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Here we see the kikes cover for SBF and try to pin the financial chaos on CZ.
kikes say
>SBF Rockstar of Industry
>crypto "insiders" regularly compared SBF to Warren Buffett and JP Morgan
>SBF was a savior of lesser "crypto firms" and he just stop Tom Brady's wife
can you understand why Jewish supremacy is the greatest problem facing America and how it is done by the MSM?
Can you comprehend how the MSM shills of fraudulent kikes like SBF could be held criminally liable for colluding with SBF in the fraud?

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((They)) are stirring up the anti China propaganda to distract from the recent noticing

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nothing they'll say matters, don't get triggered. jewish scum hates to lose

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byline Jeff John Roberts
Fortune's resident KIKE

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The kikes will make Biden raid Taiwan in retaliation.