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he is still smarter and richer than you

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And yet he will still die like the rest of us in the end

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at least i'm not going to spend the rest of my life bogged down in legal battles kek

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And yet he is unable to discern the truth.

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>he is still smarter and richer than you

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goy cope

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he is worth -200m

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He's a kike and going to jail.

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OTOH I am a better investor and I only invest in TSMs, Bitcoin, PMs, and GME.

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SBF deserves assisination, like the former Japanese prime minister was due to Unification church connections

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Also better at picking up soap

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they are making fun of him in hn

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>lost 10 billion trading
>smarter than me
Nah I've only lost a few thousand bucks

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Prove it, so far he loss more money than all this board together lmao

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Yes, but for how much longer?

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I haven't seen this much projection since I've seen Avatar in IMAX

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its not like he lost his own money. so he is smarter

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He's bankrupt and I'm not. Proof is inside of the pudding

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The amount of people wanting to kill him right now is probably in the 10's of thousands, I'm fine with living my life not looking over my shoulder.
The odds he's going to do a long term stint in some prison is very high.
So he's going to live his life afraid of everyone, sounds like a shitty life to live.

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he's going to prison

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Crypto is all a ponzi propped up by fake stable coins and all of these fraudsters will rot in prison

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Do you think he could walk through NYC right now with out 1 person wanting to kill him or beat the fuck out of him. Is that how you'd want to live your life, not knowing if the next person you meet is someone who lost their life savings in your ponzi scheme.

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You do understand it's statements like this and SBF's actions is why they made the ovens right?

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good post, except leaving out the deep contempt and hatred for those that arent "gods chosen"

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he is gonna get shot by a degen crackhead retard.

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>nepotism and scamming are signs of intelligence
No. He won't enjoy any money in jail.

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>dad didnt approve so wants to dunk on him
I feel called out

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That would be terrible.

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>a-anyone can be a quant trader at jane street!! a-anyone can start an entire crypto exchange that shovels money into an adjacent hedge fund while maintaining appearances!!
i-it's just nepotism

goy cope in its rawest, most pathetic form

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I wouldn't say "anyone" has that level of nepotist connections along with that level of sociopathy, no.