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>90% of states get the votes counted fast and winner declared
>a few states drag their feet and take days longer than everyone else, usually the same few states every timw

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because fraud takes time

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they need to know how many ballots they have to print

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Sounds like a solid process. What could go wrong?

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because rethuglican street gangs intimidate voters

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elections don't matter, jews own both parties

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holy fuck ameritards are literally this stupid they dont even know how their own country works

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if you haven't figured out that voting is a scam and a retarded waste of time by the time you graduated high school, you're never, ever gonna make it. rekikelican, demokike -- it doesn't matter because it's corporatist ZOG through and through.

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ok nazi settle down we we're having a conversation until you arrived. I bet you believe people coming to this country for a better future are "replacing" you with your own women who vote for them to come LUL

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seriously, im a brit and i know american politics better than them

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Im not American.
Apparently every state has their own procedure. But if certain states have for literally years always ended up taking days longer, surely they would have been pressured into fixing their process to be faster by now

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because they could not cheat on the blockchain!

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Bong here, why won't america take me? Why do they discriminate against bongs?

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I'm not american and it's not a lament, just a statement of fact

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Elections are fake and gay idiot. Only morons vote.

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