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institutional investors saw this and thought "damn, we should invest money into this guys company"

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his competitive advantage was donating to ZOG politicians and begging for legislation with the implicit understanding that his company would be given preferential treatment (due to political donations.) notice how he dressed up in a suit and tie to suck congressional cock.

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It was supposed to be this way. All part of the plan to usher in US regulation.

Why do you think SBF is located in Bermuda and not in the country?

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he's sleeping at work, that means he grinds hard!

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Just read a couple of books on hedge funds.
It's unironically jewish nepotism all the way down.

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Nepotism. He looked the part of white dude wunderkid.

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Well when those institutional investors have CEO from the same tribe who knew him since he was a kid and meet him at barmitzvah then it makes more sense.

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cheap act to impress the media and plebs. That and him pledging to donate his fortune.

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what books?

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Japanese wagies do it everyday. And he is not even a cute anime office lady

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My money is safe with this man