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It's unironically over ratbros

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I had a fun time with you bros, see you in another life

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>Kucoin futures still down.
Is this the beginning of the end?

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Is it really so insolvent that acquiring it would threaten Binance? Jesus Christ

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oh no

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What happens to user deposits now?
>you tether on time
>you do everything right
>you survived the cycle
>exchange collapses
How do people not rope after this?

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fuckkkkkking cunttttttttt i have 129k on ftx fuxkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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And crypto.com is sending out this email to some of its users... uh oh

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wen FTXClassic?

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It's over.

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Solana is dead then?
Good riddance, FTX probably were the ones that kept that whole centralized network afloat.

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Shit's over.

I am launching a CPU/GPU mineable (ASIC resistant) Bitcoin fork. We're thinking that a lot of former ETH miners will come to our network to collect block rewards with their GPUs over time.

We're launching in two weeks, so you still have time to learn more about the project.

> This is a Coin on its Own Chain, Not an ETH or BNB Chain Token
> Launching November 21st 2022
> Over 350 Telegram Members
> Multiple Crypto Influencers are Calling Us Out on Launch
> Influencers are From Both Twitter and Telegram
> Many 4chan Bros Are in the Group, and are Utilizing their Bizraeli Networks
> 4chan Soft Fork in Development (4chan fork with our native coin as payment method for adspace)
> Each Social Media Page is Up and Running
> See Our Specs for More Details, Mining Pool and Block Explorer are Live November 21st 2022
> Our Website Will be Online by November 14th 2022
> We Have a Small CEX Listing Underway 7 Day After Launch
> Airdrops are Negotiable, Please Discuss with the Admins or Owner for More Details

Pic related, shoot me a DM on TG

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omg based chink

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they were never going to buy them

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I haven't received this yet but I'm pulling my shit out rn. Fuck lads, today is going to be bloody

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thank you for playing

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Stop the antisemitism!

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ohhhh noooo there were zero warning signs. the invisible token was supposed to change everything about human psychology. i don't understand. what could have gone wrong??

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>do everything right
>keep crypto on exchanges
pick one

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Why would you store your coins at a CEX, either cash out or store it on an external wallet retard.

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Wtf is going on with Tether?

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any chance to recover my 100 bucks? Withdraw being stuck for a whole day

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wait didn’t ftx do this to Celsius

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Any point in even trying to short FTX or SOL at this point or will we just get squeezed by whales ? I don't feel so good when the play is THIS obvious

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>funereal music

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That's funny as hell.
>Ahh gweilo I throw you lifeline
>Hahah joke fuk yu

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> Roughly half a day into that process of reviewing FTX’s internal data and loan commitments has led Binance to strongly lean against completing the transaction, the person said.

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This is just like Elon with Twitter. The buy is still going through but he's sweetening the deal.

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i'm shorting sol cause this >>52310505 and i'm staying the fuck away from ftt, it dropped too much, too late now and too risky. Volatility is high so use low leverage

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Im new to crypto and this happens to me instantly. Holy fuck. Half of my life savings gone. I was up from trading too.

I though its as safe as bank is, everyone recommended me ftx. They can just go under in 24h and just steal your shit like that?

Im investing the other half of my savings soon and an heroing if i dont get my money back. What exchange should i choose?

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just skip all steps and an hero

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The Final Exchange

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>Be CZ
>I'll bail you out, just let's see those financials
>Slurps the dip
Was this a 4D chess move?

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Not your keys not your crypto. You didn't watch, you didn't learn

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man, I miss cigarettes

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binance/kraket. But I would open a metamask wallet and move funds on a stablecoin (not USDT) every time you are done with trading. Fees are really small with the right chain (not ethereum) and it takes 1h top to move funds

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Barely a 2D chess one, it's really Sam and Caroline who turned out to be gigantic retards. Probably lost a lot of money by that point and Cz delivered the final blow

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/v/irgin detected

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how the fuck does coindesk get the news on this

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cz leaking "details" to get better price on FTX

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LOL! Serves you right. Not your keys, not your coins.

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Pretty sure he just wants to crush Bankman.

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Hahahahahhaha do CZ you chink MADMAN

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I have been attempting to focus on quitting, my lungs hurt, I feel exhausted now. Been smoking for 3 years almost.

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I've been a heavy smoker from age 14 to 28. I'm 37 now. I still miss it. Don't get me wrong it smells liek shit and when I take a hit I feel like shit, but ... man ... I miss the focus of nicotine.

also if you want to quit for good, here's what you do:
don't smoke for a week (just to get the carbon monoxide out of your system) ... then try smoking a pack in as little time as possible (think like an hour or half an hour) ...
if you feel like dying you're doing everything right, because after the two worst days of your life you won't touch a cigarette ever again. (and yes, that's how I quit ... it's not fun but after ten years I still gag when I smell a lit cigarette)

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one day (while I was a smoker, age 15) I lit up a fag and inhaled, and it tasted super disgusting. Discarded the entire pack that same moment and haven't smoked for some time until I started uni then just as easily dropped them after uni. Dropping porn... Now that's a different story.

