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>yeah we don’t use stop-loss they’re not really a good risk management tool
CEO of Alamede everyone! *handsclap*

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she rite

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Jail time

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i would

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dont be deceived by her pale skin. look more closely and realize what you're looking at

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She's a 10 here

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>yeah we don’t use stop-loss they’re not really a good risk management tool
TAfags on suicide watch

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If I had billions to play with I wouldn’t set a stop loss either. I wonder what her holes taste like

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Of course it isn't because she know that she and Sam destroys all stop losses

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Its akin to "we dont do jobs"

Only non goyim understand

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Checked. Someone shoop her on the couch with the five black guys all around her

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im surprised the 2 boys speaking with her could contain themselves

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Wow.. thats next level ugly

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>You get what you deserve
Look at these absolute mutants on this team. That one horse tooth nigga can't even be bothered to brush his teeth. You think he is spending time keep funds safu? Look at this bum. Pic related. People trusted these clowns with their money? I have zero sympathy for people who lost money. The entire company is a clown show.

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She's very ugly in movement, but I would still

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khazars aren't real Jews.
rabbinic talmudic "judaism" isn't Judaism.
(((they))) are a synagogue of satan.

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president of the harry potter fan club

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When did Woody Allen get into crypto?

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The hell is this shit, I wanted to read about Rabbi Chipmunk getting off to verbal abuse, not /pol/ ramblings.

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Jews are jews. They're just not FROM Khazaria. They controlled the area. That doesn't make them native to it. Also regarding that (((Bible))) quote, see picrel.

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i have it on good authority that she finger blasts herself to these threads

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his voice even sounds retarded lol

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You are uglier.

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Do you judge a businessman on his taste in women?

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It all makes senses now

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This, also the motherfuckers name is BANKman-Fried. Come the fuck on.

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the one on the left is wearing womens shorts

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Moar knee pics

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Scam Bankman Fraud

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Her voice sounds like she's trying to do a poor impersonation of Michael Cera

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I can fix her...

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Scam Bankrun Fraud

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Jesus what a pointless infographic

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made for oven, i hate jews so much

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short everything they are invested in

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>am i not turtly enough to be in turtle club?

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Everyone here calling this woman a dumbass forgets that she just got away with massive fraud and will likely face no repercussions whatsoever.

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That makes her hotter

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a girl like this still would not fuck any of you incels


even a bottom troll like her will never fuck any of you

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pornhub gangbang video where

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you know it

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And people claim phisiognomy doesn't work.

Of course, it's always the same (((people))) claiming that. I wonder why.

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Stop losses are good in edge cases but most of the time it's a noob trap.

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her voice is giving me the creeps without even watching the video/her face talk, its almost like a tranny faking its voice to be more feminine

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I mean... she is right... if you hold 100x the total available liquidity of a token you probably don't want to market sell...

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stop loss is not TA, it's called an indicator stop retard.

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Property of blvck bulls. Whitebois need not apply.

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This is literally me in my remote job fuck off.

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This is all a game the little hats played on the goyim. Took the goys' money and mocked him while doing so.

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Also doubles as a troon chudjak. Which is redundant anyway, as it's a projection anyway.

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I didn't like the hair strands plus I fixed the glasses slightly.

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tbqh it should be the smug chudjak variant

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Man I should get into finance. I always suspected the "big brains" were mostly full of shit and being good is mostly about intuition and sticking to simple principles.

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>Remote work
Yes, working 2 hours a day in your underwear. Again, not the sort of people you put your money with.

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But they act like this after they made it big. If you get into finance and haven't already made it you just become the worse wage grunt working 100 hours weeks, full suite and tie, for some fucking bank. You don't even make a lot of money unless your the top grunt out of 10 and get promoted - and that's after all the weed out shit in college like getting a perfect GPA.

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Usually in trades like she's talking about a stop loss doesn't apply. The trade is not based on a plan to get to some price but to provide liquidity to other traders across platforms. If the trade fails in a working strategy it's an edge case, the loss is made up for over time. If the market changes suddenly all your old strategies may have become -EV and if all your assets are committed to farming these strategies you're fucked.

