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why did sam and Caroline do this to us

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I understand Alameda, FTX Global, FTX US, etc. But how do all these other separate companies get bankrupted by this. Someone please explain it to me

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is caroline actually YHWH that used to post here?

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Doing the generous.

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>Someone please explain it to me

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Yup they ruined /biz/
"someones gotta influence the cryptosphere"
Was me who got her to finally admit it and I got the screenshot around here before she realized she fucked up and deleted it.

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10-50 billion hole, going to take bets now they were counterfeiting

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so that was her getting all hot and bothered off of amphetamines again and yearning for another group orgy?

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forgot to add Talmud's schematic

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if anybody does not understand extent of this - 5% of entire crypto market cap just got legally liquidated, most of these companies are probably market makers

exchange liquidity is about to drop dramatically, we are entering full PvP liquidation zone where coins are going to trade like they did in 2015
no way I’m trading this bullshit chop

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how does this prove it was her?

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So where’s the screenshot sweet cheeks

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she was in threads not that long ago (5-6 months ago) asking people to stop posting her picture

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those companies had ALL of their assets on FTX
yes, people are that stupid

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Thank you litecoin for being so boring that none of these bankrupted entities were holding LTCs.

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Oh ok so larp squared I regret calling you sweet cheeks

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>YHWH loves you
laziest larp ever

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tether pulling out of bitfinex now
90% of Leo token was in FTT loans to alameda kek

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I mean it could have been a larp but for some reason I got the idea that it was actually her, I believe people when they say she has posted here before
It’s not that unlikely

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what if the billionaire jews promised sam some fun times in bahamas if he will play as this autist giga brain trader. truth is that he doesnt know shit about trading and it was an inside job

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I figured out how he did it

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Sams mom is head of leftist think tank in the US that heavily funded liberal “grassroots” movements in US and Canada, I believe this is where that missing Teachers Fund is from
Caroline’s dad worked for SEC/Tradfi fed ops that caused 2008

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what an amazing cohencidence

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International Jewry. What’s shocking isn’t that this happens, but that people like you still don’t comprehend it after seeing it over and over and over and over

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Sam was a /v/tard.
He was so mad he couldn't afford a 3090 at MSRP, he decided to go and collapse the entire crypto industry.

He truly was 20 steps ahead of everyone.
/v/ros... I kneel.

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>Caroline’s dad worked for SEC/Tradfi fed ops that caused 2008
this is new to me, got sauce on it?

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They weren't real companies.

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kind of based ngl

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>How could my get rich quick crypto ponzi scheme fall apart?!

This entire fucking sector is a game of musical chairs.

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Are these companies or (((companies))) (Aka shell companies)?

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You know, looking back on it now that does sound a lot like the allegations coming out about Sam's pudgy penthouse orgies

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Jesus even her fingers looked like sausages

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you are the patsy, biz

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I'll try to find the twitter thread on it, he was head of Economics Department at MIT during 2008, was friends with Gary Gensler

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The lack of mention about how the FTX gang was all jews disturbs me.

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goy cattle are so fucking dumb, it's disturbing

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>not your keys, not your coins

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mean this for this >>52362697

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that's what she wears to the Khazar Moloch sex parties

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I always knew jews were soulless, but that's just sad

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it's fake
I'm starting to think that this is why Bitfinex longs were such a huge indicator of upward movement in early 2021, Bitfinex was just re-leveraging through LEO, if I had to guess they're the next one to fall which would wipe out alot of OG btc whales who have been there since mt gox

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omg they're still leveraged

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I kinda get why the jews hate the goyim so much. How fucking stupid and gullible do you have to be to trust a 30 year old slimy fucking PIG like Sam Bankman-Fried?

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>it's fake
that screenshot is fake by he definitively plays league

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>It's been debooonked stop posting to goyim.

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What a tangled web we weave when we conspire to deceive.

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where did you find this?

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>he had to look it up

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So ftx tried to become coinbase custody and failed terribly

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no, ftx was just a way to get crypto in to regulation stranglehold

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So the SEC could whitemail poor bankrupt companies into Gary Goonsler's web of Amicus Duress Briefs.

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Crypto ban when?

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How do i download and share this video? It'd be fun on /biz/

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Damn if that was really her, that's some self-hate from being bullied as a teen then compounded into making herself beautiful through knowledge with the nootropics path like I did.

Shame about the SuperMeth from someone else in the department, kiddo. I picked DMT for my Sub-0mni path.

I went One Man Army after going through High School alone.

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that's fake.

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I was playing a game of Transformers Universe for a long time for China Dataminers.

280 KDR. I was number 1 in the world at mechwarrior.

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Just remember that you can murder a single person and go to jail for 20+ years whereas you can ruin thousands of people's portfolios, push them into poverty and never see jail.

