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what exactly went wrong?

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you didn't invest in XCN

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Most of the market decided to sell rather than buy. When that occurs, it causes the number to go down.

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Jewish involvement.

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Shitcoins, centralised exchanges and leverage

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Crypto became investments when it should've been a decentralized currency.

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It's literally insiders and rest of kikes coordinating to rugpull crypto liquidity

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what site is that?

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People need cash to pay rent/mortgage.

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none of the shit in crypto should exist we should have created parallel economy by now where u are free to use the currency of ur choice but jews will watch the world burn before that happens, get ur asses lubed cuz u're about to get fucked

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>t. AI/NPC/shill fags

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We let the wrong people get involved.

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Red wave as promised

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>what exactly went wrong?

You cant create wealth out of bytes or waste energy in pointless hashing, as a software dev Bitcoin mining is the worst use of resources ever seen in the field of IT.
Those things that are unsustainable will come crushing down eventually.

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Scams, scams everywhere
120% scams
All kinds of scams
Monstrous scams

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it's over

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So you're saying I should all in USDC?

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Have your fun now goys. Gods chosen will return to take what’s rightfully ours

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Overleveraged trades

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where the fuck are the pink wojaks?

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Quick rundown on XCN?

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Won't be coming until $9,000

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will AI ever stop generating hands with 6 fingers?

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Unironically the Jews

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>Most of the market decided to sell rather than buy.
By definition, the amount of selling must precisely equal the amount of buying.

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internet tokens don't have any intrinsic value
when a federal funds rate of <4% causes an entire industry to implode, you know it was a fraudulent industry

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this one is actually art in its execution

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most of the market decided to offer their coins for sale while only finding buyers who are willing to buy at lower prices

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jews, unironically

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Why can't it be both?

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I was all cash when do I buy?

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Link is getting awfully small on there...

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Thats pretty good

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>Why can't it be both?
Because speculators is what ruined our current market. Why introduce poison into the crypto market?

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Now is probably a good time to do some dca

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i could use some exit liquidity on the btc i still hold
sold most at 50k (on the way up), now i'm kicking myself for holding onto 25%

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>where the fuck are the pink wojaks?
They already hung themselves lol

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Still overvalued

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>I was all cash when do I buy?
Take a bullet for someone. They need you to hold their bags

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The ponzi got exposed. Thanks Do Kwon for getting the ball rolling

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they killed themselves for real this time

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A man ahead of his time.

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The more it's used as a currency the less valuable it becomes like the dollar. The only value is in digital assets and when we're all in matrix/metaverse that will be the only thing of value. There will be a bunch of worthless digital currency but assets will be the only thing of value just like how gold is valuable and currency is worthless.

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you invested in a cartoon aimed at children

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Also this

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>strongly advise you against
But of course, goy, if you insist. These people…

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I'm not into crypto so it's highly possible that I'm wrong, but could it be that cryptos were afloat thanks to new waves of normies discovering it and buying, and now that everyone knows about it there's no great influx to build new peaks and has to fall to its real value?

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blood moon

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Where have you been? FTX rugged.

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The only value is the price someone is willing to pay you for it. Like Yugioh cards, or tulips.

Simple as.

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>Pink ID

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Everything went right. Memecoins are all memes

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I started to believe that I can actually make it.

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>Simple as
Wrong. There is going to be large institutional onboarding for a couple of these projects still. It's already a lock and going to happen. Just bet on those and you'll make it through.

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>pink wojaks
Lotta' niggas here knew the score and already sold. The ones that remained like me desperately tried to tell dumb ass kids to sell their shit. Basically a fucking 4ch public service to the youth. More fun to come!

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red wave

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with jews you lose

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Here's a hint: you bought internet funny money. With US dollars.

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Unironically speaking? Chainlink started pump. Simple as.

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Should have bought gold and used your gpu to generate ai waifus instead buttcoin boy

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All the people left in crypto poo are too poor for that or DCA way too early.

Imagine buying into this tanking poo of an asset without QE to save you. You're just burning money, be better off leaving it under your bed.

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surprised nobody is mentioning tether

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Thank God, everybody is too poor to care now.

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Then it just crabs.