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legit I was at the bank once and the guy working at a computer in the back made very troubled face exhaled loudly few times switches from resting head on left hand to right hand
I never seen anybody this stressed lol dude maybe fucked someone’s account up haha

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jews arent jews theyre Canaanites

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somehow and for what purpose but it looks staged

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>das it mane

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Give her long greasy hair and it's perfect

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She is perfectly hideous in her ugliness that I can't help but to find her strangely sexually attractive.

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Its because shes really small. You could do some really sick shit to her and throw her around. Also shes attainable

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her laugh kinda cute desu, i could have saved her bros

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Are her knees bruised?

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this thread is comedy gold!

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stop posting pictures of my sister

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Imagine her gently nibbling on your shaft like a carrot.

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Duuuuude... My bank, man.... It got fried...

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Definitely one could do some twisted deeds

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it's like allowing your door dash driver to handle all your crypto for you

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Getting into Garbage Pail Kids territory.
"Caustic Carol"

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>Dirty bumb takes a nap while at work
Many such cases.

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Top fucking kek, she's done.

Our team is launching a CPU/GPU mineable (YescryptR16) Bitcoin Fork. It is ASIC resistant. It's our assumption that many former ETH miners may come to our network as we expand.

> This is a Coin, not a Token
> Launching in 11 Days
> Hundreds of Telegram Members
> Multiple Crypto Influencers from Different Platforms
> Native Coin Social Media in the Works
> All Socials Have Been Established
> Website in Development
> Small CEX Listings Pending
> Airdrops are Available to Those Who Contribute

Pic related, hop on TG

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>Door dash driver
I love this comparison.

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Goblins tricked you noobs.

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I just keked so hard at work holy shit

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Oh, hi Caroline.

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In bongland maybe

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Is that shit real? Sam Bankman-Fried is a WEF agent, so this actually has potential.. .

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Please do Scam Brokeman-Fraud next.

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More productive in these two hours than whatever you produce in your blue collar job. Cope.

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his bean bagz must have seen some shit

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she still qt

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fucking lost

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Damn dude you are just on fire

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Imagine being her and seeing this, lol. Btfo

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laughing while crying emoji times one hundred

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Thank (You)

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They had to have taken these with an iPhone or something, no professional photographer would take pictures with lighting that atrocious

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Achievable with a few months in Korea.

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Stoploss: none

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I’m going to Korea in a couple months and im interested to see if this plastic meme is real or over exaggerated

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Why is America such a mixed-race hell, full of goblinos?

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I live for days like these..... I love every single one of you degenerate bastards!

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This little bitch was actually relevant in the crypto world?

I literally thought this was some random poor fugly girl /biz/ decided to harass and make fun of.

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Kek was she the infamous /biz/ kneepad poster?!?

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It's a labour of love bro

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2/10 would not

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Gentle reminder that SBF has had sexual relations with this hottie

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>bruised knees

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Good keks.

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I can fix her

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That should've been the exit sign to get out of FTX.
When she couldn't afford kneepads.

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Jɵws are jɵws. They're not FROM Khazaria. They merely controlled the area (until the Nordic people BTFO'd them and liberated the place). That doesn't make them native to it. Also regarding that (((Bible))) quote, see picrel.

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I'd hit it.

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Excellent post.
>They're not FROM Khazaria
Indeed. Just like they're not from Poland, but Poland was long thought of as a hotspot/headquarter of those parasites.

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>t. Cohen
Your rabbis say you're aliens from another galaxy: https://files.catbox.moe/cjwe6l.mp4

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I feel cheated reading this

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She's really cute and get my nog joggin ifyouknowwhatimean. I want to have a date with this lady.

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wtf is that face

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Why are her knees worse looking than a construction worker's?

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Write her when she is in prison. She might be glad of some company, if you know what I mean.

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What are the business implications of this for bybit im like 3k in profit which is 1 month of wage slaving for me are they gonna steal my funds or are they safu

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she looks better with the ratty horse hair

>> No.52372110

poor girl is broken
she’ll be on facial abuse once she turns 18

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i actually hate to say this, because it makes me feel guilty for being an asshole, but as my grandmother would say: "bless her heart, that girl is ugly as sin."

