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Would you trade all your assets for perfect health?
For fixing that thing that has plagued you for so long now?

Zoomers stay out of this thread.

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I would give every last cent to see my enemies dead & rotting in a ditch.

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Kill yourself, old fuck, you consume resources and contribute nothing, no a 401k doesn't count.

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>Implying anyone, friend or foe, would want to be around your faggot ass.

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>Giving into the distraction narrative pitting demographics against one another
You're both retarded

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Okay maybe I could have worded it in more friendly terms..
The thing is just, that at a younger age you don't really appreciate your healthy body and most just take it as a given.

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Yes, in a heartbeat. My health problems have literally ruined my life.

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Is your misery self imposed or genetic?

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My health went to utter shit right at the end of college. I never smoke or drank or partied.

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>Zoomers stay out of this thread.

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I'd go homeless for perfect health
I fucking hate aging bros
Feels like just yesterday it was 2015
Feels like it was 2010 last week
Feels like it was 2004 last year
It's just not fair

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For me one fed into the other.
As a teenager and young adult I tried to ignore it and not deal with anything (which made things more complicated) and now more than a decade later I have to go through lengthy medical treatments in order to hopefully improve things again.

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honestly, no one on /biz could start a fortune 500 company with $300k

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If you could wake up in 1995 tomorrow, with no memories of your current life and on the condition that you would die in 2015, would you do it?

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Hell yeah - unfortunately, after seeing countless doctors and having endless horrible treatments the situation seems pretty hopeless. I’m not gonna die, just gonna be in constant chronic pain for the rest of my life which really takes a terrible toll on a person. I’ve finally made it and I spent half the day in bed in a the dark hoping for the chronic pain to subside a bit. But I can’t buy my way out of this one. For you young kids out there- really get out the and do some fun shit while you can because no matter how much money you make it’ll be useless to you in your 40s when your health goes to shit.

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I had a hiatal hernia the last two years that made life a living hell of constant pain and a certain diagnosis of esophageal cancer down the line that I just cured with dr gundrys biocomplete 3. Doctors said the only option for me was surgery and even then I would have to keep getting more surgeries. I was this close to going down that road too. They don’t even advertise it as a cure for this they say it cures arthritis and low energy and helps you lose weight while it literally cured me of a physical health problem, only needed 1 bottle of it too so I’m not stuck on an expensive supplement for the rest of my life either. Sorry for the blatant shill but maybe it will be a miracle for you too.

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How old am I when I wake up
This determines my answer

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Whatever age you were in 1995

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>For fixing that thing that has plagued you for so long now?
I'd trade my bags for an 8x6 cock, sure.

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I'm 28 and all I have is a 15 y/o car, a few guns, a few thiusand dollars and a small PM stack but I am in great shape with great skin and all my hair and all my fat balding peers who parade around all the shit their debt buys them hate me for it. I literally see it in their eyes they cant buy what I have.

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Then no I'd be 8
If you allowed me to be 20 in 1995 and die in 2015 yes that would be a hell of a life
You would get to party insanely hard, harder than you've ever partied, so many drugs so much sex, no phones at all just pagers and the few rich kids who had car phones, you would get rich off the Y2K bubble, you would random fuck a hot stranger on the night of December 31st 1999. You would see the rise of the tech world and get to enjoy the early lols and memes of the 4chans and other deeper internet communities.
And then you would die as you approach age 40, dying before the tranny world we live in today, you you would see the last glimpse of the old world before the fake and gay one started. Literally the day clown world would begin to nosedive, you would pass.

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fuck no, I want a short and enjoyable life
I will die of heart failure at 61
what good is living a healthy long life if I have to lose all my assets? no thanks.

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Why don't you just age well? In perfect health, wife is 15yrs younger then me

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Pain is literally a meme

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Yes absolutely, would have done so a decade ago
Self imposed tinnitus, partied a bit too hard when I was younger

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Well considering my health is already beyond redemption I'd say yes.
But I also have no assets so it's a no brainer for me.
This picture was from 5 years ago when my body first started failing, now I stopped documenting stuff and going to my doctors because my organs are failing this was just my first sign that I was dying.

It's surprising easy to remain alive when your body is dying rapidly when you're still young, it sucks so badly because my body tries to recover but in the end it never will.

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Everyone has tinnitus anon you're just schizophrenic and focus on it.

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Bullshit, I had perfect health before this, I go on one spring break trip to Cancun in college and a few nightclubs later my ears are fucked. I can't even go to bars or movie theaters anymore because of the hyperacusis

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You're schizophrenic and need medication literally every single person has tinnitus I've seen you complain about this before and it's a pathetic joke at best schizophrenic delusions at worst come at me with some real problems faggot cause you don't have them.

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Dubs of truth

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yes. NEVER go to chiro anon. biggest mistake of my life (even before not buying more BTC<2015)

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it keeps happening, it keeps going faster and faster

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$300k to start a business isn't actually that much, money gets drained pretty quickly in a start up.

