like 25 and started exclusively fucking MILFs or girls on birth control

>> No.52390575
File: 1.71 MB, 1920x1080, 1638233361076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon pls thing of my ribs...

>> No.52390755
File: 969 KB, 1280x720, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.52390756

Giga checked

>> No.52390792

Yeah I'm thinking based

>> No.52390820
File: 83 KB, 741x556, 1654524602986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She got nudes or what?

>> No.52391018

Over the course of today I keep forgetting what her face looks like, think to myself she isn't that ugly and then I open /biz/ and see her photo and shudder.

>> No.52391027


>> No.52391058 [DELETED] 

i tried looking around but i still haven't found the source. where did the orgy meme even come from? who said that?

>> No.52391061
File: 333 KB, 1080x1563, bali.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

great pasta

>> No.52391062
File: 89 KB, 1106x1012, 1667745119985826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tight pussy

>> No.52391159
File: 551 KB, 626x830, 1668175381568259.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe we should offer her some money for nudes. I bet she needs it.

>> No.52391253

>she was in high school AT LEAST 10 years ago

>> No.52391361

I've seen anons post pictures of their turds that are more attractive than this talmudic goblin.

>> No.52391377

"Normal" sex is only boring for the ugly. Kinks are uggo cope.