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what goes around comes around

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I never understood cigarettes myself, I always found them too nasty to enjoy. Cigars on the other hand, man it's been too long since I last had one.

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>keeping more than chump change at exchanges
imagine being this retarded

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what about the euros and dollars

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Why would CZ want to buy an exchange with a destroyed reputation anyway?

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Inventing shit for ad views which these retarded markets still lap up
>according to a person familiar with the matter
>just trust me bro

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People really expected the one eyed snake to buy it. Topest cucks.

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Already happened:
0 x7f44f5040a913411c47b1ec208d4913a30aeff9d

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They are 100% going to drop out. They would probably gain a loss of billions of dollars if they went through with the deal. Stabilizing crypto and gaining some new customers to binance is not worth that. Also, binance may not have enough funding to consider such a big loss to be only minor.

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No because if he had never made the offer, the dip would have happened anyway.

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I’d have believed you, but Coindesk broke the ftx is insolvent story first and it turned out to be true.

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Will the Solana server stay on?

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>I was up from trading too.
i hope you can sell your car or something to pay for the capital gain taxes

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He has no capital gains if he made bigger losses.

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This is bullish because... it just is ok?

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these retards actually entrusted money in a company registered in bahamas.
100% deserved

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>Keeping your crypto in an exchange

Has this taught you nothing? How many times do you retards have to hear the phrase "not your keys not your coins" before you realize what that means.

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Until they go down to zero. Although, key management tools are important in any case

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Coinbase is next

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That's what you get when you trust centralized platforms and ignore DIDs
>What exchange should i choose?
Any DEX.

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Or you can start vaping and cut your nicotine by half every couple of months. I'm down to absolute minimum (1mg/ml), so much so that a normal nicotine gum is way to much.

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>trusting a jew

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there's just no way you weren't told "not your keys not your coins". its the most popular phrase ever wtf

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Yet many people don't give a fuck since everyone is looking for convenience

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Bankman gets Fried

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Top kek

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kek went right for the nipple

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that vid, fuck my sides are gone

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>gaining some new customers to binance
lol ftx never had any customers which already did not have binance account

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Just sold all my USDC and withdrawn to bank account. Abandon ship boys, risk is at an all time high.

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I held BTC on electrum most of the time but i expected it going down so i changed it to fiat and held on exchange just for few days.

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Guys are you buying at 14k or not yet?dpdkm

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I withdrew everything no problem to my private wallet just yesterday from FTX no problem. Well over $100k of BTC / ETH. I am in the USA so maybe thats why. Is FTX stopping any withdrawals of crypto yet? I see a lot of FUD, but no actual proof of denying withdrawals....

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enjoy paying taxes now lol

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fuck all these fake bait posts

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>from FTX
which one? .us?

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>Pay some taxes
>Actually keep the cash
Preferable to the alternative lol

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The money is gone. They have a huge hole in their balance sheet and you are last on the list of creditors who get anything during bankruptcy proceedings. Consider yourself lucky if you get 20 cents on the dollar in 2 or 3 years

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>External wallet

I'm still a bit of an idiot and don't know much about wallets

I have all my crypto on Coinbase. Can I just put everything on my Coinbase wallet and be safe even if Coinbase gets FTXed??

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Read Coinbase's terms and see >>52322102

Normal bankruptcy laws apply. You are not insured 1:1 and you are last in line to receive money after secured creditors receive theirs

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Yes. ftx.us

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Dude just buy a $50 Nano S and transfer your crypto to it. FFS. Its not hard.

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FTX didnt allow Alameda to gamble with FTX.us funds because Sam knew that fucking over Americans would land his ass in prison. FTX.com and FTX.us had very different terms of service, yet idiots kept using FTX.com

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What if you transfer your coins to Coinbase wallet (I don’t think there’s an association between both parties)

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If they went bankrupt today, anything you had on the exchange at that moment would no longer be your property and you would receive some money back after lengthy bankruptcy proceedings. Most likely as an unsecured creditor. But I suggest you read what their terms say in the event of a bankruptcy before you entrust any company with your money

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So you're saying the SEC is looking out for the little guys like me after all? Jerome Powell is my fren? Sweet! WAGMI!*

*Americans only

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ftx.us is not impacted by the liquidity crunch, only ftx.com is.
their website seems down too i can't even open it

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this, i told my friend so many times to get a fucking ledger and he just refuses to do so and leaves everything on coinbase lmfao.

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So coinbase wallet, the app, is an actual wallet (your keys).
Better than leaving it on exchange, but best to use the wallet specific to that coin, or a hardware wallet if supported.

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that tongue has tasted cock

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This. I cannot believe people keep making this mistake over and over, when it has been documented so many fucking times.

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dyor: SOL, epoch, compass, 10 Nov 2022 1100 UTC, market sell, unstaked.