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I've never mentioned this on 4chan, the schizo is obviously you, and most people definitely do not have tinnitus

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Yes you have a lot infact probably 30-50x I've seen you post this since Jan 2021
Fitting to see you're the samefaggot who calls everyone schizo yet you're literally schizophrenic and have no issues whatsoever considering you post here nonstop.
I maybe dying but I don't have a short memory.

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>Virtually everyone will experience some tinnitus from time to time throughout their life.
You aren't special but you are a narcissist schizoid.

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lol yes and no. Physically I'm great except for my brain. The Myoclonic epilepsy is annoying but manageable; the schizoid is forever.

At this point I'm so alienated idk what fixing anything would do.

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ngl this makes me a bit melancholic

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yes without a doubt having a long battle with epilepsy through my 20s taught me the significance that time is more important than money

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This but ugly

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34 years, got my first hemeroids 2 months ago, thankfully it went away. Also got a compressed nerve on my foot 6 months back, I also needed to buy an ergonomic chair because my back was hurting. It is clear the body requires maintenance now compared to my 20s. Bad habits need to be fixed or you will start deteriorating quickly.

>Teens: most ideal age. Full of energy, testosterone, heal quickly
>20s: lack of energy unless you work out or do cardio
>30s: you start to notice cracks in the foundation. You now need an high end mattress and an ergonomic chair

So yes I'd give everything for perfect health.

Hopefully the anti-aging treatments will be ready before we drop dead.

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im 29 and feel exactly like i did when i was 18. how much more time do i have

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yes they can. they can go buy laser treatments for nice skin and get a hair transplant.

youre just a poorfag

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6 years

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>Calls other poorfag
>Complains about hemorrhoids
This sites full of self entitled little zoomers I swear to jesus.

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Man I know you are just a troll and I shouldn’t even respond to this, but mark my words, there will come a day when you regret that post. There are levels of chronic pain beyond your wildest comprehension.

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Checks out.

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Ugh no little boy just because you're a phonenigger doesn't make you knowledgeable but keep assuming you know shit child.

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That's not the same as having permanent tinnitus which affects 10-15% of the population at most. And you're a faggocist faggoid.

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does this include my hair back?

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Fuck off you schizoid samenigger you do this all day make shit about yourself then drive away any discussion anywhere to be had on this god awful website, I know because I get 90% of the (yous) in most threads.

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>he took the vaxx

oh no no we fucking told you

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50k is nothing in exchange for perfect health, especially if that includes mental health.

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Since nuclear war is soon, does it matter? Perhaps what counts is your faith in God. Chronic illness allows one to imitate CHRIST

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>Don't think about the fact that your perception OF time passinG speeds up as you age!

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No he's some Brazilian samefaggot who begs for money here all day then makes rugpulls, anytime anyone mentions health issues he's bound to appear complaining about tinnitus samefagging then eventually posting his XMR address I'm an oldfag I've seen this nigger post for years now.

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>tl:dr: paraffin wax is actually toxic and shouldn't even be burned indoors.

Just found out I damaged my liver. Was doing an experiment at home that involved melting paraffin wax. Didn't realize paraffin is toxic! Why else would it be legal to sell it as indoor candles? But it turns out paraffin, as a byproduct of diesel, contains benzene and toluene. Anyways I inhaled some of the fumes and have been sick for months and realize now it's liver damage.

Wouldn't trade my assets for my health. I feel like it's a "you live you learn" thing. I always think of Marie Curie and her glowing diary. Still radioactive to this day. In the name of science!

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Do liver cleanses and don't drink it will heal itself pretty rapidly I know I attempted suicide 14 years ago and turned my liver toxic had to spend a week in the ICU while I was dying and eventually recovered, liver was fucked for years but eventually made a full recovery and it was being destroyed for a week.
I mean unless you have radioactive isotopes inside of you then I dunno what to tell you there.

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I live in Canada and have never used XMR
in my life take your fucking schizophrenia meds

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I like all these comments, how u will to trade money for health, but u never took care of it in the first place

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Sure and I live in New Zealand and I'm a multimillionaire spic boy.

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he obviously took the vax retard

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Na I wish but this faggots still alive.

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well one guy I know actually did get the hair plugs, it really increased his quality of life I admit, good for him god tried to nerf him and he said no. But laser skin shit wont save you if you have a shit diet it will just come back out.

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You live in a psych ward. Meds

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Anyone else here look phenomenal compared to their friends because they didn't smoke, used sunscreen, ate vegetables, moisturize face? Dude will say shit like this is gay then they're bald and look like Larry king at 30

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Classic projection slickerino.

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no, I'll suffer to pass on wealth to my kids

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i have smoked since I was 14 I just recently quit at 28, I never use sunscreen and live in Florida, and I hate veggies but eat one fruit a day and a shitload of meat and I look great. you probably are oozing onions.

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is that supposed to be you in the pic? you look like dog

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delet this

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I have IBM, it's genetic. Problem with IBM is that there's a high percentage I could get colorectal cancer because I keep shitting every six hours. I already had hemorrhoids three times this year alone. Last year I had two, and that's why I dropped out of college because of IBM and hemorrhoids. My hemo started when I was 20. I lost my part time job because of that too. My boss thought I was lazy and just play games on the restroom. I'm a 24 yo neet now, I might not make it in the long run but at least I had some fun posting with you guys here in 4chan.

