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I store my private keys in a custom Minecraft map, buried in a secret tomb with booby traps.

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I keep them on my old school runescape ignore list in code

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I store them in a .txt file on my desktop called passwords.txt

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I memorize it

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I keep mine written on the inside of an old toilet paper roll

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giga based
I wrote all of mine down on an old paycheck envelope

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I store them in my butt hole

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you guys have passwords?

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I told one word to each one of my friends, the order is based on best friend to worst friend. Obviously, I told my worst friend the wrong word, because fuck that guy. He's my friend but also an asshole. And yes, he did once grief my minecraft house.

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I am a cuck and kept them stored in a fire proof safe and are metal engraved and coded in such a way that only I can understand

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ah, so plaintext. thank you anon

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incredibly based

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>booby traps
>assuming the book contains the key

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i have 3 envelopes with copies of all my passwords and keys. Hidden in 3 locations. I have 10+ wallets including 4 hardware wallets

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I sent mine to binace because keys are safu.

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I buried mine 15 miles deep into a national forest, engraved onto a metal sheet vacuumed sealed 3 times and completely surrounded in epoxy resin in a lead container.

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Mine are tattooed in a circular formation around my asshole and translated into chinese

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Too bad. Niggers will crack your skull open for nothing and in the unlikely scenario you survive you'll remember none of them and wish you didn't live in the first place.

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Ni Hao

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I have my seed phrases engraved in a small diamond that's implanted in my spine.

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I have mine screencapped on a pic in my phone. Nobody is coming for my magic internet tokens...

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My gf was keen to keep the phrase for me and since she has my full trust I gave it to her obviously

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kek, good luck anon.

Our team is launching a CPU/GPU mineable (YescryptR16) Bitcoin Fork. It is ASIC resistant. It's our assumption that many former ETH miners may come to our network as we expand.

> This is a Coin, not a Token
> Launching in 11 Days
> Hundreds of Telegram Members
> Multiple Crypto Influencers from Different Platforms
> Native Coin Social Media in the Works
> All Socials Have Been Established
> Website in Development
> Small CEX Listings Pending
> Airdrops are Available to Those Who Contribute

Pic related, hop on TG

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I branded my seed phrase on my wife’s ass

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tyrone thanks you for the money

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You idiots. Post-contemporary physics ascertain that information of ANY KIND
>cannot be destroyed ever
so I literally keep my private keys in the universe.
Still unsafu.

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does she keep it next to your chastity cage key?

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Fellow passwords.txt patrician

I keep mine encrypted but I usually leave it open in the background days at a time and my pc is never off

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I actually have no idea what my private keys are. That way nobody can torture me or blackmail me for them. FUNDS ARE SAFU.

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Bad move, that is like the most visited place on earth

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I sent my wallet key to my dead frind to his LoL account as a massage

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i use the "world's most common password" for everything
that way if i forget i just google it

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sounds like a lot of work for shitcoins that may be worthless in a few yrs.

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Now I know you’re larping

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I was wondering what those words meant

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>implying it’s not written on the wall with red stone dust

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my bathroom tiling is a giant QR code which is my seed phrase. I have to sit on the toilet with a fishy lens to scan it.

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I keep all of my coins in my binance account because they are not ran by a scheming jew

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Nice assist, bro

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You buffoon. Information is subject to entropy as is everything else for the mere fact that it exists.

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What private keys ?

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Had a friend who works on banking that had a .txt file with all is password on it on his desktop, no joke

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Mine are stored as Pokemon Aliases on my computer in Pokemon yellow.
i'll stringdump your world. easy.

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Gov/Corp password policies can be really fucking stupid and they won't let you install a password manager for it. So your options are use the same password for everything (doesn't really work with differing rules / expiration timeframes), write passwords on sticky notes (easy to lose, annoying to keep track of), or keep them in a text file and update them when they expire and copy paste them when needed.

When I was a glown I kept all my passwords in a txt file too, because I needed to keep goddamn 20 passwords for different systems.

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I was talking about his personal passwords on his personal desktop, saying he works on banking was just to mention that he should be aware about security

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Well that's silly, he should have just stored them in his browser, then. Autofill is way more convenient. Still, not surprising. Lots of people SHOULD know about security, but 99% of people simply don't get it. They see those rules as arbitrary annoyances, they don't really have a security mindset. It's the same reason people hold the door for their coworkers instead of making them badge in, letting in people who "forgot their badge", who don't check with security about delivery/maintenance people, etc.

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I encoded my pkey into mRNA strand and snuck it into the vax.
The establishment will disappear anyone attempting to research it yet it's ubiquitous throughout billions of people, so I'll never lose it and it's protected by the largest might the world has ever seen.

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Are you all brainlets or something? Not hard to remember your phrase guys ffs

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I don’t hold any crypto

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if you pair that with common sense I guarantee you he is more secure than you think.

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___'s ___