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You are one of the good ones, anon.

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She has the beetlejuice phenotype

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I love her so much bros...

>> No.52372506

both hideous phenotypes, i am fascinated to now what he asks for when he goes into a barber shop. apart from just fuck my shit up obviously

>> No.52372514

Who this?

>> No.52372548

this is what communism looks like, a bunch of beta faggots thinking they have a say in a meme. this is not where astroturfed memes have a committee where memes get signed off like plebbit you colossal faggot

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She's right though.
When you're trading size you will get slippage, in high volatility your stop can be skipped, and you can get gapped past your stop.
There are better options...literally.

But to be fair FTX was just using that excuse to be degens.

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I look like him. mostly the mop of hair.
and I have a financial idea that could change the world.
now if I actually do it people will always compare me to the kike

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I must be the only math degree holder that never got a real job after graduating. Fuck my entire life up.

>> No.52372654

Math majors are literally made for quants.

>> No.52372698

God I wanna fuck her. She's such a tiny little gremlin that I want to mating press her and impregnate her with my seed. Just violate this little onahole in every conceivable way until her cunt is a mess leaking my seed.

>> No.52372753

They usually want MSc/PhD in my experience. Though I cant even get anyone to look at my resume for any sort of tech job.

>> No.52372915

Do we have any more pictures of Caroline? I need to coom.
If you're reading this Caroline, know that I want to breed a baby into you. The thought of your little, lithe body growing a life drives me crazy. I know you got the funds to support half a dozen kids. I'll be the one who gives them to you.

>> No.52372946

gotta network especially if you have a white sounding name. cold message ppl with similar positions you're going for on LinkedIn asking them to pass your resume to the hiring team. if they're responsive then you could also possibly gain insight into how to prepare for the interview.

>> No.52373077

Is it too late for me? I graduated in 2015... haven't had a job doing any programming or math since 2017 or so.

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wait.. wait. wait. wait. wait. LOL. hold on. wait. hold the fuck up. you fucking retards got scammed by this hillbilly redneck? please say it aint fucking so, biz. you new retards are worse than the braindead dipshits who got conned by bitconnnnnnnnnnect.

>t. 2017 og linkmarine checking in

>> No.52373130

Trips of truth

>> No.52373413

fuck what is willing to do for 100 dollars a month?

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I thought the women at /cgl/ were mean. Yeah, I know, she frauded but still, making fun of the way someone looks is pretty weak.

>> No.52374000

Quants are seething right now

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You just know the little jew bitch was getting passed around the penthouse. Getting face fucked, DP'd, etc. Sooner or later the vertical mp4 will be leaked and I will never let it die or be scrubbed I swear to all of you.

>> No.52374141

t. plastic surgeon

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Imagine all of the cum and vaginal fluid stains on those chairs and beanbags from all of the orgies? Suddenly all of the attention whoring and getting off to the abuse here on /biz/ by YWH Loves You (aka Caroline aka CEO of Alameda) suddenly makes perfect sense. I KNEW she was a dirty little kinkstress from the moment I first laid eyes on her. Nerdy girls are ALWAYS the biggest freaks. Wonder if SBF is into getting his ass eaten. I know that Trambucco is FOR SURE into at least getting pegged. Weird stuffy man. Silicon Valley is known to have nerd sex parties and orgies where they do all sorts of freaky shit but it's just weird to have it come out into the mainstream like it has these last few days. Don't ask me how I know. I k

>> No.52374224

Kek. This /biz/ era was weirdly comfy.

>> No.52374275

strange psychopathic post, recommend you touch grass

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>> No.52374465

100% would

>> No.52374551

I can't believe someone went to the trouble of making this

>> No.52374564

Got the same vibe. Same with the eating Of Sam's hairy kike ass while brushing his teeth she's just there eating his ass type vibe. She's thinking omg this man is a billionaire and I'm eating his ass how lucky?

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>those digits