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FTX's fuss was all caused by a random article on a fakenews crypto website that once a day spread FUD on crypto regulations. Caroline proved the document (never published online) was actually based on a side contract with a private company. We never seen that document but some scrapped numbers were cited on the online news without any kind of backup, CZ offered to buy its rival based on this and now all went downhills for article 11.

Very strange. But you surely can't suspect, can you /biz/?

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it happened on 11/9
what more to say

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Well, it’s more like it was a Ponzi scheme collapsing than 9/11

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yep it's all very sussy no bussy

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Yeah, I try not to be a schizo, but something about this does glow. Only thing that deters me from thinking its all planned is how difficult something like this would be to pull off without there being a leak of it all being a planned event.

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Yeah it was a coordinated attack by Cz after weeks of paid anti-FTX shilling. What's that you think Mossad was involved? You're a fucking retard that's why you think that

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It’s not a “scheme” to be leaked if everyone on board legitimately believes it’s for the greater good. This is effective altruism.

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Of course it was planned, by Cz. He learned about the hole in the balance sheet from some insider source, he started the fud campaign, then he used that campaign as justification for dumping the coin which led to a bankrun. And because he had insider knowledge he knew when and how to dump to make sure that Sam won't have enough liquidity to plug the holes

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I would tap that cutie, ngl

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of course, this is the kind of shit that regulation avoids and regulation exists because jews were scamming other jews so they had to have a mechanism to control it.

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It happened during US midterms and when there’s pending overreaching crypto regulation bills funded & pioneered by sbf and his democrat lobby friends

Seems like gensler & ftx gang were just about to tie the final noose around defi’s neck but got LUNA’d instead, the question is if the bills still get pushed through or if gensler had inappropriate relationship with ftx and if that gets any kind of accountability tied to it or if it gets swept under the rug

This looks really bad on the SEC for being in cahoots with the biggest crypto scam of all time

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That all of this passed through SEC will cause even more regulations, specially if they were running the entire black swan's show to push the new legislation the whole time.

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>regulation avoids the 2008 crisis
Anon, I...

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Would CZ really want to do something that puts immense scrutiny on the industry, right after muh midterms, and right when the SEC are going after cryptos, (pretending they're securities even though by their own Howie test most cryptos do not meet the required criteria).
Isn't CZ based? SBF
>scam bankrun fraud
glowed to me from day one.

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Who put this retarded bitch in charge of such a massive company?

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Sam, he fucked her kek. FTX was ran by literal roommates that bang each other in the Bahamas

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that's disgusting!

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hopefully, it can help regulation to not go through the SEC and instead go through CTFC. The SEC has created a system that put them above the law.

If we have to have regulations the CTFC would be a better source. Also, good timing since there is a case going to the SCOTUS about SEC and its corruption

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Nigga they've been doing this shit for centuries.

And before you say I'm a conspiracy theorist, remember that the USA was literally founded by Masonic Conspiracy.

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CZ never did what FTX did. These threads are paid gaslighting attempts to get anons to stop attempting to track SBF and co.

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I'm not a crypto junky but it looked more like CZ started a coordinated attack that went much further then that. Just on his Twitter he linked multiple massive threads full of FTX FUD that he probably orchestrated. Then when he said he was dumping his FTX it started a "bankrun" on FTX's ponzi scheme they couldn't survive

I'd be quite skeptical of people saying the same won't happen with Binance one day

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he never mentioned Mossad. If anything now all eyes are on Mossad

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I've hated SBF ever since I found out he was moonman. RIP (Rest In Piss)

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why the fuck did the student debt relief applications shut down the same week

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>sam goes on a crypto needs absolute regulation crazy spree
>crypto fags revolt against him after sucking his mutilated dick for 3 years in a row
>ftx suddenly goes kaboom
>same crypto fags now cried and shitting themself for crypto to be regulated so ftx 2.0 wont ever happen again

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something echoes too

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Have some standards please

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jesus fuck look at these kids playing around with billions of dollas. back in my day all we had was a fuckin stick and a pit of mud.

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i'd pay like $100 for this if i had verifiable confirmation of receipt of unique ownership. by god make it happen you nerds. you gotta go to school and this latest ftx crap isn't gonna mek it any cheaper.

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we don't want our memes traded for cash they are free and they should remain free buy some cads or something

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insider here, it was the cheeseman

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digital ownership is soulless. hire some local painter and do the samething. it's 1:1 and you actually help your local art scene.

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Hopefully some narco hitman gets to turn his face into Moonman

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>FTX's fuss was all caused by a random article on a fakenews crypto website that once a day spread FUD on crypto regulations.

it was caused by FTX not in fact having any money

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Burning jetfuel does not get hot enough to melt blockchains. It was the Jews.

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Wow it's almost like crypto is just like FIAT banks that run purely on the trust of the people, far less trust than banks, of course, if a single shity fakenews FUD article can sink it all across the board.

At the end of the day, you niggers really put money into this?

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as a black man i completely agree, watermelon and perhaps fried chicken may be involved.

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sbf's plan to just write the regulation and also personally dodge taxes by living on an island was coming under scrutiny for the first time so he flipped the table and is pretending to be broke now, by rugging his exchange. this way he can destroy crypto and get regulation and fuck over the goyim while still not paying taxes. its a strategic bankruptcy. he has all the money.

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Except for gold backed crypto.