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i love you so much CZ. God it hurts so much that i'll never get to meet you.

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What is he thinking right now.
Do you think he knew what he was about to unleash?
One tweet and he destroyed multi billion competitor.
He might be fucked when the US government finds out.

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CZ thinks he’s clever, but it’s clear he will be last once he helps kill off the others

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>lear he will be last once he helps kill off the others
he controls already like 70% of volume

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He's unfathomably based for slaying that Bankman faggot

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He can't even set foot in the US because he's afraid the government will kidnap him. After this stunt he's got even more eyes on him.

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Based CZ. idc if it nukes everything for months, hope the slimy kike and his spook organization never recover