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to continue on this. all the interviews I have seen from Sam he seems like he doesn't actually understand crypto

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one human life is worth more than all the money in the world

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It wasn't about the crypto, hey? We already know you're an Archetypal Lust from Full Metal Alchemist. Guess who I am.

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>we are getting billions in funding to safe this goy!
>we declare bankruptcy sorry
kek imagine people actually thought he was going to somehow get 9 billion to save a failing company.

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Big nose tribe shenanigans

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i actually want to fuck this self hating bitch unironically even more now

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The real answer is this: those 130 firms had lent money to FTX in some form or another (either actual USD loans or holding their crypto on their like another anon said). That money is never being repaid, so now any firm that did the lending to them itself suddenly has a massive hole on its balance sheet. Because the debt that FTX owed them was an asset, surely some of these entities were stupid enough to borrow against it. Contagion. Only question is, how many of those 130 firms had debts that they'll now never be able to repay. And who owns their bad debts?

I saw the Ontario Teachers got hit hard by this. It's so nice to see those bloodsucking rats get what they fucking deserve...hope it's the first of many hits for the public sector. Let it burn

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FTT is still in the top 100. Crypto hasn’t reached bottom yet.

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>130 companies
>they're all shell companies
wow dude, big happening right there
really grinds my gears

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This goes now through the court system, assets are being liquidated, some creditors get a hair cut and at the end of the day nothing ever happens

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When they learn to ban computers

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This remember him posting a screenshot with his nickname on it and this retard was actually bronze 2

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i had never even heard of this guy until a few days ago

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yeah yeah, killing is wrong but enslaving people for life is just fine gotcha. I'm also a member of that religious group that meets on friday nights.

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...affiliates I guess, pic related

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This surely will have a contagion effect on other things outside of crypto, right?

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This is the guy that liberals worship, kek

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so they just have a different company for each country they're in?

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As far as I understand, FTX basically scammed depositors by moving their money around while claiming they have it is backed by real assets. When people figured out their assets are backed by the FTT token a massive bankrun occurred and the FTT token collapsed. Now my question is where the fuck did user funds go in the background? If Sam lended funds without users consent to other projects/institutions to get yield on it shouldn't he be able to slowly recuperate all of the money from those institutions/projects? Basically my question is, where the fuck is the peoples money?

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Enron had $60B, FTX only has $10

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But this feels like a systemic issue. First Celsius, now FTX, and other places are showing signs they're not doing well.

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Just like everything else, it went to the people who sold at 60k

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i dont like crying about muh joos but at this point i dont know how more people aren't scared to do business with them

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Absolutely delicious

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is this effective altruism?

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Looks like the criminals that run the economy have picked their scapegoat.



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Surprised Cardano is still top 10.
Are they the new rippleschizos?

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the most effective alturism is the friends we made along the way

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all deserved for trusting a jew. simple as

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It started with tettra and luna.
t. insider

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Just asked my tarot deck for 1 card seeing if yhwh is Caroline and I got the 2 of cups KEK
Yes, it is her. AMA if you doubt the cards.

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Post feet Caroline

T. Still shitting diareaha in grand cayman

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Ontario Teachers lost 100 mil, thats nothing to them


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The fact no one has concluded this to be a massive Ponzi scheme meant to cripple and undermine the crypto market is surprising. There can be only one fiat and the govt doesn’t like competition.

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>AOC plays League of Losers
>SBF plays League of Losers

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And then one day for no reason at all people voted Hitler into power.

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>Both suck at it and can't improve
Confirmed stupid. AOC was hardstuck SILVER and I think she maybe peaked Gold IV one season. You can hit Diamond IV playing tank Malphite top with one hand. Pretty embaressing.

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>Oh, we're going to war against the people that destablized our economy and country? I can get behind that

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Shit it was really was her then. Goddamn. Ugly chicks really are the easiest slays on the market.

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wtf am I even reading? can someone explain?

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Whites prosper because they perpetuate high trust business practices. Jews take advantage of that and end up destroying themselves, everytime.

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It has been revealed that Caroline and SBF lived together in some apartment with 8 other people in Bahamas, they all relationships with one another according a coindesk article or some other article that just came out in the last 24 hours or so. Then someone found a tweet of Caroline going on about downing amphetamines, so it's a very safe assumption that they were having orgies (or at the very least swinging) and having fun being degenerates at their Bahamian place.

Then someone dug up Yewah loves you's post history and found those out of place and excessive posts, thereby confirming it's Caroline.

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Enron had comparably stable assets to liquidate. FTX assets are dropping like a rock.

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who knew a company run by degenerate millennials could fall so hard.

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does anyone else remember a YHWH loves you namefag that shills child brides? It is even weird for 4chan standards. I do not want to screw up my sleep schedule researching