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a liver can regenerate very well, youll be fine


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Yes but only because I'm still fairly young and can earn it back
If I were 10 years older I'd say no, I'm not going to be a boomer and trade my children's future wellbeing for my own health

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You need to go back if you think people post headshots of themselves on 4chan newfag

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>You at 27
>Larry king at 32
Take a shower incels

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There's this thing called work and life balance.
Check your natal chart and see if you're capable of multiple assets to your name. My second house is in Libra and I don't feel so good having too much to my name; stress, tension, it bogs me down. Which is why I would give some of the things that I don't need and sell the ones that could be turned to cash. It also works to put some in my wife's name since she's capable. I learned the way of the stars at the age of 33 and I learned it the hard way. There are other benefits of figuring out your natal chart such us, the limitations of your pleasure, the danger zone of your karma, how much should you spend your time and how much goes to building your dreams. When all is harmonious, it's going to be peaceful and healthy and the Gods will smile at you for being a hero/player in this MMORPG called life.

Hope you figure out yours, don't let someone else read your chart or your fate is sealed.

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Why would I trade all my assets? I'm holding it down for as long as is feasible me. I can't give up now, after holding for months. And more importantly, if payment projects are going to perform as have been predicted, I'd be a fool to let go of my payment tokens for anything in the world

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t. chronic illness since a decade ago

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Probably yes. If all my assets excludes my house.

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is he ok?

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Though nothing has changed, I believe they have what it takes to boost crypto adoption.

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Right now, it's best to keep staking your crypto and producing passive income. I don't see how you believe that trading from health will suddenly earn you money.

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im poor so yea?

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Unironically, owning an emerald mine in SA is based. Given their history of confiscations of private equity someone must be tough to do such business there.

>> No.52284349

I'm not even about to sell my crypto for anything kek. I hope I never have to anyways. I have long term plans for my Blockchain tokens and payment tokens

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I stake my Xpress, atom, gmt, bnb, and tens of other tokens. Imagine having to sell those before they break a new ATH

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Depends on what job they do/did, I met zoomie warehouse worker's with the backs of 50 year olds.
To answer your question properly the lower back pain near my tail bone and knees

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Your some rekt dick faggot i keep enjoying some juicy pussy not wishing my enemies dead,go get useful as you can also make passive income and GSD has made it easy anon

>> No.52284567

Selling is not an option and seems like a one-stop solution is gaining more momentum for its utility which i think will lessen the complexity of DEFI.

>> No.52284613

People can argue about the tech of one or the other coin, but when it comes to users, XMR is light. I also enjoy Xpress because it has on ramp option that lets you buy any digital asset of your choice by only transferring money from your bank account.

>> No.52284620

Good luck to just wish you get your ass spank with GSD denm is so juicy fegs as the platform takes 10% from vault earnings to fund management.

>> No.52284648

You can't get rich over some shitty quotes go get useful dickhead and make sure you get your ass spank with GSD a it grants users earnings of protocol fees paid in gold AUX and voting points.

>> No.52284796

You poorfeg you gonna miss out again as GSD keeps fucking me crazy and I'm getting some juicy shit as it allows users to easily farm on multi chains. They deposit their liquidity into

>> No.52284884

Crypto as a payment system has become feasible with the increase in transactions with zero fees. The best anyone can do is take advantage of it

>> No.52284909

What's it with you streetshitters and shilling vaporware? I'm fed up with all these shitcoins y'all push here. Die, pajeet, die!

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100% fuck yes. I'm not even unhealthy I'd still do it for perfect teeth, skin, etc.

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>stopped going to the doctor

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I have tinnitus because a doctor fucked up a now outdated cirurgy when I was 2 years old.

I can live with it sure, but I sure wish I didnt have it.

>> No.52285748

Adoption is coming faster with gaming projects. Lot of traditional companies are joining the crypto space already. The likes of Disney on gamestar+

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Do you guy use wireless headphones? Stop doing that. Yes, I am schizophrenic.

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>Zoomers stay out of this thread.
why? i want to know how you fucked up your health so i can learn what not to do.

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Anyone who says no just hasn't got old enough yet.

I'm 8 fig NW but at 36 with no family there's literally no point being alive.

>> No.52286287

No, there are other ways to maintain health like not being a complete lard. Not to mention the steady progress in medical technology each year

>> No.52286373

>I never smoke or drank or partied.
But did you eat right and exercise? Did you actually take care of yourself or did you just abstain from literal poison and expect everything to magically go well for you?

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woops meant for >>52279802

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>Randomly have lungs fill up with mucus one week
>Mostly fine but every now and then my lungs will fuck up and I'll go into a coughing fit where I can barely breath. Literally have a hard time walking because I'm so short of breath
>Realize everything else in life is drastically less enjoyable when it feels like you're suffocating

Yeah people can talk shit all they want but if I was a sick millionaire I would give all my money for health.